This story has scared the life out of me for years, and believe me I have heard a lot of ghost stories.. Published to amateur and expert writers at storywrite. It was a beautiful summer’s evening, West Belfast, We lived in a street close to the Falls Park. From our house you could see the playing fields and. No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story | eBay! No 91 Beechmount True Ghost Story. NoBeechmount-True-Ghost-Story. Item Ended Photos not available for .

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They spoke almost us one would speak of the apparition of Our Lady at Lourdes The motorists sp of reaching Belfast and on asking the girl where she wanted out, beechmountt got no answer.

They eventually knocked the house down.

Back to home page Return to top. Jun 18, Messages: She got up and made herself a cup of tea and soon forgot about the appearance.

Be sceptical if youse like – I was for long enough too – but again no other resonable explanation has been put forward. She named a particular place I can’t remember where exactly and her parents recognised the name of the place, and it beechmoknt out this was one of the worst places to be affected by The Famine.

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This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Home Help Login Register. McManus Fav Celtic Song: Learn more – opens in a new window or tab Postage: At Glenwherry, Co Antrim, a fierce battle took place many centuries ago on the hillside overlooking the river and people holidaying veechmount claimed they saw the battle replay itself and at first they thought it was just a local pageant they were watching but stood in amazement when the soldiers just disappeared into thin air.

Furniture was hurled about the room in a most violent way, yet they were the only two people in the house.


There are many recorded stories, perhaps every family in Ireland could relate one, of beechmiunt seeing a close friend or relative when that friend should be miles beechmountt or maybe in hospital, only to learn bedchmount that at the precise time they saw the figure that friend had died, be it in America, the other side of town or simply in a room upstairs.


More often Molly had to content herself with the love notes of her young lover for he kept finding it harder to meet her without bringing the wrath of his family unto him. The old Witch Cottage at Islandmagee is a perfect example, strangers to the area spoke of having seen a little whitewashed cottage at the turn of the road near Whitehead and to their disbelief when they passed the same spot only hours later nothing stood there but the hedgerow.

Some years later another newlywed couple moved into the house. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or 9 Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab Add to Watch list.

Number 91 john skillen

Dad walked around on the living room on the phone, trying to arrange a flight for me to go with them on Thursday. I opened the paper today to read “you will be met by a chainsaw-wielding goblin” I must stop reading the horrorscopes! In the main a poltergeist is a very angry ghost, usually protesting about human presence in its domain, as it would see it, so to scare off or to voice its disapproval it will use many frightening antics, such as: Belfast, Antrim, United Kingdom.

Fishermen often saw the beechmount over the sea only to learn later that a boat would sink at that exact spot where they had seen bechmount Ghostlight. They had never really thought anything of it and went on with their lifes. This book was published insince then the books have disappeared and overpeople have been searching all over forums and the internet to beechmout their hands on a copy.

Apr 23, Messages: However what was meant to be wonderful ended up in a horrid never-ending sting of abuse that the girl received from her husband. John McConnell, a local married man and father of live children, had died after being shot through ho head by a police marksman away back in All I can Say now is that it will be comming soon The priest was knocked down the stairs and as they got him out of the house the laughter continued. I can still remember the first time I was told about it, it was in drama class and it was the end of term.


About years ago a family named Beggs lived in the area and they had a very beautiful daughter, named Molly. Airdrie OnionJan 14, Jul 30, Messages: Last edited by a moderator: Start of add to list layer.

They stopped bringing the child into the house at night and, oddly enough, nothing unusual ever took place again. Sign in for more lists. He quickly jumped and called to his sister as he felt the thud of a push on his back.

One day as the husband walked along on the landing he heard a noise from behind him. The residents of the street decided they had to do something about it and with the priest they held beechmounr blessing as they gathered in the garden with many residents showing up for it.

She’d have really bad dreams and wake up crying and screaming about this other 9 girl that didn’t have any food. See full item description.

Spirits and Supernatural

Anyway, the bold John was a very busy man, town councillor, Magistrate and up to his eyes in municipal matters and it all got too much for him, so one night he took an open razor and cut his own throat and died. Doors and windows opening and closing at will. A mattress being thrown off a bed while a witness is still on it.

I pm’d TBM earlier about something very very similar actually. When the alarm went of the next morning it scared me half to death. As they all stood together while the priest blessed the house all they could hear was the spine tingling laughter from inside.

Belfast History, Belfast Through The Years,

No joke when it happens in the family. LazycameJan 14, When he turned to see what it was he was forcefully pushed and fell down the stairs, he lay at the bottom of the stairs unable to move and heard laughing from the top of the stairs. Her husband was in hospital with a broken leg and a broken rib from the fall and the wife came home to the house.

Pacific Ocean BlueJan 14,