Altair and ezio relationship

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altair and ezio relationship

One may expect such an endeavor to do nothing for their relationship; a relationship of respect only on Ezio's part. However, with the powerful. NB: There is some kind of connection between the blue question marks, but these Assassin's Creed: Altair, Ezio, Connor and Edward [link]. We can also see from the tree that the relationship to these ancestors is on Desmond's mother's side of the tree. So Desmond's father would be unable to use the.

Assassin's Creed 4: Why Kenway Isn't Related to Ezio or Altair

Rating may go up if I decide to continue, but for now it's only T. One shot of mostly fluff.

New Assassin's Creed Revelations Dev Diary Shows Ezio and Altair

Remembrance by juno57 reviews A tribute to Lucy Stillman, written on the day she died. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. A memoir of an enigmatic woman that made the game. Also, I rated it T for the occasional swear. Be warned, there be feels ahead!

altair and ezio relationship

But when he stumbles across a small, cold, and hungry puppy just what's an assassin to do? Here, his connection to his ancestors may give him strength to achieve the greatest dream of all: A short ficlet set during Assassin's Creed: Just another assassination for Altair Ibn La'Ahad.

altair and ezio relationship

T - English - Chapters: T - English - Drama - Chapters: Well, Sef is dead. He was unjustly killed. Which is why Edward has no recollection or any idea that he was of Assassin Lineage. He also has the ability to communicate with the dead after he has killed them. Edward would later settle down in England and have Haytham Kenway.

altair and ezio relationship

We also know that Haytham wasn't an only child, and had a sister as well. But she's not important. Connor is the only Assassin to officially stay as an assassin, Connor is the only Mentor of the Colonial Brotherhood.

Assassins Creed

After the death of Achilles, the remaining master Assassin. Connor would bear no children. This is where this branch of the family tree Ends.

altair and ezio relationship

There is one more thing I want to mention. Remember how I said in the previous theory that Jack the Ripper is only being told from the perspective of Evie Frye?


The same can be said for Assassin's creed: Haytham is telling the Story of Shay Patrick. Since Shay has no ties to the Kenway family tree. Now that this part of the family tree has ended, let's go to Darim's story. Darim did receive his father: Why does that matter? We'll get into that later. Darim's descendants would travel to Italy, were they would bear Ezio Auditore.

He allowed her to live and she told him that Robert had made his way to Arsuf. He also married Maria Thorpewho was the decoy of Robert de Sable, after he convinced her to defect to the Assassins. He began rebuilding the Order, splitting it up into small "guilds" located around the world and began construction of a large library hidden under Masyaf, sealed by five keys containing his memories.

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He then divided his books by giving some to the Polos and sending some to Alexandria. He also gave the Venetians the memory keys to the library, before sealing himself into the library along with the Apple after saying goodbye to Darim. His remains were found centuries later by the 16th-century assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze. It is said to have the power to unite under one flag all the factions of whatever side possesses it - in order to win the final battle.

altair and ezio relationship

But the Chalice is too powerful an object to be left in the hands of men alone — it must be found and destroyed quickly. There, he successfully rescues the Apple of Eden from a group of Templars.