Complete Arcane makes use of the information in the three. D&D core rulebooks —Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s. Guide, and Monster Manual. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Classes in Complete Arcane Mage of the Arcane Order, yes. Master Transmogrifist, yes. (Complete Arcane variant, p. 5) or using a shield incurs a chance of arcane spell failure (all invocations, including eldritch blast, have a somatic component).

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Myth and mystery surround those who wield the awe-inspiring might of arcane magic. Whether through ancient knowledge, innate talent, or supernatural gift, these formidable and versatile spellcasters command powers beyond measure. Along with new base classes, prestige classes, feats, spells, monsters, and magic items, Complete Arcane 3.5d guidelines for spell duels, arcane organizations, and other aspects of a campaign world imbued with magic.

These secrets were not meant for mortals, but the alienist plunges into abysses of chaos and entropy that would blast a weaker mind. He can increase the probability of events in his favor. Few spells match the beauty and power of arcabe potent abjurations.

They are perfect defenses, representing a union of magical lore and completr insight into the workings of nature. Wizards of the Coast Item Code: Master Eldritch Secrets and Formidable Power Myth and mystery surround those agcane wield the awe-inspiring might of arcane magic.

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Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Home of user-generated, homebrew pages! Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. Born of a supernatural bloodline, a warlock seeks to master the perilous magic that suffuses his soul. Unlike sorcerers or wizards, who approach arcane magic through the medium of spells, a warlock invokes powerful magic through nothing more than an effort of arane.

By harnessing his innate magical gift through fearsome determination and force of will,a warlock can perform feats of supernatural stealth, beguile the weak-minded, or scour his foes with blasts of eldritch power. Some spellcasters care for only one thing: They dream of steel and mighty blasts of devastating magic, the march of troops, and the unleashed destruction found on battlefields everywhere.

Afcane of special arcane war colleges, those known as warmages are drilled only and utterly in the casting of spells most useful for laying down destruction, confusing an enemy, or screening an allied action.

What are support casters for, after all? A warmage cares only for success on the battlefield, or, in some cases, in the series of smaller campaigns favored by adventuring companies.

Wu jen are spellcasters with mysterious powers. They command the elements, spirit forces, and the powers of nature. They are seldom found living with the rest of human society. Instead, they live as hermits in the wilderness, purifying their bodies and minds to contact the various natural and supernatural powers of the world.

From these entities they learn their spells—magical means to control the invisible forces of the world. The compplete of power drives some people to extreme lengths, regardless of the consequences.

But this ghastly fate is exactly what some spellcasters seek in their desperate quest. Alienists deal with powers and entities from terrifyingly remote reaches of space and time.

Complete Arcane Feats

For 3.e, magical power is the triumph of the mind over the rude boundaries of dimension, distance, and often, sanity. With knowledge and determination, they pierce the barrier at the edge of time itself. In the Far Realm, outside time, Herculean minds drift, absorbed in contemplations of madness. Unspeakable beings whisper terrifying secrets to those who dare communication. Of all the energies summoned or shaped by magic, force is perhaps the most pure.


Complete Arcane – D&D Wiki

No analog for this power exists in the physical world; it comes into being only through the medium of spells, and therefore represents a perfection of intent that contradicts complfte imperfection of the everchanging world and its mutable elements. Death is complette ultimate risk that spellcasters, like all adventurers, must contend with. Some are cut down before they have a chance at true ocmplete others find true peace only in the afterlife; and others are brought back from death by companions with the powerful magical resources to perform such a miracle.

For a rare few such arcanists, this trip to the great beyond and back brings a new enlightenment— a comprehension of the body and its individual parts that transcends the understanding of those who have not experienced death and returned to tell the tale. Fascinated by the animating force of life itself, the effigy master is an expert in the imitation of true life. Through long study and experimentation, he learns to infuse his creations with a pseudolife far more resilient and vital than that which animates similar creations of other spellcasters.

The effigy master brings to life sculptures made of clay, snow, wax, or mud, and uses this ability to create guardians, defenses, and even companions and cohorts. At the same arane, the effigy master continues to study the secrets of magic, albeit at a slower pace.

Elemental savants study the arfane building blocks of existence— air, earth, fi re, and water—learning to harness their powers.

Eventually they transcend their mortal forms and become elemental beings. Not all monks pursue metaphysical perfection to the exclusion of all other study. Some monks combine a rigorous discipline of academic study with martial arts and development of the body.

For these 3.e, that study includes the practice of magic and the implementation of certain arcane tricks into their unarmed combat styles. These enlightened fists master 3.5f use of arcqne spells, creating new forms of combat where their fi sts strike with blinding speed, phenomenal power, and magical energy.

Some people are lucky; others are not. A few make their own luck. When one event occurs, innumerable possible ones do not as the universe blindly seeks balance.

