Alex romero and norma bates relationship

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alex romero and norma bates relationship

A&E's “Bates Motel” showcased a wedding Monday (March 21) that was Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) tied the knot with Sheriff Alex Romero. Normero #batesmotel #normero Alex Romero and Norma Bates relationship NEARLY became real. A millimeter from a first kiss.. Argh So close. Bates Motel's Norma Bates is a strange woman. A breathtakingly beautiful woman, but strange. Her relationship with her youngest son is That's something she reserves for Sheriff Alex Romero. The chemistry between.

That evening when she returned home, she found him in the basement and he said he was hiding money. After her reunion with Norman didn't go as planned, she returned home and Romero comforted her. She attempted to kiss him, and although he pulled back at first, she said it was what she wanted and he kissed her, before carrying her upstairs.

Later, he was happy to see her join him at the winter festival, but when they got home they found the house had been broken into.

Lights of Winter As Norma and Romero cleaned up after the break in, Norma wondered who would break in as she kept a low profile and thought Bob Paris had something to do with it, but Romero reassured her that it wasn't him, saying that he was still being blamed for the clampdown on the drugs in the town. Later, when he returned home, he heard Norma playing the piano and when she asked him if he killed Bob Paris, he didn't say anything but the look on his face said it all.

She asked him why he did it and he said he had to. Refraction As Romero got ready to leave for work, Norma told him how happy she was with him and they kissed. After being threatened by Chick, she returned home angry but had cooled off by the time Romero returned.

However, she wasn't pleased when he told her that Chick had arrived with the repaired window. She told him to go ahead and do his worst as she wouldn't back down.

‘Bates Motel’: Norma and Romero’s marriage is ‘very complex’ – Screener

He left without a fight and a confused Romero asked what was going on so she told him everything about her past. She then told him to pack a bag and he asked where they were going. The Vault Norma and Romero continued to enjoy married life by sleeping together. Later on in the morning, Romero finds Norma in the basement. She wants to make some home improvements which include hanging new drapes and planting fruit trees, the latter of which Romero says he can help with.

alex romero and norma bates relationship

She also says it would be a great idea to convert the cellar into a fruit cellar. However, Norma says she's in financial trouble and is late on paying the bills. However, Romero reveals the bag of Bob Paris' money and even though Norma is reluctant to take it, he tells her she deserves something good in her life.

Romero is hurt that Norma made the decision without him and she says she had to tell Norman that they were married for his sake as she had to protect him. Romero forgives her and says he wants to be a decent father figure so that they can get through this. Norma tells him things have changed which leads him to become suspicious about the closeness of their relationship.

She tells him she loves him as she's interrupted by Norman calling for her. When Norma later shows up at Romero's house, he informs her about Norman's visit to him and tells her that she has to tell Norman the truth that they love each other and he has to deal with it.

Norman and Alex

Romero reassures Norma that he loves her and she feels the same way about him. Later on in the motel, an upset Norma says she told Norman everything and while Romero comforts her, Norman sneaks into the adjoining room and listens through the walls. He goes a step further by removing the painting on the wall and uses some tools to widen a hole so that he can spy on them having sex.

The following night, as Romero helps Norma set the table they share a kiss but are interrupted by Norman. After a failed attempt by Norma and Romero to assure Norman that the issues between them can be worked out, Norman takes his anger out on the shed with an axe, only moments after he had advanced on Romero looking to hurt him at first. Afterward, a clearly frightened and shocked Romero tells Norma that he's staying the night. Unfaithful The following morning, Norma wakes up in her bed alone while Romero is on the couch downstairs, having spent the night there.

She goes down to see him and he expresses his worries about Norman not being at Pineview but she refuses to listen, saying that she and Norman are two parts of the same person. Norma and Romero kiss each other as the latter leaves for work. While Norman's in therapy, Norma calls Romero, who again tries to persuade her that Norman being home isn't the best thing for either of them. She's angry that as her husband he thinks he has a right to know what's best for her son but he tells her to ask Dr.

However, Norma thinks he's not giving Norman a chance and hangs up when her son leaves his session. Later in the day, Alex returns to his office only to be confronted by Norma about his plan with Dylan to send Norman back to Pineview.

