Shrungara Shakuntalamu Anu Shakuntala Parinayamu -Vol by Pillamarri Pina Veerabhadra Kavi Contributor CCL. Language Telugu. Barcode You are currently browsing our books with tag name Kalidasu Alternatively You can visit home page and start browsing from there! Or visit our latest books page!. Shakuntala Parinayamu (Telugu Edition) [Krishna Kavi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before.

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This section needs expansion. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. Rama Rao as Dushyanta and B. Dushyanta was required to fight with the devasfrom which he emerged victorious; his reward was to be reunited with his wife and son. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Shakuntala disambiguation. Skip to navigation Skip to content Customer Support: Thus the family was reunited in Heaven, and they returned to earth to rule for many years before the birth of the Pandava.

Interlanguage link template link number Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Description Specification Reviews Abhijnana-Sakuntalam, a drama composed in seven Acts by Kalidasa, is one of the best not only in Sanskrit literature, but in the literature of the world.

Meanwhile, a fisherman was surprised to find a royal ring in the belly of a fish he had caught. The dramatic power and poetic beauty of this unique work have elicited the highest praise and admiration from the scholars all over the world. Bhupen Hazarika made the Assamese film Shakuntala in It won the President’s Silver Medal and was critically acclaimed.


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Fritz Racek’s completion of Schubert’s Sakontala was performed in Vienna in Shakuntala spent much time dreaming of her new husband and was often distracted by her daydreams.

The earliest adaptation into a film was the Tamil movie Shakuntalai featuring M.

He immediately set out to find her and, arriving at her father’s ashram, discovered that she was no longer there. In the Adi Parva of MahabharataKanva says:.

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The ring is lost when it slips off her hand when she dips her hand in the water playfully. He was surprised when the boy answered that he was Bharata, the son of King Dushyanta. He had a vision in which he saw a young boy counting the teeth of a lion. On the Marathi stage there was a musical drama titled Shakuntal on the same story. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Dushyanta successfully tied it on his arm.

Before returning to his kingdom, Dushyanta gave his personal royal ring to Shakuntala as a symbol of his promise to return and bring her to his palace. She is given a ring by the king, to be presented to him when she appears in his court. Vijaya and Prem Nazeer as Shakuntala and Dushyanta respectively.

An abhijnanasakkntalam narrative is that after Dushyanta failed to recognize Shakuntala, her mother Menaka took Shakuntala to Heaven where she gave birth to Bharata. Rajyam Pictures of C. Shakuntala and Dushyanta fell in love with each other and got married as per Gandharva marriage system. Sridhar Rao produced a Shakuntala film abhijnannasakuntalam starring N. Her ring Dushyanta’s ring slipped off her finger without her realizing it. Retrieved March 8, Dushyanta was informed by the devas that only Bharata’s mother or father could tie it back on his arm.


Abhijnanasakuntalam of Kalidasa

Characters in the Mahabharata People in Hindu mythology. Shakuntala was also made into a Malayalam movie by the same name in Abhijnana-Sakuntalam, a drama composed in seven Acts by Kalidasa, is one of the best not only in Sanskrit literature, but in the literature of the world.

Based on 0 reviews 0. This article has multiple issues. On the way, they had to cross a river by a canoe ferry and, seduced by the deep blue waters of the river, Shakuntala ran her fingers through the water.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Arriving at Dushyanta’s court, Shakuntala was hurt and surprised when her husband did not recognize her, nor recollected anything about her.

Retrieved from ” https: As he departed in a rage, one of Shakuntala’s friends quickly explained to him the reason for her friend’s distraction.