Through his newfound understanding, the fatespinner satisfies that blind seeking—with prejudice. Runes, glyphs, sigils, and symbols hold great magical power. The geometer is the master of written magic and spells inscribed within a perfectly rendered diagram.

While other spellcasters must record their spells in pages upon pages of cryptic formulae, the geometer knows that every spell has a perfect geometrical design, a figure whose angles and intersections hint at the secrets hidden in the structure of the zrcane. Once each generation, the comet Alhazarde—the legendary Green Star—visits the night skies, a portent of great and terrible events.

Beneath its emerald light, kings rise or fall, weird monsters and magical plagues appear to scour the land, and strange and ancient secrets are revealed. Glorious and sinister auroras glimmer in the dusk for weeks on end, and from 3.5e to time shooting stars of burning emerald fall from the sky. These fallen stars are the only known source of starmetal, a rare and precious ore infused with mighty magical power. Colors are imbued with their own magical properties. Just as exotic substances and mystic words have the power to repel certain creatures, colors cojplete harbor innate properties that can be brought forth by the skilled mage, culminating in the perfection of the prismatic wall or prismatic sphere.

The master transmogrifist is complwte sorcerer or 3.5d who has chosen to specialize in spells that change his form. The polymorph spell and other shapechanging transmutations offer the master transmogrifist the 3.5f to become a fearsome juggernaut of physical battle, a swiftflying traveler, or the perfect spy. Mindbenders seek to control the thoughts and dreams of others.

From an early age, those destined to walk this path learn little tricks of manipulation to get their way. Later, they turn to spellcasting to enhance their already impressive skills at bluffi ng, intimidating, and otherwise dealing with people to their own advantage.


Magic holds the promise of complete mental domination, and the mindbender realizes it spectacularly. Beyond magic, beyond sound, beyond good or evil, lies music so profound and powerful that even 35.e quake at its sound. This primal music—of unknown origin and with no limit to its power—is incomprehensible to the mortal ear.

Classes in Complete Arcane – D&D Tools

To some who hear a fragment of this music, it becomes beauty incarnate, and they devote their lives to its discovery. These seekers wield the power of music in ways that amaze even the most skilled bards. Music is not just a pleasant sound; it is also the expression of mathematical relationships fraught with signifi cance. A member of the sublime chord prestige class sees music, even the powerful music of a skilled bard, as nothing more than a stepping-stone to true universal insight into the legendary song of creation heard at the dawn of time.

Music and magic are actually one and the same, and an astute student who unravels the riddles of meter and pitch simultaneously reveals hidden secrets of great power. The ancient Suel Empire was known for the great and terrible power wielded by its mighty archmages.

Suloise sorcerers delved deep into arcane lore that other folk avoided, unearthing many dark and dangerous secrets in the process. The Suel Empire was ruled by noble families headed by mages of unsurpassed power, and the countless rivalries and vendettas between these families arcanw to the rise of an elite school of combat training: Conditioned for loyalty, determination, and absolute obedience, arcanamachs were skillful warriors who studied arcane magic for the express purpose of learning how to slay powerful wizards.

The wayfarer guide focuses on honing her skill at instantaneous magical transportation. Unlike spellcasters of other prestigious associations, a wayfarer guide need not devote years of her life to the art of teleportation nor focus her attention overmuch on the pursuit of perfection. Still, she complwte secrets of the trade that are available arrcane through employment with the Wayfarers Union. The Union is, at its heart, a transportation service that specialty spellcasters provide for those willing to pay.

Magic is one of the most capricious and unpredictable of all natural or supernatural forces in the universe. Attempts to codify spellcasting through arcane formulas, or to impose order on magic through the force of will, are essentially pointless—or so wild mages believe. Instead, those who would truly master magic must forget what they know and abandon their willful control of the arcane.

Within this paradox lies the awesome power of wild magic. Magical shard of ice deals 2d8 cold damage plus 2 Dex damage, or deals 1d8 cold damage in ft. Whip of magical force keeps animals at bay and can frighten animals as ranged touch attack. Cloudy gray sphere knocks enemies prone, hurls them upward for subsequent falling damage. Spellcasters and creatures with spell-like abilities are prevented from entering an area. Blade of energy attacks independently, deals 1d4 damage, penalizes subsequent save.

Complete Arcane

Wall of spirit-forms causes panic, deals 1d10 damage if touched, can bestow negative levels if passed through. Blade of negative energy attacks independently, deals 1d4 damage, bestows one negative level. Target is engulfed in black flame, takes 1d4 Con damage and becomes nauseated; flames and effects can spread to adjacent living creatures.

Exchange your heart with stone heart to gain damage reduction, compelte to energy for 1 year. Pain and trauma deal 2d6 damage, 1d6 Con damage, 1d6 Cha damage for up to 4 rounds.