Adam west and julie newmar relationship

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adam west and julie newmar relationship

That's Julie Newmar.” But my agent said Lee Meriwether wasn't worried about being compared to Julie Newmar as Catwoman. (Courtesy of Lee Fox News: What was your relationship like with Adam West? Meriwether: It. Adam West as Batman captured by Julie Newmar as Catwoman. . While Batman has had a helicopter parent relationship with Robin over the. but Adam West's relationship with the character of Batman did [ ] saw West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar reprise their live-action roles.

Adam West: Julie Newmar pays tribute to special and beloved friend |

He was a sweet, nice man. Lee Meriwether wasn't worried about being compared to Julie Newmar as Catwoman. How did you feel about your cat suit? It was skin tight. I just thought that was for babies. The only thing horrible that happened with the costume was when we were outside, we were under the sun and to have that glitter, glistening look, there were threads of metal in the material.

I ended up with second degree burns on my shoulder. I just went to the doctor. He gave me medicine, but also advised me to wear protection. But I was not a happy kitty at the time.

adam west and julie newmar relationship

Whatever happened to the cat suit? I said goodbye to it.

Julie Newmar pays tribute to her 'special and beloved' friend Adam West

I have heard at one point some actress had taken it home and did other things with it. You starred in the film, but not the series. The series came before. It continued with Eartha [Kitt] playing the role. I did get to play one other role in the series.

Eight Things You'd Learn from Adam West's Memoir

But I did get to kiss Adam West at the end of the show! No problems at all! What was your relationship like with Adam West?

adam west and julie newmar relationship

It was a wonderful relationship. I admired his attack on the character.

adam west and julie newmar relationship

I do miss him. The fad quickly burned itself out, like a meteor shooting through the sky. Let's take a look at some facts you may not know about Batman Audience Reception Before going on the air, Batman received the lowest test score ratings from test audiences in the history of the ABC network.

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Batman was originally planned to be a very serious show. Prior to the show's debut, ABC held 2 test screenings: According to Adam West, both fell flat, and the "campy" approach was eventually decided upon instead. Bob Kane, Batman's creator, has said the show's success gave the slumping Batman comics a much-needed boost in sales.

Diehard Batman fans, however, never liked the series because of its campiness. After the show was cancelled, the Batman comics deliberately took a much more serious turn to placate upset fans. Alfred's Return from the Dead Alfred the Butler had already been killed off in the comic book 18 months before the TV show originally aired.

I was driving, and I had the script beside me, learning lines. I noticed I had to come up with something quite goofy, because Batman has been slipped a Mickey, a poison drink. I was listening to jazz on the radio, and I switched around, got some different music. I began to move on my car seat, and people looked at me strangely. I was watusing, then batusing while I drove.

While these Holy moments were initially novel, the writers of the series become more strained over three seasons to keep up the quips at the same quality. Nonetheless, their batting average sorry was pretty good. Some of our favorites: While West's take on Batman's detective genius was played for laughs, his passion for solving clues was a huge part of the show's appeal. West's inspiration for his character came from another iconic detective: In particular, West drew upon the performance of Holmes actor Basil Rathbone: People like that who were always musing and deducing and pacing, and suddenly just a thunderbolt of deduction.