Six Suspects . Vikas Swarup They are a glitzy bunch, but among them the police find six strange, displaced characters with a gun in their. Review: Six Suspects by Vikas SwarupHirsh Sawhney sifts through some daft writing for the clever nuggets in a sprawling Indian satire. Here’s a question for its author, Vikas Swarup: Can a novel be any more high- concept than ‘Six Suspects,’ by Vikas Swarup JUNE 24,

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Alert on more product reviews. Alert on new comments on this reviews. Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. We’ll contact you shortly. Six Suspects – Vikas Swarup.

The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. There is caste system even in murder! You dont 66 the name of the road vukas dwellers killed by Salman Khan!

But, here the one who is killedMr. Is he a noble soul whose death need to be mourned? He deserve more punishments but alas our system is so corrupt! What ever it may be – another interesting question associated with this is “Who is the killer? Arun Advani – the investigative journalist who was observing Vicky Rai for quite long take us through the roller swadup ride revealing the mysteries behind the death!

Police could figure out “Six Suspects” Title of the Novel. Did any one of them commit the murder? Or there is another one who got amazing capability to fool the system? Vikas Swarup takes us through the story behind the murder in his latest novel.

Some of the real life characters like Barkha Dutt is also there in this novel! Also, many of the incidents can be identified with swaryp life happenings – like the murder of Jessica Lall in etc.

There is a bureaucrat, an innocent tribal youth, a dumb American, an actress, a thief and finally finally a politician Vicky’s father himself. Each character has their own chapter, three times over, the first being under Suspectsthe second under Motives, the third – when all is revealed – under Evidence.

The bureaucrat is one of the most corrupted person who serves in the board of many companies owned by Vicky Rai. He is encountered with Chemical Locha popularised by Munnabhai. At times, soul Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi take control over him and then he will resort to Gandhigiri. He got another identity as Gandhi Baba.

Finally, he was guided by the soul of Ruby Gill who was killed swarip Vicky to pay revenge. How he is liberated from his sarup Is he the murderer? The Tribal Youth reaches India from Andaman stress vikad the point – India – they dont have national feeling?


Finally, he came to know that it is found in Vicky Rai’s residence. A good reason to kill Vicky? The dumb American who is a fork lift driver reaches India to marry an Swadup woman who send her photo to him through an agency. On arrival he was shocked to realise that he was duped.

He is enoucntered with many difficulties, got job as an accent trainer vjkas a call centre he almost cries when his students call him Professor.

Un fortunately his name is the same as that of the founder of Google – yeah, Larry Page!

Suspeccts, what cost he has to give for that? The actress is the one from a small village and Vicky was always wanting to have an indecent affair with her.

Delhi underbelly

Finally she accepts his offer. Is that with a special agenda? The mobile phone thief could win the heart of Vicky’s sister.

He got brutally attacked by Vicky’s henchman. Is that a good enough reason to kill him? Finally – what will you do, when your son causes this much of trouble to you – like, you are about to become Chief Minister of the state but just because of your son and his wrong deeds, you are going to lose the fortune. So, what will you do? Will you kill your son? Is it the Home Minister of UP sqarup given the contract to kill his son?

The lives of each and every character is so distinct and vivid where in we will have the experience of reading new story altogether! Interestingly, some of them really came to kill Vicky on the same day when he was shot dead. But if you are looking out of amazing experiences suspscts of a literary wonder – oh no, please. Dont even touch the book. I was reading this book for last one month just for the purpose of time pass and it served the purpose.

It provided information, it made me laugh loud at times especially the Americanit did revealed a realistic picture on corruption etc. Altogether, it demands much time and energy from the author. It is very difficult to withhold my feeling of happiness just becuase of the lack of technical intricaciies and logic. Six Suspects reveals Vikas Swarup’s uninhibited lust for bizarre twists and outrageous coincidences and instances of appalling cruelty.

There are too many ingredients have been stirred into the stew, that it has been quite crudely overspiced and that there has been ample recourse to fictional stock-in-trade. Finally, the book takes us all over India and shows us the myriad threads that weaves the country into a giant multicolored quilt. So, sooner we can expect a movie out of this Novel also. But will it bag “Oscar” again?


Review: Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup | Books | The Guardian

Leave it to time. Upload photo files with. Image size per photo cannot exceed 10 Suspecst. I have flipped through some of its pages in a bookstore and liked cikas a lot!!

In fact, I am planning to buy it as soon as my exams are over! I liked the style and am curious to knw who the killer is? I hope the Revela And r u sure d price is just ?

Six Suspects

When I saw it in Oct, it was Rs. Hey Fenil – should I reveal who is the murderer? Ssuspects He dont worry! I got it at Rs. So, why not try for a copyright from Vikas this time?

And yeah, I want to vikax the role of Killer – by the time you complete reading it you will know why! Seems to be very interesting. Let me read,,,if time permits Your review is better than the book Ooops, Mazhar Bhai, that gives me a boost to write a book. Very clear cut review. I was always a huge fan of suspense novels. Your review intrigues me to read this one.

I hope the author maintains the suspense till the end, thats the main thing important in a suspense story. Let me go through it Feb 23, Rainbow – I will call you and give the details of the murderer soon! Pheww thanks for the comments dearie. Hi Sajith, Gr8 review. I think I enjoyed it better than the book reviewed. Beleive me your review is superb and provided details in well planned steps. OMG – but suggest you to read book also – who knows it will turn out to be better than review – he he.

Hi Sajith, Good one! Your review has made me curious but as you have mentioned that it has the same cruelty as is Sdarup style and what we saw in SM I think I will give it a miss. D Swaru; 23, So, these days you’re engrossed in reading books.

I have heard about it several times but didn’t find it interesting after reading reviews swarrup the internet. Not sure whether I’ll read it or not. I liked the way you h Sajith, the copyrights has viikas been taken: Otherwise, I would have written a fantastic movie screenplay frm the story!! I’ll buy it after exams!!