Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about Girth Control, please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Girth Control. Girth Control: The Science of Fat Loss & Muscle Gain [Alan Aragon] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Girth Control: The Science of Fat. of 15 results for Books: “Alan Aragon” Oct 22, by Nia Shanks and Alan Aragon Girth Control: The Science of Fat Loss & Muscle Gain.

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Results 1 to 28 of Alan Aragon’s “Girth Control”. Alan Aragon’s “Girth Control” This tirth looks interesting- http: If Alan wrote it, it has to be good.

It’s a great book. A really informative read. I ordered it but so far no joy on the delivery. Will let you know after I read it. Originally Posted by Runic.

5 Diet Books That are Actually Worth Reading

Anything written contrl Alan Aragon is a must read. No brain, no gain. You can’t out-train bad nutrition. Where the mind goes, the body follows. Well I got my copy and it already saved me the price of the book in useless supplements.

Looks like I can clean off my arago quite a bit. I was kind of dismayed at the research that showed Beta-Alanine could be potentially harmful. Kind of wish supps were regulated sometimes. Although that wouldn’t necessarily make them safe.

Girth Control | Alan Aragon

Will be reading it soon Alan is the go to guy along with lyle Mcdonald girtb nutrition. Originally Posted by Zeke5. Just got mine, too! Showed it to a friend who said it didn’t look very glossy next to some of the other bodybuilding books on my shelf and I replied that most of those “glossy” ones just repeated the party lines and promoted supplements that they were somehow connected to.


I have higher hopes for this one. Before I purchase the book, can someone tell be the copyright date? How can you visualize training a muscle if you don’t know its structure?

Originally Posted by JerryB. Bench Press – Originally Posted by CoQ IIRC, the rodent trial on beta-alanine supplementation and cardiac taurine levels used an incredibly high dose. I’ve been pretty impressed with beta-alanine thus far.

I don’t use it personally but I girtb see it becoming the next big thing. I can’t do crossfit and also be a Detroit Lions fan.

One thing for certain about fitness and nutrition aragom the uncertainty of it. Originally Posted by Iceman If you poke a bear in the eye, contrlo a bear like response. Originally Posted by alan aragon.

About Alan

Kind of a long time ago. The birth still has a lot of good stuff. However, to be perfectly honest Jerry, you probably don’t need it. Originally Posted by Brackneyc. Not if the study was conducted scientifically. A person can come to their own conclusion about how to proceed with the findings, but the findings are the findings, unless it is junk science.

There is a lot of garbage out there. This translates to roughly 50 g BA wragon liter of water consumed, an unlikely dose for sane humans to consume.


Alan Aragon’s “Girth Control” – Forums

However, brain biopsies probably wouldn’t fly in human trials, so this question will remain food for thought. Originally Posted by mslman Being published, even peer reviewed and published, may give you the best possible material, but it does not in any way shape or form guarantee that the work was raagon and complete.

Originally Posted by HairyScandinavian. What all are you getting rid of? Curious to see if any of those things are in my cabinets as well.

Oh yeah and do you need my shipping address? Same reason for Glutamine. BA I just don’t feel comfortable taking and I dropped Preworkout stims because I just don’t feel that the benefit is worth getting my system all amped up on caffeine.

I already have anxiety issues. ALAN is renowned on here for being one of the best and deserves it, But I have had head to head confrontations with several other people who also promote or sell products about the efficacy of their product Thanks for the copyright date and your honesty.

I do try to keep up on your thoughts about sports nutrition. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.