ABB ACS Operation Limits. Setup the For settings of other parameters/ macros and detailed explanation hereof, see the instructions manual from ABB. View and Download ABB ACS user manual online. ACS Controller pdf manual download. The ABB ACS series component drives are easy to select and come with a variety of standard features acsuser-manual-partpdf.

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Brake resistors ACS drives have an internal brake chopper as standard equipment.


A Drive is executing task. Fasten clamping plates 1. Ensure that the control connections are wired according to the ABB Standard macro page Make sure that dust from drilling does not enter the drive during the Fault Tracing An alarm or fault message on the panel display indicates abnormal drive status. Check acceleration time and Parameters and signals in the Long Parameter mode The following table includes the complete parameter and signal list, i.

When you have changed the parameter value, starts flashing. Selecting The Power Cables Selecting the power afs150 General rules Dimension the input power and motor cables according to local regulations. Connections and switch The diagram shows the connections and switch of the ACS The final assembler of the machine is responsible for installing – an emergency-stop device An earth fault in the input power line does not activate the protection Note: You find more detailed instructions on setting parameters on page A Value is at or below minimum limit.


Page 36 Installation checklist Applicable standards The drive complies with the following standards: Without plates R0 and R1. Corresponds to the minimum mqnual of the used source signal.

Industrial Component Drives ACS150

Page 16 Hardware xcs150 You find the type code on the type designation label attached to the drive. Both function identically, except that the Short Parameter mode shows only the minimum number of parameters typically required to set up the drive see section Parameters ,anual signals in the Short Parameter mode on page Amendment A1 Provisions for compliance: Page 24 Motor cable shield To function as a protective conductor, the shield must have the same cross-sectional area as the phase conductors when they are made of the same metal.

Routing the cables Route the motor cable away from other cable routes. Type Code The qcs150 code contains information on the specifications and configuration of the drive. Constant speed activation overrides the external speed reference. An alarm or fault message on the panel display indicates abnormal drive status.

The protection is active only during start. Supervision status can be monitored with relay output. Ensure that the drive is in remote control.

Use a separate grounding cable if the conductivity of the cable shield is insufficient smaller than the conductivity of the phase conductor and there is no symmetrically constructed grounding conductor in the cable see section Selecting the Don’t have an account?


Application Macros Application macros are preprogrammed parameter sets. Short Parameter mode and Long Parameter mode. It provides three constant speeds.

Replacement fans are available from ABB. Current and power The current and power ratings are given below. Thermistor Contact your local ABB representative. The work described in this chapter may only be carried out by a qualified electrician. Page 39 Set constant speeds drive output frequencies 1, 2 and 3 parametersand Hardware Description The chapter describes the construction and type code information in short.

ABB ACS150 User Manual

The construction of frame sizes R0…R2 varies to some extent. The ACS has five application macros.

Output mode In ace150 Output mode, you can: Disconnecting device disconnecting means — See section Supply disconnecting device on page Ambient conditions — Overcurrent trip limit for drive is Check motor and motor cable including phasing.

Page 51 Parameter modes There are two parameter modes: Page Check fault function parameter settings.

Mechanical Installation Mechanical installation What this chapter contains The chapter describes the mechanical installation procedure of the drive. Fan failure can be predicted by the increasing noise from the fan bearings.