About a boy marcus and fiona relationship questions

Marcus and Fiona: the mother-son relationship by Klot von Dammen on Prezi

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship questions

-Marcus takes care of his mother, wants to help her. -he is really nosy but his mother does not want to talk to him. (p.6, l. ). -Fiona wants to. Marcus is a twelve years old boy, and one of the two main characters. When Marcus was eight years old, his parents Fiona and Clive got divorced. of his main theories of life is to avoid all problems by avoiding all people. helps Marcus out of the scrape, and a strange relationship arises between them. growth, conflicts, humans - Relationships in About a Boy by Nick Hornby. Marcus on the other hand is a 12 year old boy, lives with his single mum, is bullied, . The story is about a boy named Marcus who lives with his mother, Fiona. Fiona Popular Essays · Excellent Essays · Essay Topics · Plagiarism · Donate a Paper.

If Fiona and the boyfriend had a baby, there would be four of them, and that would be even better and he would never be alone. Marcus starts to visit Will after school, even though neither Will nor Fiona wants him there, but gradually their relationship starts to grow, against Wills will. During the next half-year Will teaches Marcus how to be a boy, and what clothes and sneakers he should wear, and Marcus learns Will how to be an adult.

About a Boy: mother-son relationship by Kim Bechstein on Prezi

Both Marcus and Will goes through drastic personality-changes. Ellie is a rebellious teenager who listens to grunge and quarrels with everybody. With her as a friend nobody bullies Marcus anymore, because if they do, Ellie will knock them down.

Will does also change, and on New Years Eve he breaks one of his own basic rules; not to fall in love. On a party he meets the lovely single mother Rachel, which he gets really interested in.

Will uses Marcus to win her heart, and after many turns he finally succeeds.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship questions

The book describes the development of Marcus and Will; how Will finally becomes an adult, and how Marcus dares to say what he thinks, and not just do what people tells him to do. The whole trip ends up in a disaster; Ellie gets drunk in an attempt to drain her sorrows since her beloved Kurt Cobain has committed suicide.

Which, of course was a misunderstanding. No wonder it keeled over. That would have killed me.

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This meeting also gives Marcus another person around him. The Genre About a boy is a comic drama. The book has lots of characteristic features of the time; the revolting teenagers, listening to grunge, the young boys with their computer games and gameboys, and the depressed mother. In this book, Hornsby has really captured them all. The Language The book is written in third-person. Nick Hornby is telling the story, and you can really see his amazing ability to understand how the characters in the book thinks, as the book contains a lot of information about the characters thoughts and dreams.

The book is written in the spoken language, which is good, as you really can understand what sort of person that would use the specific word.

It makes the story come alive in a better way. When Hornby was 11 years old, his parents divorced and his father began to take him to watch the North London Premier League club Arsenal, during their visits.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship questions

She is three years older than he is, and is in Year She is a fan of the band Nirvana, and loves the lead singer, Kurt Cobain. She feels that he understands the awful problems which face teenagers.

Marcus admires her for her fearlessness.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship questions

He is slightly afraid of her at first, but gradually comes to adore her. Ellie helps Marcus to deal with the bullies, and she and her friend Zoe look after Marcus during the dinner break at school, taking him to their form room. Ellie is amused by Marcus, and when she realises that he knows nothing about Kurt Cobain, she teases him, saying that Cobain is a footballer with Manchester United.

About a Boy

Ellie seems to get on very well with her mother on the whole. She tells Marcus that she just wants her mother to be happy, and this makes Marcus think about his own mother.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship questions

When Kurt Cobain attempts to kill himself but fails, Ellie is very upset. She tells Marcus that Cobain hates this world and just wants to die, even though he has a wife and a little girl.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship questions

This makes Marcus compare his own situation with that of Kurt Cobain, and he feels very sad. Ellie goes on the train with Marcus to Cambridge, but as it is on the actual day when Kurt Cobain succeeds in killing himself, she is in a strange mood and is determined to get drunk. She frightens Marcus and seems out of control. When she tells Marcus that life is shit he questions her, asking if she really thinks that, because to him her life does not look too bad. They are hardly speaking to each other when the train stops at Royston and Ellie jumps off.

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He gets out of the car, and [Fiona] says to Will, 'He's like a Greek god, isn't he? They have whatever it is between them [that] other people can't see necessarily. Maybe we've lost that in this whole world of instant gratification.

Everything is paid off right away," she said. It's good that people want it. And it's good that they don't get it. Do you think Will and Fiona should get together or no?