Audrey hepburn and hubert de givenchy relationship

Hubert de Givenchy: My relationship with Audrey Hepburn was 'a kind of marriage' - Telegraph

audrey hepburn and hubert de givenchy relationship

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most enduring stars to emerge from the classic share of serious relationships, it was fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy with whom she Audrey Hepburn being fitted by Hubert de Givenchy. The original designer and his actress muse defined a relationship that has Audrey Hepburn first met Hubert de Givenchy when he agreed to. Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy met during their 20s (Photo . What differs with Hepburn and Givenchy's relationship is their true love.

And he was an exacting tailor. But his relationship with Ms.

Hubert de Givenchy: My relationship with Audrey Hepburn was 'a kind of marriage'

Hepburn loomed over it all, so much so that you would think he might have chafed against it, though he never did. She once described him as her 'best friend' and he said that he saw her as a 'sister'. Hepburn always favoured his designs for her films and outside of the films as well.

From Cecil Beaton photo shoots for Vogue to award ceremonies, Hepburn was rarely seen wearing any other designer.

audrey hepburn and hubert de givenchy relationship

Naturally Hepburn also chose Givenchy, for her wedding outfit she wore to marry her second husband Andrea Dotti in and right up until her death inshe favoured Givenchy's designs above all others.

It's a story of great friendship and a partnership that enabled Audrey Hepburn to become one of the best loved Hollywood icons of all time; her grace, class and beauty was enhanced by the clothing designed by Hubert de Givenchy and together they created a style icon. But theirs was a relationship that had content. It was untraditional, featuring a poodle skirt attached to a skinny cream top. But more than anything—it looked modern. For her wardrobe, Givenchy designed an array of stylish dresses that would rock the 60s fashion scene and heled modernize the image of a sophisticated woman.

audrey hepburn and hubert de givenchy relationship

The string of pearls she wore was by Roger Schemama, who designed jewelry for the Givenchy brand. The dress is said to be one of the most famous and influential pieces of clothing of the 21st century. Audrey was in disguise for this scene in How to Steal a Million Givenchy designed a lace cocktail dress with a matching mask.

The rest of the s was fruitful for the designer and muse. Charadea murder mystery set in Paris, featured many colorful pea coats and fun fur hats.

Paris When It Sizzles was a moderately good movie at best. But one cannot take away the work put into the wardrobe. Set in France during the summer, Hepburn wore many colorful sun dresses that would make any fashion lover swoon. Since she was in disguise for this particular part of the movie, Givenchy created a matching black lace mask that covered her eyes lightly. It was true Hollywood glamour captured on film. Though they both led very private personal lives, Givenchy has admitted that he and the actress had always remained close.

Hubert de Givenchy and Muse, Audrey Hepburn

When Hepburn learned of her Appendiceal cancer inher last wish was to return to her beloved home in Switzerland. Givenchy and another close friend named Bunny Mellon arranged for a private airplane for transport and a life support system to sustain her breathing till they arrived in Europe. When arriving at the small village of Tolochenaz, the friends spent one more Christmas together until Audrey passed away on January 20,at the age of Givenchy was there till the end.

Audrey Hepburn and Hubert Givenchy stayed close friends until she passed away in January What remains today is a friendship that transcends through time, documented by gorgeous films and black-and-white candid photos that gives us a glimpse into their special relationship. He also states that Hepburn opened many doors for him. The exposure he received costuming her in her films did not only lead to awards recognition, but also calls from such prestigious clientele like Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Princess Grace of Monaco.

Not to be used in any way, either electronically or in print, wit By Drusilla Beyfus 7: He famously won an Oscar for his designs for her films — but they also set an imprint on his reputation and are the very stuff of the images that summon up her name. Givenchy, now in his late 80s, remains an immensely elegant figure, his great height 6ft 6ins lending extra distinction. As far as his public appearances are concerned, he has been a rare bird to sight since he stood down from his house in His willingness to step into the beam of press exposure is a further gesture to Audrey.

Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy, the friendship that changed fashion

Having founded his house in the Rue Alfred de Vigny inwhile he was still in his twenties, de Givenchy became one of the most successful and artistically distinguished couturiers to flourish in post-war Paris. His first collection was an immediate hit. He engaged some of the prettiest models in Paris to show his designs and introduced his big idea, Separates, a collection of mix-and-match pieces, which still sounds modern today.

audrey hepburn and hubert de givenchy relationship

Givenchy backstage during the showing of his first collection in Photo: AFP A classicist at heart, he was also radical in his way. During a period when couture looked kindly on the corseted bodice and nipped-in waistline, his designs showed an understanding of the female need for clothes that were comfortable on the body.

British Vogue commented in the Sixties: Famously courteous in demeanour, I am pleased to report that he admired the shades of my frock — a silk print by Etro. I was curious to know what, after two decades of retirement, made him spring back into creative action. He has been living at his beautiful 16th-century moated manor house, Le Jonchet in the Touraine, not far from the French capital, and at his house on the Left Bank.