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author meet and greet nyc board

23 Upcoming events at Union Square - New York, NY. Month, January, February, March. Month . Author Event (History) Tuesday January 08, PM. 26 Upcoming events at Tribeca - New York, NY Author Event (Business) us in our Children's Department at am for our Saturday Children's Storytime. Discover local and national opportunities to meet up with fellow authors, attend readings, Rye, NY. PM – PM EST. Read in Rye, featuring "50 After .

She lives with her husband and a very large dog named Mouse in Kirkland, WA. To see an educator's guide for Baking Day at Grandma's please follow this link. Anika lives in Barrington, Rhode Island. Ame Dyckman Ame Dyckman reads and writes picture books when she should be sleeping.

Deborah Freedman Deborah Freedman was an architect once-upon-a-time, but now she loves to build worlds in books as an author and illustrator. Since graduating from college she has worked as an adult literacy tutor, a ticket agent for a major airline, and an assistant in a Manhattan literary agency.

Her debut picture book, Baby Penguins Everywhere! She lives in the Catskills area of New York State. Apologies for any dog snores you hear during a Skype visit. An educator's guide for Just One More can be found here. Green chapter book series.

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She lives with her husband and two children in New York. Mallory Kasdan Mallory Kasdanthe author of Ellaalso writes about parenting and culture, and does voiceovers for television and radio. Mallory lives in Brooklyn with her family—unfortunately not in a hotel. He teaches art at Crossroads and the Brentwood Art Center, and is married with four children.

Max also participates in virtual visits with classrooms and libraries. He lives in the Los Angeles area. Nancy participates in virtual visits with classrooms and libraries through our free profile on Skype in the Classroom. Jane is available for both on-site and Skype visits to your school or organization. Jane participates in virtual visits with classrooms and libraries through our free profile on Skype in the Classroom.

He travels widely visiting schools and libraries to talk with kids about creating books. Cari Meister Cari Meister is the author of the Tiny series.

Cari has a golden-doodle, two horses, a husband and four boys.

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She splits her time between Colorado and Minnesota. They love to ski, bike, water-ski, skate, hike, read, and play with Playmobil toys.

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Cari loves to visit schools and libraries and talk about the joy of reading and writing, and the power of imagination. Illustrating since a young age—awing some very tough judges with her poster for the Humane Society when she was in second grade—she now lives in Birmingham, AL, with her husband and their three free-spirited daughters.

He has written and illustrated many amazing books, which include Puss in Boots and Three Little Kittens. He lives in Westchester County, NY. Adam had the opportunity to work with the incredibly talented picture-book illustrator Daniel Salmieri, and he jumped at the chance. Adam lives in New York City. Julie also participates in virtual visits with classrooms and libraries through our free profile on Skype in the Classroom.

She lives in Manhattan. He grew up doodling pictures of fighter jets, dinosaurs, and Ninja Turtles before tuning to picture books. He lives in Brooklyn. She lives in Swarthmore, PA. His work has appeared on Reading Rainbow and Storytime and has been exhibited with the Society of Illustrators. He lives in New York City. She lives in Pittsboro, NC, where she writes, draws, and creates oddities. Jill Weber Jill Weber doubles as a children's book illustrator and designer. She taught children's book illustration at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

She lives in New Hampshire. Rosemary Wells Rosemary Wells grew up in a house filled with books, classical music, and dogs. Her career as an author and illustrator spans more than 30 years and 60 books. She lives in Connecticut. Natasha Wing Natasha Wing is constantly inspired by the magic that happens while reading a book. Natasha also participates in virtual visits with classrooms and libraries. She lives in Northern California. Jacqueline Woodson Jacqueline Woodson loves to tell stories.

As a kid, she would write stories wherever they would fit. Now Jacqueline writes these stories for a living. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. Jane participates in Skype visits to both classrooms and libraries.

She lives in Hatfield, MA. Middle Grade Kelly Barson K. She and her husband live in Jackson, Michigan, surrounded by kids, grandkids, unruly dogs, and too many pairs of shoes. Kelly is available for both in person and Skype visits to schools and libraries.

Times Book Prize for Rules of the Road. She is a two-time recipient of the Christopher Award, and her books appear on numerous state award lists. Sophie Bell Sophie Bell wishes she had the superpower to control the frizzies come rain, snow, tornado, or monsoon.

Either that or invisible-flying. But dollars would be greater! I never uncovered that elusive treasure chest, but I did once find an old silver dollar. The Story of a Bookworm Birdie. She grew up in New York City where she was active in dance and theater as a child. Magazine and writing books about the subjects she loves most — our amazing universe and the people who discover its secrets. She lives in a house she designed in the rolling hills of Columbia County, NY.

I lived on a sailboat for 2 years, with my husband and our cat.

author meet and greet nyc board

I love to eat pomegranates. I write my books on paper first. I only use a computer for editing. I was a reluctant reader until I was an adult. I met Queen Elizabeth when I was a kid. I saw the original Star Wars on opening day. Still have the button they gave me! Dee, Barbara Barbara Dee is the author of nine middle grade novels which tackle sensitive topics.

Donnelly, Jennifer Jennifer Donnelly is an award-winning, bestselling author who writes for middle-graders, young adults and grown-ups. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband, daughter and their two chiweenies. Halloween in my favorite holiday. Vultures are my favorite birds. Bats are my favorite animals. His work can lead readers from the cradle to the grave. He now spends his time writing and is an active speaker at book and literacy conferences, schools and libraries.

Creator of the popular Meet Danitra Brown, Ms. Grimes lives in Corona, California. I once sang, danced, and acted my way down the east coast of China. I sang a solo at the Concert House in Stockholm, Sweden. Muhammad Ali once gave me a standing ovation.

I once almost bought a horse 2.

author meet and greet nyc board

I was on the swim team in high school 3. Author of young adult mysteries and thrillers. Jeffry has also publishing numerous short stories and articles covering various genres and subjects, and has worked as a film and theatre reviewer.

His website is at jeffrywjohnston. When I was in 5th grade, I lived in England for a year. I was born in a military hospital in Corpus Christi, TX. The Ballpark Mysteries chapter books features cousins Kate and Mike, who solve mysteries at different major league ballparks.