For 35 years, architects and consultants, designers, construction professionals, realtors, and entrepreneurs in the Middle East have turned first to Albenaa. Albenaa Magazine company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest company news. Al Benaa Magazine, Publishers – General Dubai. CitySaudi Arabia; Area; Location; Website. All Branches. Al Benaa Magazine Saudi Arabia +

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Golden Tower, Al Dhaen Tower. Our team of highly-skilled professionals abide by international real estate procedures to ensure an exceptional client experience and succeed together as a company.

Al Benaa Magazine Dubai, Al Benaa Magazine UAE, Publishers – General Dubai

This product is characterized by its efficiency to rehabilitate and preserve properties which results to a profitable outcome. Please refer to the full Member Agreement. Ethical practices and commitment are inherent in our work and guides all of our interactions with clients.

albenza The company takes pride rehabilitating architecturally compelling buildings in various areas of Abu Dhabi to their original grace and refinement. Al Benaa serves for development and rehabilitation of the most desirable places to reside in and invest across UAE. The industry includes companies involved in the production, modification, transfer, distribution, replication, or publishing of media content through television, radio, film jagazine video, magazines, newspapers, books, billboards, electronic devices, and computer networkscompanies engaged in media-related services such as contracting with performers, providing technical pre-production, post-production, or publishing services, manufacturing related equipment and products, as well as companies involved in the distribution, reproduction, and sales of media content.


Al Saada or Happiness is a unique real estate product developed to rehabilitate architecturally significant buildings in Abu Dhabi to its original elegance. Call us today at 2 or Email us at info albenaa.

You can change your cookie settings through your browser. Al Benaa uses the finest materials that are accordant with the plan and the infrastructure.

Companies that create, operate, engage in, sell, and distribute media content in text, visual, or sound messages.

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Al Benaa financial strength will provide secured and safe income to landlord beside the outstanding facility management activities. Al Benaa ensures mayazine and precision in building a balanced assets portfolio of real estate investment, development and management. Building safe and strong relation with landlord, through leasing property on wholesale and renting it out on retail. Have questions regarding this company profile? Thomson Reuters neither endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the information, opinion, advice or statement made on this magaine.


Albenaa Magazine | Aedas

Tawafuq or Compatibility is a specialized product for the rehabilitation and investment of buildings through a mixed-method implementation and development. All Thomson Reuters websites use cookies to improve your online experience. Al Benaa executes an array of value-enhancing strategies tailored to each investment preference as well as property management and leasing. Our research-driven approach employs creativity to pioneer quint essentially innovative products and services for the real estate market.