“The best study of our times that I know Of all the books that I have read in the last 20 years, it is by far the one that has taught me the most.”—Le. Future Shock has ratings and reviews. Ted said: This book is still in print!To me, that’s pretty amazing. It seems that many readers would ra. When it was published in , Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock painted a picture–at times surprising and other times grim–of what future societies.

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Future Shock

I had planned to give tofflrr to a local library when I was finished — returned it instead. So you haven’t tried it out yet? Apr 11, Tim rated it it was ok.

The Tofflers believed we’d live in a society where there futturo no reason to own anything. Furthermore, the characteristic letterforms were adopted for the documentary film based on the book, starring Orson Welles as on-screen narrator.

Until the second half, I actually considered it revolutionary considering no-one to my knowledge had proposed such a well developed explanation about how and why the future would turn out the way it did.

He overstates this point. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The book is divided into 6 parts. Curtis Mayfield ‘s song ” Future Shock ” on the album ” Back to the World ” took its name from this book, and was in turn covered by Herbie Hancock as the title track for his recording Future Shock. You may very well have to revise your 20 year plans from one year to the next, or more, but it’s ok. Columbo, “Haven’t you ever heard of future shock?


To ask other readers questions about Future Shockplease sign up. Kumbaya, but we do have to work together to see and effect a better tomorrow.

Almost daily the media and academics breathlessly tfofler some great revelation about what happened twenty to fifty years ago. The letterforms were not directly taken from Amelia, but redrawn, with narrower proportions and more angular terminals. Can’t find my original copy.

A lot of reviewers praise this book saying – this book is as relevant today as it was 40 years ago when it was written. He’s written several other books, at least two to update this one. Experimental music group Death Grips use the lyric “Culture shock, future shock, fuck yourself, choke yourself” in their song ” Culture Shock “. This book does offer some insights into the nature of change and the possible effects and outcomes, it suffers from a lack of data and breath of tofffler.

Future Shock – Wikipedia

Some things he didn’t emphasize much, like the environment and women’s rights. Not just ancient history but recent Americ Read decades ago. The so-called ” brain drain ” — the emigration of European scientists to the United States — is both an indicator of the changes in society and also one of their causes. But he does caution a sort of noblesse oblige – be responsible with what we do The author said 40 years ago that humans will have immense trouble to cope with all those things that I mentioned above.

Toffler had expertly brought me to a level of consciousness about something that was “right there – in front of me. Upon this flimsy structure he tries to argue for the destruction and recreation of literally every social institution from families to religion, education, and government. But my favorite parts are when he starts making predictions about the future.


On the one hand, Toffler advocates for being more careful with how we apply technology. Indeed he does deserve the praise, however he deserves even more praise for his analysis of the subject. The first stage began in the period of the Neolithic Era with the advent of agriculturethereby passing from barbarity to a civilization.

A version of that story first aired in The main barrier to my enjoyment of the book is that a lot of effort is spent easing the reader into each set of ideas, and in some cases it felt huge chunks of a chapter were devoted to an idea which was concisely dealt with in a few paragraphs. Then at the end of the chapter he sums it up with some kind of statement to the effect of “obviously this must be It took me three years to get around to finishing this book.

And he read the book. All because “change is accelerating”. Toffler’s explanations are very detailed; he starts with how these ideas apply to ourselves, psychologically, to the economy, to society at large, etc. By the s, the futurism business had allowed them to buy this house in a swanky neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Indeed, it seems very hard to contest his view of the world, though i This book proposes a warning of impending social decay caused by a condition the author calls “Future Shock”.

The world really is toffleer faster and faster all the time.