Amelia earhart and eleanor roosevelt relationship

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amelia earhart and eleanor roosevelt relationship

When Franklin and Eleanor married, Teddy Roosevelt gave the bride . Amelia Earhart was supposed to teach Eleanor Roosevelt how to fly. Posts about Eleanor Roosevelt written by earharttruth. Amelia Earhart and the Morgenthau Connection: What did FDR's treasury secretary. WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Amelia Earhart's most personal items, including love Also in the collection is a letter Eleanor Roosevelt wrote saying that she recently Her lecture addressed the relationship between Earhart, her.

The memo is unclassified and was probably overlooked when they screened the Morgenthau files that were to be made public and put in the Hyde Park Library. To date, it is the only document concerning Earhart in his archival material. Mantz explained that he was told by the Coast Guard that the official report could not be released except through certain channels.

In other words, the Roosevelt administration, for reasons unknown even today, had put a clamp on the release of information relating to the flight and disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

Let me know whatever your decision may be.

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Whatever Morgenthau decided, Eleanor wanted to know. On the morning of May 13,Morgenthau placed a telephone call to Eleanor Roosevelt. This letter that Mrs. I know what the Navy did, I know what the Itasca did.

10 Little Known Facts About Amelia Earhart (and 1 That Will Shock You)

Now, really — because if we give the access to one, we have to give it to all. I think they searched, as I remember it, 50, square miles, and even one of those planes was out, and the boys just burnt themselves out physically and even other way searching for her. And we have the report of all those wireless messages and everything else, what that woman — happened to her the last few minutes. I mean what happened. You think up a good one.

10 Little Known Facts About Amelia Earhart (and 1 That Will Shock You)

It would be awful to make it public. On July 5,Mr. Morgenthau is telling Eleanor Roosevelt that he has made the radio log palatable for public consumption. From the recorded conversation, it is more than obvious that there were additional wireless messages and related information released to Mr.

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Morgenthau, but never released to the public. The suspect portion of the radio log that was released is the void of communications that runs from hours to hours Howland Island Time. This void comes only 20 minutes after Earhart declared that her fuel was running low. It would seem to me, as an experienced Air Force pilot with a great deal of over water time, that the 40 minute void should have been filled with pleas for help, position reports and an indication of intentions.

We may never know. For several years I have tried to get additional information from various sources which would supplement the Morgenthau memo. I felt that there should be other information in the Morgenthau files that would add more insight relating to what he might have known and have recorded.

Brody, Secretary of the Treasury under President Bush. The letter reads in part as follows: Magley deceased and Mr.

amelia earhart and eleanor roosevelt relationship

Luttrell, have tried through the normal Freedom of Information Act channels to obtain additional information from your department without success. This is true even though they had pinpointed box containers TA and TB in the basement of the Treasury Department behind a locked metal wire cage as the Henry Morgenthau Jr.

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One of your personnel, Ms. Karen Cameron described the material as relating to Amelia Earhart, but denied access on the basis of it being classified Top Secret.

Bush, requesting that all classified material relative to the Earhart disappearance be released. Nothing more helpful than the original Itasca logs was ever forthcoming from the U. When this is assembled, please contact my office so that I can make arrangements for its review.

In one of the more cogent sections of Amelia Earhart Survived [p. He then sent a memo to Senator Akaka, that said in effect, the Morgenthau files have been sent to the National Archives.

amelia earhart and eleanor roosevelt relationship

The Roosevelts filmmaker Geoffrey C. Our era focuses on things like that far more deeply than anyone has before. This is an intimate history, not a tabloid history. Hick my dearest— I cannot go to bed tonight without a word to you. I felt a little as though a part of me was leaving tonight. Funny how even the dearest face will fade away in time.

Most clearly I remember your eyes, with a kind of teasing smile in them, and the feeling of that soft spot just north-east of the corner of your mouth against my lips. Roosevelt was very affectionate and quite demonstrative, not only to Hick, to other women, to men. She showed her warmth. But she was definitely not a lesbian. Restless Spirit is much more open to the idea that Eleanor was not so straight than the new PBS doc might be—you can watch it all for free below.