April kepner and jackson avery relationship quizzes

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april kepner and jackson avery relationship quizzes

Can you pick the couples from Grey's Anatomy? Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to. See results from the Grey's Anatomy Relationship Betrayals Quiz on Sporcle, the best 1,Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle April Kepner, Jackson Avery. If you can't name this Grey's Anatomy character than you not only don't watch the Before Dr. Derek Shepherd was given the title of Chief of Surgery, that honor . She develops a relationship with Jackson Avery throughout her time on the . Only True MCU Fans Can Score Higher Than 80% on This Quiz.

The only thing anyone got out of it was the hiding.

april kepner and jackson avery relationship quizzes

What happens when the best part of the story is the breakup? Ben and Miranda are the epitome of relationship goals. Even on their wedding day, when Miranda got tied up operating on Adele Webber, he stayed and helped her, rather than getting upset. Ben also helped her through her OCD flare up and has always been there for her, when normally she has to be there for other people.

Izzie and Denny Almost all fans know the story of Denny Duquette, the heart transplant patient that Izzie fell for. At first, it was nice to see Izzie have someone to banter with, but it was easy to see where the chain events were leading.

Izzie had feelings for Denny and managed to keep it from Bailey, but the group of interns knew. Possibly the worst part of the relationship is that Izzie was willing to throw away her career for him. The infamous cutting of the LVAD wire shows that, as much as she was trying to save Denny, she was trying to save something for herself as well. The entire turn of events and relationship is toxic and not at all how love should be portrayed.

But he was a great man, and he deserved everything in the end. She also had the ability to tell him wrong, and for him to believe it. Catherine, so far, has been the only woman able to keep Richard in line. While that mostly is a testament to Catherine, it also shows that couples work as a team.

George loved Meredith from afar from the beginning. He did everything he could to get her attention while she had her eyes on Derek — a classic story of the good guy who can't let go of woman who just wants to be friends. He finally got his chance, when Meredith went on her spree of sleeping with people. George took this as a front, and walked out, leaving Meredith alone.

april kepner and jackson avery relationship quizzes

Their relationship became estranged after that for a while. This couple really did show there were many other people that she could have been with, but that Derek was The One. However, April did persuade him to change his mind on one of his patients and do what Meredith had suggested.

april kepner and jackson avery relationship quizzes

Impressed with her, he asked her out to dinner. Despite sharing a mother, the two sisters couldn't be more different. So, Meredith or Lexie? Question 22 Meredith Grey or Miranda Bailey? Meredith Miranda Two of the original characters, Miranda and Meredith have been there since the very beginning of Grey's Anatomy. Fans have had the pleasure of watching them grow together and change.

When Meredith first began as an intern, Miranda Bailey was a stern and scary authority figure. As Meredith went from intern to attending surgeon and beyond, her relationship with Miranda also evolved.

Question 23 Arizona Robbins or Callie Torres?


Arizona Callie Despite all the couples that have come and gone throughout the 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, Arizona and Callie are one of the show's power couples. They were definitely a fan favourite, even after they were no longer together.

Both are spunky, bold and strong. Question 24 Callie Torres or Amelia Shepherd? Callie Amelia Shepherd Grey's Anatomy is full of strong female characters.

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In fact, the character stories and development have gotten show nominated for many awards. Two of the most strong-willed and independent characters are Callie and Amelia. Both are outspoken, bold, and always stand up for what they believe. Question 25 Alex and Izzie Alex and Jo With so many couples and weddings throughout the shows history, it's easy to forget some of them. Grey's Anatomy has a large cast of characters that change every season. Many characters and romances come and go.

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Pick a favourite wedding: Question 26 April Kepner or Maggie Pierce? Maggie Pierce joined in season 10, when we learned she is actually Meredith's half-sister. Question 27 Teddy Altman or Amelia Shepherd?

april kepner and jackson avery relationship quizzes

They have both had a bit of a rocky history together, as they shared a romantic interest - Owen. Both are strong, smart, and independent women. Question 28 Izzie Stevens or Jo Wilson? Both women are very smart, strong, driven, and ended up marrying Alex Karev at different points in the show. That's where the similarities end though, as the two women have very different personalities.

april kepner and jackson avery relationship quizzes

Harry Denny Will Teddy Altman is a strong and caring cardiothoracic surgeon. So caring in fact, that when she met a patient with a rare condition who could no longer afford or access health insurance, she decided to marry him.

This allowed the patient to be able to use her health insurance. The two ended up falling in love, before the patient's tragic passing.