She says that no-one who truly loves her would ever go behind her back and tells him that she will never trust him again. As Norma gets ready for bed, she writes Romero a note, telling him that she's sorry and that she will always love him, before placing it in an envelope with her wedding ring and leaving it on her dresser. Sometime later, Romero returns to the house and is concerned to find the doors and windows locked.

Upon entering, he calls out to Norma but gets no response. He goes upstairs and heads towards her room and opening the door he sees both Norma and Norman asleep on the bed. Still failing to get an answer, he attempts to rouse her but she is unresponsive and he smashes a window before carrying her from her room and laying her on the floor in the hallway, opening the other windows and returning for Norman, who he lays beside his mother.

He attempts CPR on Norma but she remains unresponsive. Alex breaks down crying and embracing Norma, knowing that she is dead. Forever As the ambulance takes Norma's body away, Romero, still shocked that his wife is dead, stands alone on the steps to the house.

Romero is interviewed by a detective named Chambers, who shows him the letter that Norma wrote which includes her wedding ring.


He says that they were only married for two weeks but has a feeling that Norman had something to do with it. Later on, Romero goes to the morgue as he wishes to see his deceased wife and opens a drawer to uncover her corpse. With tears in his eyes, Romero tells Norma that he loves her and places her wedding ring back on her finger. He later shows up at her funeral and an angry Norman returns the wedding ring which Romero takes back but then he punches Norman and a fight erupts.

Romero Finds Norma’s Body - Bates Motel

Justin and his son attempt to break it up with Justin threatening to call the police. Romero informs him that he is the police and leaves. Norman Season 5 After leaving Maggie Summers' house, Romero goes to the Bates house and sees Norma's ghost on the stairs in the empty house.

He follows it upstairs where he sees the empty floor space where he tried to administer CPR on her lifeless body and sees her ghost again at the dressing table in her room before it disappears. During a trip to purchase a Christmas tree, Norma finally told Norman that she and Romero loved each other and Norman threw up. Later that night, they decided to sleep in the motel but Norman elected to sleep in a separate room.

He tried to sleep but failed and was distracted when he heard Romero pull up outside Norma's room. An upset Norma said she told Norman everything and while Romero comforted her, Norman snuck into the adjoining room and listened through the walls. He went a step further by removing the painting on the wall and used some tools to widen a hole so that he could spy on them having sex. The following day, Norma told Norman that she has invited Romero over for dinner and was through with Norman's hissy fits.

alex romero and norma bates relationship

As Romero helped Norma set the table they shared a kiss but were interrupted by Norman. During the meal, Norman acted overly polite with Romero, addressing him as "sheriff" and again informing him of his intention to get another job and his own insurance. Things escalated when he realized just how involved in their lives Romero was and when Romero told him he would get used to it, Norman completely went off the rails, informing him that he would never come between Norma and him.

Norma finally lost her cool and told her son that she loved Romero and he loved her and he had to deal with it no matter what. He stormed outside to chop wood and Romero followed him in order to try and have a heart-to-heart with him. However, Norman was furious and Romero made a huge mistake when he asked him if he thought that Norma deserved to have a man in her life.

Axe in hand, Norman advanced on him but instead of harming Romero, he took his anger out on a shed and told him he hated him before running back to the house and storming up to his room. A clearly frightened and shocked Romero told Norma that he was going to move back in with her. Unfaithful As Norman prepared to check himself out of the hospital, Romero showed up and he was the last person Norman wanted to see.

He lashed out at Romero, saying he tried to warn him and that he didn't want to see him anywhere. Romero lost it and held him against a wall by his neck, telling him he would find out what led to Norma's death. After Norman gave his eulogy at Norma's funeral, Romero arrived and an angry Norman returned the wedding ring which Romero took back but then he punched Norman and a fight erupted.

Justin and his son attempted to break it up with Justin threatening to call the police. Romero informed him that he was the police and left. Norman Season 5 Having realized that Jim Blackwell had been sent by Romero to kill him, Norman paid the latter a visit at the prison and thanked him for sending the man to check up on him, not letting on that he was dead.