The Aastra D DECT handset works with Aastra SIP-DECT as well as Aastra’s TDM DECT solution. The Aastra d offers a vibration alarm, headset socket. Aastra d: fast delivery and good price This is IP&Go!. The Aastra D is a cordless DECT phone with 5-line backlit monochrome display. Call us on for expert advice | Onedirect.

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The devices are suitable for use in all business environments ranging from home offices to SMEs and large corporations. You will be responsible for shipping charges, if any. Aatsra Use the arrow keys or the number keys “1” to “8” to set the desired volume for the buzzer and press OK see also page If the feature 142e deactivated, the Customizing Your Telephone phone number in question is first copied to predialing, where you can add digits if required.

If you should require any further technical support or aastra about other Aastra products, please first contact the person responsible for your system or get in touch with your local retailer. Keys “1” — “9”: F Press the arrow key while your handset is in the idle state and scroll to the desired entry, e.

If you do not enter any characters and press OK, the list will begin with the first entry. Keep the handset and accessories out of reach of small children.

If you wish to dispose of this product, this symbol obliges you to do so separately from unsorted domestic waste. Here you can see the call numbers of callers who most recently have tried to reach you.


Aastra d – Aastra d – DECT Handsets – Mobility – Products – Aastra Singapore

Backlight 12d backlight is activated every time you press a key, and it remains on for approximately eight seconds. Thank you for choosing this Aastra product. Page Appendix valid for When you navigate within the menu and press and hold the Esc softkey the menu closes and the telephone returns to the idle state once again.

The first call is held. Menu during the Call You have dialled a number.

Aastra 142d User Manual

Aatra you want to end the call with the second caller and return to your held call: Do not store your card in a place where it will get hot e. The Charger Rack is perfect for enviroments where employees have no fixed work place — e. Require real time collaboration between remote parties? You perform this setting by pressing the star key Buzzer Off appears in the display. If you have set an alarm see page 78 the symbol appears on the display.

Simultaneously lift the battery compartment cover upward as shown 2. The key function automatically changes depending on the respective operation state of the mobile unit.

Every number you subsequently dial overwrites the oldest number in the list. Editing an Entry …………………………………………………44 Local Telephone Book: Call forwarding has now been configured.

Input that you have already saved in menus remains saved when you quit them. To do this, press the hook key The service menu opens automatically.


Appendix The capacity of the batteries used can be improved when after more lengthy usage periods the batteries are fully discharged and then fully recharged. The following options will then be available: You can also press the corresponding key a number of times to adjust the volume to one of eight levels.

Aastra shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly arising from the customers use of or inability to use this telephone, either separately or in combination with other equipment.

Page 95 Door opener: You answer the call by pressing the hook key. List Note When you reset the handset and the telephony options a stored emergency number is aaetra deleted.

You can delete all of the telephone book entries by means of the “Reset” menu item see page Telephoning VIP Calls VIP calls from authorised users are signalled to you even when call protection, call waiting protection are activated or call forwarding is programmed. Installation Closing the battery compartment After inserting the MEM card please refer to page 12position the battery com- partment cover slightly diagonally as shown 1 and flip it downwards 2 until it has clearly clicked into place.