Countdown has ratings and reviews. Ted said: The most serious question in history. How can we humans go on?4 1/2Alan Weisman is a practicin. . 8 quotes from Countdown: Our Last Best Hope for a Future on Earth?: ‘Whether we accept it or not, this will likely be the century that determines what th. As the title suggests, I think it’s important that we strive to continue learning new things. If you read Countdown you’re sure to do just that. The book’s title sounds.

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Must reading for all.

But many too are with more ordinary people. This multicultural approach is one of the biggest strengths of the weismsn, as it reduces the amount of ethnocentrism and shows what approaches have worked before and what is preventing some cultures from reducing their birth rates to more manageable levels. There are success stories aan poor countries such as Bangladesh with a current birthrate of 2.

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Countdown Quotes by Alan Weisman

Whether the women of Iran will cooperate is another matter I guess. Technology has always been important to our society, as a whole, but we may need to rely on it to help us with new ways to feed our population as we continue on the same path of depleting our resources.

In fact, it is a crisis of unimaginable proportions: Many of them are now voluntarily sterilized as their preferred form of birth control. Those concerned with the environment are often the same people concerned with the plight of the disenfranchised who are clamoring to get in. Want to Read saving…. Jun 01, Nicole Wolverton rated it it was amazing. There’s a challenge with that solution, he admits. It wasn’t all doom and gloom – if a few things change simple things, really then there is hope!


Peurto Rico’s fertility rates has now dropped to 1.

They are produced by what we call nature. Many of these women are far more educated than, for instance, a certain segment of the US population e.

Fred Pearce in his book “Peoplequake” feels the future is dire. Of course as these countries become developed they adopt the Western model. What am I to make of this? When it was a US colony, many women of child bearing age were sterilized.

Later it dropped again to nine. Nature will move forward, beyond wrisman. Even more significant than the low birth rate is the poor state of Russia’s health. Can they maintain prosperity without growth? Reading this book is like reading a long, long, long National Geographic article on overpopulation without the pretty pictures.

Countdown Quotes

Japan may be a society that really alxn to live within its means without growth. Use it then, as a reference to make your own ckuntdown however you can to convince your family and friends to have fewer babies or no babies at all.

Financial incentives were put in place for having children. There is still tremendous resistance. The author, Alan Weisman, is an American journalist who has written several books and won numerous international awards.

Jul 06, Elizabeth Stolar rated it it was amazing. Hardcoverpages. Maybe the book just wasn’t my cup of tea, and I’m sure many readers here will disagree with my assessment of the book, but I felt the amount of detail on the ecological damage was too much and became tedious and repetitive.

Jun 26, Max rated it it was amazing Shelves: His choice to do this made this book easy to follow and easy to revisit certain aspects of each country. The fertility rate there is now 1. Lessons from Japan by Akihiko Matsutani. The last chapters are devoted to the problems related with the progresive reduction of the population as for example caring of a growing number of old people an the economic problems caused by it.


In my view, if we can solve the energy problem and the food problem I make small attempts to make my toxic footprint small but without any major sacrificing of my current fairly comfortable lifestyle. Deep wells are giving out and all of the water in the Indus is used before reaching the sea. So one absolute thing we have to change is the whole nature of the monetary system. It is interesting to think that vaccines and the pasteurization of milk invented by Louis Pasteur all contributed to our population growth.

It was utterly fascinating and I was sorry to come to the end of it.

Countdown: Our Last Best Hope for a Future on Earth?

What other planetary resources and species are necessary for human survival? The birthrate here is falling rapidly. I was afraid that it might be a bit dry, but the author does a great job of delivering his me I received this book through a goodreads giveaway. While it’s hard to disagree with the numbers, and it is definitely true that our Earth can’t handle us all having nine kids, I did wish there was more emphasis on overconsumption—because that’s what I truly feel is out of control.

It spent a lot of time talking about the problem, and not as much talking about solutions. Birth control here and in Pakistan is seen as a Western conspiracy.