Am i the problem in my relationship

am i the problem in my relationship

You feel dependent and constantly feel the need to be with him/her. Relationships should never fall under the “working to make this work”. If you've ever been in the position of deciding whether you should separate or Other reasons included personal problems of my spouse ( Worried you're in a toxic relationship? The problem could be you. These are the signs of a toxic relationship that might be your fault.

  • If You Do These 10 Things, You’re the Problem in Your Relationship

You're letting your spouse do all the work. A good relationship is a partnership of equals. Accordingly, responsibilities should be divided up equally. If you're allowing your S. You're unhappy with yourself. Cliche as it sounds, you really do need to love yourself before you can offer quality love to someone else, said Seth Meyersa psychologist and the author of Overcome Relationship Repetition Syndrome and Find the Love You Deserve.

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If you're unhappy about the rest of your life -- or feeling uneasy in your skin -- it's bound to impact your relationship. Practice self-care and make efforts to improve your life, Meyers said.

10 Thoughts that can Destroy Relationships

And if you're just the pessimistic type, try to "be aware of how you come across on a daily basis to your partner," he said. You stonewall your S. It's emotionally exhausting to be with someone who stonewalls you after an argument. The next time you and your boo get int a drawn-out argument about who does the most laundry or whatever else, call a timeout. Once you've calmed down, come up with a solution that makes sense to both of you. Don't resort to the silent treatment, Fleming said. You assume the worst about your partner.

When you and your S.

7 Signs You're The Real Problem In Your Relationship

She's probably not trying to draw the argument out and she's not trying to hurt you. Not all problems must end in divorce if both partners are willing to push through the issues at hand. Your Relationship Worries Cause More Problems Worries exist to give form to our uneasiness, a feeling that arises when you feel that something is not right.

The most important thing to note about worry and uneasiness is that both are based on how you feel. Just quietly and calmly express your worries when you have some private time together and talk it through before taking action.

Whenever You Get Involved, Things Fall to Pieces Remember that trip to Disney World that the two of you planned, and then you canceled at the last second without giving a concrete reason?

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Let's go even further Making dinner between the two of you becomes a battlefield because there is no compromise on what to cook, or a constant argument breaks out and only one person ends up cooking or take-out eventually gets ordered. Once again, compromise is a key player in building successful relationships. No one likes a constant complainer, especially for long-term concepts as sacred as a relationship and potentially, marriage.

If you do feel dissatisfied in your relationship, there are much better ways than to go about it than to undermine yourself via constant complaints or annoying others attached or associated to you.

am i the problem in my relationship

Or, just explain your position and feelings to your significant other but keep your calm. This one is more of a personal feeling than one that has a possible solution. The only time this should be of concern is if your partner is just giving you gifts without thinking about you.

The general rule of thumb is to be thankful for all gifts given to you, especially those that would do better in your possession than in that of the giver. If your significant other is giving you a serious gift, it would do you well to think about it rather than to dismiss it quickly or negatively.

am i the problem in my relationship

If there is something you dislike, let them know and then follow up by stating something you would like, and work together to curb each other toward the other's desires.

Emotions Sour When You Get Involved Maybe you just bring an aura of negativity or social destruction with you everywhere you go. Sometimes, your friends need to watch what they say around you, or your significant other needs to be cautious around you to avoid your field of landmines.

10 Signs You Might Be Creating Your Own Relationship Problems

This is never good for anybody—for both friendships and relationships—where the fewer your landmines, the easier it can be for the two of you. Spend more time dancing together through each other's problems than dancing around each other's problems. It is ok to have lulls, breaks, or downtimes between activities with your significant other.