AmeriPlanMD Plus ($). 25*. $ $. AmeriPlan® Lifestyle Brochures ($ stair step or $ full price). 25*. $ $. The nation’s premier Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO), saving its members hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare benefits since DisClOsures TO COnsuMers.: These discount medical plans are NOT health insurance or a MediCare Prescription Drug Plan. Membership in these programs .

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While I was under a lot of pressure at a job that offered no flexibility, I determined to turn it around by doing something positive, so Wouldn’t you rather brrochure at home with your children or be free from the pressure of a boss who likes to micro-manage your work?

Through our discount services we help people save a LOT of money in the areas of medical, dental, vision, prescriptions, chiropractic care, legal services, etc. Even free and inexpensive software programs that I use in my business I will share with you just ask!

Not everyone is interested in online advertising so we also have off-line advertsing ideas.

AmeriPlan® USA – Medical Discount Plans – Healthcare Benefits – Dental Plus

Here are some of the reasons why the AmeriPlan business opportunity is so good: You don’t have to educate people about the importance of dental care like nutritional products, and other services.

After you join, I will call you and send you an e-mail introducing you to the training website and helpful conference calls. I’m committed to helping you succeed! Your success is amsriplan success. In an uncertain economy with high unemployment, now is the time to build a second income. Start today and build a residual income as you work from home. See our recorded AmeriPlan Video Presentatio n: Daily checks and full commission dental plans have contributed to the success of this program.


Prospecting Letters

Review the brochure details here. April 6, – AmeriPlan rolls out new member websites for dental and health program customers. See the site here. AmeriDoc continues to also be included with the AmeriPlan Healthcare service.

Once you qualify, the monthly lease amerplan on your new Cadillac will be made directly to the lender by AmeriPlan.

Not only that, but you can also earn extra cash through our new Fast Track program! Here are some of the reasons why our AmeriPlan business opportunity is growing so fast: Roommates, nephews, everyone is included! We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee to our members Here is why so many people are saying YES to our support: Working my business from home on a part-time basis gave me the freedom to “fire my boss.

If you’ve already joined as a member, that’s okay – some of our most successful independent business owners started as members. It happened for me and it can happen for you – with our training and support system. See more AmeriPlan reviews. Follow me to financial freedom and a growing residual income with the AmeriPlan business opportunity Secure your future success today by becoming commission qualified when you join. Gain the opportunity to experience the savings and become a “product of the product.


People will naturally want to buy their AmeriPlan benefits from you when they hear your story! Qualify to receive commissions. You will want to buy or sell ONE membership and AmeriPlan business owners generally prefer buying their own and experiencing the savings first-hand. It automatically makes you “commission qualified” too.

Choose your plan – Select the membership program of your choice! Feel free to contact me by phone and I’ll be happy to discuss this opportunity with you. Let’s team up together and make YOU some money! Call or write today!

By joining our team, you will be joining a dynamic group of people including insurance brokersmanagers, telemarketersformer work from home job huntersnetwork marketing success seekersetc. This is a brocbure business and AmeriPlan Reps are still needed as the our business continues to grow nationwide!!!

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Important Success Tip Please Read: You have several options on how you can start your AmeriPlan business. These two options give you two compensation plans that help you build your residucal income much faster.

Other entry choices are available if you want ib start slowly. You will want to buy or sell ONE membership and AmeriPlan business owners generally prefer buying their own and experiencing the savings first- hand.