The NOKIA (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) Service Aware Manager (SAM) enables end-to-end network and service management across all domains of the . Alcatel-Lucent SAM (Service Avare Manager) Alcatel-Lucent Service Aware Manager (SAM) is the network and service. Nokia SAM (Service Avare Manager) ⋆ IPCisco is a Network Blog, Teaches Network Protocols, Router and Switch Configurations for Cisco, Nokia (Alcatel).

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Give us a call and speak to one of our next generation transport technology experts or browse more links to apcatel out more about the premier products that we sell and integrate. How nodes running config is saved in Oracle DB tables. Service assurance capabilities enable performance management and SLA reporting. Configuring on GUI is more userfriendly, but command line is more close to the network engineers.

The SAM also provides custom service portals and pre-certified OSS partner application integrationsto speed deployment and simplify integration into the network. Beside these, many facilities becomes more easy with GUI interface. Service providers maximize their operationsl efficiency and troubleshooting capability through SAM.


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NOKIA Service Aware Manager – LightRiver Companies

Here is the website link: During software upgrades and updates, taking tech-supports or similir facilities can be done on SAM with little scripts. Email will not be published required.

The NOKIA formerly Alcatel-Lucent Service Aware Manager SAM enables end-to-end network and service management across all domains of the converged, all-IP network — delivering szm operations, whether network services are running in a virtualized environment or on specialized hardware platforms.

Service templates and rules-based configuration ensure error-free, consistent configuration. New And Different Learning Styles!

Probe for Alcatel-Lucent SAM v13 JMS

Share on Vkontakte Share. Share on Google Plus Share. Share on Twitter Alcateel. This template mechanism, you can create some template configuration screens for customer.

NOKIA 5620 Service Aware Manager

The SAM is a proven solution that is widely deployed worldwide in over service provider networks for mobile, enterprise, residential and converged services delivery. Share on Linkedin Share.


This product helps service providers quickly maximize operational efficiencies through fast provisioning and troubleshooting, proactive assurance and flexibility that eases integration into the network. I want to fetch the data related to a node from DB. What are the tables name commonly used.

But detailed monitoring can be done up to the ports on Nokia devices.

For 3th party devices, only element management is supported,like port status, CLI connection. Automation speeds tasks and the costs associated with them. Share on Facebook Share. Helps resolve problems before they affect customers Fault correlation and troubleshooting tools show impacted services and the root cause of problems. Share on Reddit Share. You can see the screenshot of Nokia SAM, below: