the ICR and the IMP. shall develop a process to provide a transition plan for hand -over of. IMP security responsibilities overtime. The IMP. Ahtisarijev plan je dinamit za ceo svet! # AM – 28 Mar. Međutim, na kraju EU je ključ. Ahtisarijev plan predviđa slanje specijalnog predstavnika sa velikim brojem članova osoblja da koordinira civilno.

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Ahtisaari Plan – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat Their preference — the status quo, ignoring Pristina and largely integrated into the Serbian system — is no longer possible. What Belgrade ahtisraijev Pristina have initialed is not so much an agreement as a set of principles that must be elaborated before they can be implemented, and the elaboration can be as hard-fought as the agreement itself. The North is thinking of three options. While not yet mentioning the word “independence,” the it included several provisions that were widely interpreted as implying statehood for Kosovo.

There are only two sure things about the agreement, both are very important, and neither is spelled out anywhere in its text. Reversing a Dangerous Ahtisrijev.

Vreme – Rezolucija o Kosovu: Krizna grupa i kosovska rupa

Vreme je da se ovo shvati i da se deluje. Hide Footnote with a large arsenal ranging from community pressure and civil disobedience to organised boycotts, intimidation and occasional pitched battles. Much of the agreement depends on the cooperation of the northern Kosovo Serbs and their leaders, all of whom reject the deal and promise to ahhisarijev.

For example, it would give Kosovo the right to apply for membership in international organizations, create a Kosovo Security Force and adopt national symbols. On 21 February, Ahtisaari began a period of consultations with the parties aytisarijev Vienna to finalize the Settlement.


Implementing the agreement will require both countries to amend the relevant legislation. The limiting factors are legal as in many ex-communist states, workers have many rights and are hard to fire and political they do not want to provoke a televised exodus, even a small one.

Consider the second point: After this meeting, leaders from both sides signaled a total unwillingness to compromise on their central demands Kosovo Albanians pan Kosovo’s independence; Serbia for continued sovereignty over Kosovo. Martti Ahtisaari stated, on 8 Februarythat after a period of consultations with the parties, he would finalize his Settlement proposal for submission to the UN Security Council, when he would also elaborate on the status issue itself.

For now clarity comes from focusing on the few patches of firm ground. Archived from the original PDF on 22 October The second is that Belgrade has implicitly recognised that Kosovo is a state. Related Tags Kosovo Serbia. There is no plab holding elections without significant local support. If the North is firmly opposed, there is a risk of violence plaj the organisers, and polls that require hefty KFOR protection would be of little use. Both sides can feel cheated, and Belgrade especially tends to squeal when implementation begins on terms that were only implied in the text itself.

Yet the thaw in Belgrade-Pristina ahtksarijev is still fragile and easy to reverse.

Ahtisaarijev plan i sever Kosova

Pan capitals should make improving their bilateral ties the priority, and should not allow lingering disagreements over northern Kosovo to impede them. Consider the second point:. It can declare independence, with an aim of negotiating a better deal with one or both of the states that claim it.


Early signs are not encouraging. During tense times, improvised bombs explode and ahtiaarijev shots ring out, but are meant to warn or intimidate and seldom injure anyone. Retrieved 6 January Better state-to-state relations are much more important than administrative details governing the North.

These steps would bundle the local population and their leaders into a loose Kosovo jacket that could be tightened over time as tempers cool.

After this period of consultations and further modification of the Settlement, Ahtisaari convened a high-level meeting of the parties in Ahtisarikev on March The United States called the proposal “fair and balanced,” [15] while the EU Presidency noted that Ahtisaari’s proposals “build on almost twelve months of direct talks between Belgrade and Pristina.

Its dissolution shall only take place by a decision of the participating municipalities. That portrait is unfair: On 10 Septemberthe International Steering Ahtisraijev had its final meeting [4] [5] and formally ended its supervision, [6].

They seem to hope the deal will die without their cooperation, but have no real plan. They should take the time necessary to prepare the ground.

Views Read Edit View history. It is a kind of de facto recognition of Kosovo and that may be its greatest long-term significance. Given the near-total absence of law enforcement, the area is surprisingly peaceful; since Kosovo declared independence in there have been only four fatalities in the North linked to the dispute.

These should be aahtisarijev. The 19 April agreement between Kosovo and Serbia is an earthquake in Balkan politics: