Aquarius man and pisces woman in relationship

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aquarius man and pisces woman in relationship

Get free compatibility horoscope for Aquarius man and Pisces woman to view their compatibility in bed, love, life experience, relationship and many traits. The Aquarius man and the Pisces woman belong to neighboring zodiac signs, which offers them a good karmic link on which to build their relationship. The sign of Aquarius exalts Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. There is a strong link between these two signs, and in their sexual relationship, things will most certainly.

The Pisces woman should not have an issue with bringing forth the Aquarius man's soft side as long as she remains true to her nature and doesn't push any issues beyond the limitations of her Aquarius man friend. A post shared by Terry Giles tlaroq72 on Jun 1, at 5: The Aquarius man being a great communicator will provide the relationship with a Pisces woman all the explanations necessary to subside her inquisitive mind.

The Aquarius man and the Pisces woman will enjoy long talks and moonlit beach walks while holding hands because the Aquarius man is a romantic at heart. The Pisces woman being easy going in relationships will be in need of safety during the relationship which the Aquarius man will be more than willing to provide. Neptune plays a role in both the Aquarius man and Pisces woman's worlds, as the Aquarius man is exalted by Neptune while ruling the Pisces woman.

The connection of Neptune forces a strong sexual relationship between the Aquarius man and Pisces woman.

aquarius man and pisces woman in relationship

Sextrology between an Aquarius man and Pisces woman is like wildfire that can only be tamed at their discretion. The sextrology of an Aquarius man and Pisces woman is of cat and mouse, where the Pisces woman leads, and the Aquarius man follows. Their sexual experiences are filled with emotional encounters brought on by the Pisces woman leading to passionate nights and memorable mornings together.

A post shared by Lady of Venus ladiesofvenus on Nov 17, at 8: While he may seem dazed and distracted, the Aquarius man is actually a very loyal partner. He may be afraid to commit initially but, once he has chosen a woman, he will protect his love and be faithful to her until the end. He is extremely dependable. Once an Aquarius man has set his mind to something, he will follow through with his promises.

She views the world with a bit of innocence — always seeing the best in everything. Pisces women are highly empathetic, often being affected deeply by the feelings and moods of those around her.

Like a chameleon, the Pisces woman is highly adaptable. She longs for a confident partner that she can believe in and be inspired by. She wants a deep merger with her romantic partner that makes her feel secure. However, she also needs a man who can understand her independent nature and need for solitude. A Deep, Spiritual Bond From the moment an Aquarius man and Pisces woman first meet, they feel like kindred spirits with one another.

They are very compatible, sharing many core ideals and world views. Both of them are optimistic activists — they see the best in everybody and want to make their own contributions towards making the world a better place. They are open minded to all walks of life and are highly concerned with the welfare of others.

He is always interesting in how my day is going and what is going on with me. I have learned to be the same way. He always tells me where he is going to be during the day, and even tells me when he gets back home. He claims that we have to be communicated with each other all the time. We have had a couple of discussions, but we have sit down and discussed them. I have learned that I need to let him vent and keep my emotions in control. I never inquire about his girl friends, but I know he has a lot of them; By now, I know the majority of these stories, since he has told me those by himself without me pushing him.

I try not to show my jealousy when he talks to me about them, so again the control of my emotions plays an important role in our relationship. He always wants to be the main character in my life, so I make sure that I make him feel important and that I care about him.

Aquarius man and Pisces woman

I try to go the extra mile when he needs me, and I keep my independence at the same time. I try not to emotionally overwhelm him with my problems; I share them with him once I am back in control of the situation. He has opened all his intimacy to me; he has even introduced me to his mother, and I have slept in her house. He has introduced me with some of his most important friends.

I have taken him to my work parties, introduced him to some of my best friends, and we have traveled together already for 6 days. The most incredible part is that we have not kissed or touched each other; sometimes when I feel he is ready to make a move, he backs up.

After reading this blog, I believe he is afraid on how he feels towards me. I am cold with my emotions, so I have shown them to him with my actions rather than with words. This is my brief story with my Aquarius; believe me, I cannot picture my life without him at this point. I do really love him, but I don't want to say it to him, since I don't want him to fly away!!! What's your advice on this? The best experienced I have ever had would have to be with an Aquarius man for many reasons intellectual and emotionally for one.

But through the years I've learnt a lot about myself from the men Ive dated, and I've learnt a lot about them too. The most important lesson Ive learnt from my relationship experience is to go with your "gut instinct, feelings, intuition, hunches. Wrong for example, in my case from past experience denied my gut instinct of surfacing for fear of rejection? How could he not love me? I used my wit, charm, everything I have to have him? So denial is the best way to deal with these questions of the heart.

I met a married woman at a previous employment, she witness me getting bullied by my ex-partner, and how I just let it happen because of how I felt at the time. She said to me, why are you with him?

When you ask yourself that and face the truth its life changing. I veered course after some time, broke up with that ex. I told the married woman I never want to find love again, it hurts to much. I asked her why she chose to marry her husband. She said to me, because he loves me more then I love him.

I felt those was a wise answer at the time. I asked myself has my experiences jaded me? I don't think it had any impact at all, cause as a true Piscean love is the only thing we know and I know its a part of me.

I now look back on my experiences, and appreciate them, even if they were bad. Because through the bad experiences, such as cheating, I knew I would always bounce back, or some other man would come rolling in different to the last, trying to win my heart. Ive been with two different Aquarians in my life, one in my school years, and now a different aqua in my current circumstance.

The only difference is, I know better. My aqua I feel is the man for me, but if my gut tells me somewhere down the track something's going wrong, ill discover it coz Im not afraid of knowing the truth, good or bad outcome. I CHOSE how I live my life and I don't let some douche bag sorry excuse for a boyfriend treat me like im nothing but a side-dish for when its convenient for him.

Ive experience to many of those hint - don't date saggi's if you know what's good for you Life is about discovering who you are, accommodate to your desires Piscean women and to every other woman out there.

Key things to look for in a man, respect and loyalty. I feel lucky coz my aqua man has these. Yes I was shocked made me feel insecure but I love him and will stand by him. I started to put pressure on him to make a commitment to me, and another issue is he has a problem with intimacy and sex at first I thought it was me, but its not but its has still caused problems I have made him feel bad because of the lack of sex.

However when we are out he shows me so much affection and makes me feel like the most wanted person in the world. The pressure is really on now as the baby is due and he has not been returning my calls or texts im now panicking he did text me that he needed to be on his own for a while because I have made him feel bad wanting him to do things he doesn't want to. He has taken some stuff from my house but left some stuff im now in pieces will he come back I've dated two Aquarius men, and they were both obsessed with keeping things "friendly"!

I don't get it I think after dating at least 3 months, it's time to take things to the next level. But they don't seem to operate that way.

Maybe in another lifetime, I will understand. Ive never been so attracted to a man in my LIFE. I know Im young, but this one feels different.

I recently experienced the disappearing act, and began to get offended because I didn't understand it, but I hit him up a month or two later, and its almost as if nothing has changed I have no idea where this is going, but I do know that he is a wonderful man, and I intend to keep him around and stick along for the ride!!! Even if I have to play games, and play the detachment role- lol I must admit- its interesting and fun: Pisces woman in a relationship with a Cancer, just met an Aquarius.

Actually, met him almost a year ago but swept off my feet a few weeks ago. The Cancer is more detached and afraid of commitment than the Aquarius. In conversation I know he broke up with a girl he almost married because she had to know what he was doing all the time. It was a long distance relationship. He's said more than once, he'd like to find someone to build something with; have a nice home with etc.

aquarius man and pisces woman in relationship

Lucky for me, I'm not looking for a commitment and just want a good friend right now. Something to do to get me away from the Cancer I am seeing as that will never go anywhere.

There is something electric in the air when I am around him. I don't know if he feels it too but I hope so. I am Pisces and he is Aquarius. Yes, he is strange but not scary strange. He is unconventional and we have an unconventional relationship. But he gives me my space. I can explore all my career options and he is not jealous. My relationship with God is my main priority and I stopped making him the focus.

Have a life outside your relationship, in all relationships. Aquarius are deeply afraid of change even if it is a good change.

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

Give them space and take your space When you meet an Aqua I would consult your charts, if your Venus is in Aries or Aquarius and your Mars or Moon signs are an Air sign then your compatibility rises way beyond what it would be if they weren't like that. If they aren't like that then you're probably too emotional or attached then he will be.

For the Aqua, if their Mercury or Venus in your chart is in Pisces, this will be much easier for you two. In fact, if the Moon in your chart is in any water sign, you'll have an increased chance of making a relationship work.

This me and mine's sitch with our charts, which is awesome. But if my Aqua does the disappearing act we're gonna have words I don't care if he felt like he needed space It's all about communication I am an Aquarian male, madly in love with a Pisces woman.

The problem in our relationship is that she doesn't make time for me. I try my hardest to spend time, make her feel that she is the best, because she is. She isnt really physical, and worst of all, she doesn't tell me her love feelings. US Aquarian males can be both a asshole man, or as loving man as a woman can be. Pisces women, if you want this to work out Not so often, but do it. His attitude is male, but his feelings are feminime Ok, so tonight my aqua man didn't answer my calls for awhile.

Finally when he did I was an emotional wreck. My aqua man told me he would rather be alone, when I asked him why he told me I was too dramatic. I have tried to reason with him in not questioning him too much. When he does the disappearing act, I am still able to get a hold of him. Hell answer but will not want to see me for a couple of days.

I used to feel insecure, thinking he didn't want me, always feared he would run back to his ex. I know that's not the case, cause he's told me several times that he doesn't care for her. But when I ask him what he feels for me he never gives me a straght answer. Always changes the subject or responds with "why would anyone be around some one if they didn't like them?

I've tried not to be so clingy. I've tried to hold my emotions in. We get along great when we're together, and when we are not together its like "out of sight, out of mind" So, if I give him his space and not call him for awhile will he look for me? Don't know what to do anymore. Need advice from an Aquarian man. Will my Aquarian man look for his Pisces lady if she leaves him alone? Ok, so tonight my aqua man didn't answer my calls for awhile.

Im a Pisces girl dating an Aquarian man. We met on line and withon three months he moved in. He is very emotional and very much a drama queen - he is easily hurt. Im not a typical pisces, I can be quite harsh and don't mince my words. We have a lot of fun together and the sex is amazing. But I have to say, he is the emotional drama queen - I spend most of my time calmly rationalising our disagreements so he feels better about things.

He needs tons of reassurance and tells me I don't tell him I love him enough - although I show love through action, not words.

Aquarius Man And Pisces Woman

He is very dizzy too - all over the place - very unorganised. I find that frustrating - he is bad with money and Im really good with it. Not sure he is a typical Aqu male - or maybe I am not a typical piscean?

Main thing is - its early days but he makes me happy and who said living with someone in your late thirties was easy when you have been there already? I am a Pisces woman and he is the Aquarius man. We have been dating on and off for 1 year. We seem to both be head strong and want our way.

aquarius man and pisces woman in relationship

I tend to throw up walls and so does he. We have both been through so much in our past marriages, so I guess we get scared. I am 37 years old and he is 38 and I have never met anyone like him and was as attracted and loved anyone else like I do him. I tend to want to go faster with the relationship and he wants to go slower. I could marry him yesterday so I try to not be pushy and give him his space. We make each other laugh so much and he says he really loves the fact that I am so positive with life, even thow I have been through so much.

He always always always gives me compliments. He gets distant at times and shuts down. Being a pisces, that is hard to handle. I really hope it works out with us. Because I personally feel like I have found my soul mate!

But at the same time we need to learn how to play mind games with them. Not to the extent of cheating or lying to them. But make them believe we have other things to do than just worry about them, or wonder what he feels.

You know, we pisceans will put him first before a lot of things because we do sacrifice a lot for love. The way I've learned to deal with aqua boy is by having fun with him when we're together. Obviously he likes me cause he comes around. And when he needs his space, trust me, I feel neglected. I want to call him every hour to see what he's doing or to just tell him that I miss him. Instead I call a couple of my girlfriends to cry to them, or go watch a movie or go shopping for shoes, I try to keep myself busy.

I used to call and cry to my aqurian because I wanted to know what he felt fo r me. He never gave me a straight answer. It seemed to me that I was pushing him away. So I stopped telling him what I felt for him. What I realized was, that if you do give him his space, they tend to come around more. One night I decided to do what he would do to me. When he called me I didn't answer.

aquarius man and pisces woman in relationship

I was dying to answer my phone. He called me atleast 6x in a roll and still no answer. After that there was a knock at my door and what do you know, it was him. I simply told him that my phone was on silent and hadn't realized that he had called. When we're together we have great conversation, and I know he doesn't mean to he may say things that I would take offensive being the emotional Pisces that I am, now I laugh it off with him.

I've learned to talk just like him. We pisces have to learn how to be their friends first. He's now more open to talk to me and I listen. The sex has always been great. I always take the initiative to choose where to go out, whether its out for drinks, shoot pool, dancing lessons or heck camping at the last minute! At night I hug my pillow instead sometimes, cause I love to be all over him and its only so that I don't smother him while hugging him so tight,lol. When he goes on his time off of me break or whatever you wanna call it, I take advantage of my time and do chores or catch up with friends.

When I tell him I love him, I tell him that I know he loves me too but is to chicken to admit it. He laughs and kisses me. I noticed that when I don't question him, he tells me more.

aquarius man and pisces woman in relationship

I love him so much and want him to be exactly the way I dreamt a man should be with his lady. Everytime I look at him, I wanna kiss him and hug him and tell him how much I love him, but I hold back some.

Try not to be so emotional I think that's one of our defects. Holding emotions back a little has brought him closer to me. Its worked out this way for me and hope it will work out for each one of you. Okay well, this makes me think me and my Aquarius man don't make sense! I am the Pisces. We have lived together for over three years in an odd situation. We both had our couples and the four of us lived together.

We hit it off as friends and he considered me his 'best friend'. He eventually started spending more time with me than his girlfriend and would say things like, 'I wish we were together' or 'we'd make such a nice couple'.

Aquarius and Pisces - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Recently he broke up with his girlfriend. And now he expects me to give up my relationship for him. He's extremely jealous and emotional. I am his friend and I do feel for him very strongly. But his crying over everything and being jealous all the time is turning me off completely! He'll get jealous over me going to a club with my girlfriends, sending pictures to friends, wearing a bikini in-front of other men He says I'm sneaky and deceitf ul and has threatened me with 'spy-waring' my computer.

Right now me and my boyfriend are considering a break-up, and I am considering this Aquarius, but at the same time, he tells me that if we do get together, he wants it to be for good, as in marriage! I don't know what to do. I don't think i'm ready for this commitment BTW, sex is the best! Im a Pisces and im in love with a Aquarius man They really are detached Anyway, ive had sex with him since and I still love him and the sex is out of this world and I know I should stay away from him My situation is a little unique.

I am now divorcing an Aquarian male. He is unemotional and has a serious communication problem. Having read all of this stuff about Aquarians for the first time I see a lot of it in my husband.

But his problem goes much deeper. He loves me but doesn't say it; attracted to me but too shy to initiate sex or ask me what I like.

He literally sits there ans says nothing.

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Its torture to my Piscean soul. He cannot love me the way I need to be loved. And he needs therapy. But in fairness to other Aquarians, his problems go way beyond the typical Aquarian traits. I am dating another Aquarian. I didn't realize he was an Aquarian until we had gone out a few times. The difference between him and my ex from what I can see, is that while he is reserved and not overly emotional, when I ask him a question or need to talk, he answers me.

And he is passionate! As a Piscean I think I can teach him a thing or two about romance and foreplay and stuff but he seems to be a keeper. I have never been one to put too much stock into astrology, but he is so textbook Aquarius that Im a little worried about our ultimate compatibility and if I should consider walking away before I get hurt.

I'm a Pisces woman dating an Aquarius male. And I must say We chatted as often as possible He would drop hints but I had to initiate everything. I asked for his number. The first time we talked I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I heard from him more when we were chatting than I have after. I don't whine and beg I give him all of the space that he requires but seriously? Every time I mention us slowing things down, due to the fact that he is oh so busy, He clings tighter.

I am a Pisces woman dating an Aquarius man. I have never been happier with any other man in my entire life. We have known each other for close to 8 years now and only recently started dating. Over the past 8 years we have wanted to be with one another but our timing was always bad. Either he was seeing someone else or I was. Anyways I lost touch with him for about 3 years when he got married. I had been talking to another Aquarius and was making plans to move 6 hours away from home to be with him when I ran into Aquarius 1 while out with friends 2 weeks before I was supposed to leave to move down to Aquarius 2.

He made it a point to hunt me down at a Carnival. Walked around the entire thing probably 5 times till he found me. After that for the next 2 weeks we were insperable as friends like we had always been. My plans were still in effect to move though. I really thought I was in love with Aquarius 2 and nothing could change my mind about moving. Even when Aquarius 1 was begging me to stay and telling me he was in love with me and crying tell me they don't show emotion. I got to where I was going and lasted a whole 2 weeks.

Aquarius 2 ended up being odd and detached. We took a walk one friday and had a talk. He picked the exact words out of my brain. He said what if we are just better off in a friendship than in a relationship.

I said Omg I was thinking that exact same thing but I didn't know how to put it out there. He even offered for me to get a job there and be a roommate. Honestly as soon as we got back to the house Aquarius 1 got a text from me and was down with a truck and trailer to get me and all my stuff and bring me home: I believe this is a great connection. I have been with my Aquarian for almost 2 years, although I have not been spared any heartbreak, we fell in love instantly our chemistry is amazing, we met online and we have a long distance relationship.

We live two hours away from each other but that doesn't make it difficult. He is inconsiderate and bossy but the days are very long and slow when we are not getting along well so breaking up is not an option for me and him, I cant eat, sleep, and breathe during the times we actually tried to break up, he claims it wouldn't bother him if we actually did part so emotionally I understand that part when it is said they can be detached.

Ironically when we make up he cant stop telling me he loves me, how amazing I am, how happy he is we are together, he helps me out when I need direction, financially he has my back, he's helped my outlook on life tremendously, very adventurous in the bed sometimes too much for me but I'm a P isces so I'm game for whatever he wants as long as it don't kill me.

To make this work is the craziest I have to be very understanding he loves his freedom, he's not exactly faithful that doesn't break our deal Im pretty confident and practice safe sex but I appreciate his straightforwardness and honesty, so I definately have to be patient, he has many friends and is a popular guy so sometimes I don't get all of the attention I want.

In the end I wouldn't trade him in to be with any other guy in the world he makes me just that happy but I do spend a lot of evenings crying. That's where that crazy loyal Pisces trait come in to play. I am Pisces woman totally in love with an Aqurian man!