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Does it have something to do with Azir's return, who's debut back in of our real world - the marriage of animals and humans in one physical form, the capital city with a Xerath as his magus, almost a Jafar sort of counselor. Sivir was, apparently, the last of Azir's bloodline, and she was the missing. Azir Aery Build. LoL Champion: Azir. Azir HoB Build. LoL Champion: Azir. Azir Electrocute Build. LoL Champion: Azir. Azir Lethal Tempo Build. Nasus and Azir were nowhere close to the level of strength that I'd demonstrated. . Sivir lunged, tackling Renekton while drawing her shuriken. .. For those of you who are currently trying your hand at magic, I can offer you some advice. It's different than the relationship between Orianna and her maker.

Then, tell him something he does that you don't like," stated Karma, trying to remain calm. Azir huffed and mumbled, "Well I wouldn't have to punish you if you weren't such a slut. Karma just sat there as the two sides fought each other with words and fists. A particularly hard jab by Azir sent Sivir's head cracking back.

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She bent down and punched him in the balls. Azir squawked before falling over, not before taking hold of Sivir's hair and pulling her down with him. They rolled around on the ground, wild punches being thrown everywhere. Karma just sat there and drank. Azir's helmet was ripped off by Sivir and she spat in his face. His head was rocked back and forth as she slammed her fists into it repeatedly. Today was the day. Cassiopeia betrays Sivir, who attempts to cut her losses, and in turn is maimed by a sinister poison trap from a great snake statue.

Outside of letting Xerath and Renekton who was driven insane thanks to a years of captivity free, Cassiopeia would succomb to the poison. Instead of killing her, the curse would turn her into the gorgon-like creature she is today. Sivir was left to die in the tomb, but before taking her last breath, something miraculous happened.

Her blood activated magics in the cave that would bring Azir, ascended from the ritual, back into being. Sivir was, apparently, the last of Azir's bloodline, and she was the missing key to bringing back the lost emperor. Azir saves her life, but Shurima's revival has become a point of skepticism for everyone involved. Azir wants his city back, but at what cost? Xerath is free, and time hasn't exactly lightened his mood. Meanwhile, Renekton is powered by misguided rage and hunts his brother, Nasus, in a tireless search for vengeance.

Nasus and Renekton were pretty much inseparable from that point on. They did all the things you'd expect two bros to do: It was gonna get old soon, but I'd probably be gone before then. The Institute of War was gonna have a field day with this, that was for sure. If I failed to retake my body, I'd have to enlist as a champion just so I could see everybody's reaction.

Knowing Ahri even if it wasn't personallythe bro-pics would be all over the Internet barely after the two had walked in the door. A price we have to pay for smartphones, I guess I seriously love those things. The AI is so much fun to talk to. Taliyah finally decided to put on her big-girl pants and talk to Azir about the whole "tyrant" thing.

I gave them some privacy for that moment, and when they finished talking about it, Taliyah looked pretty happy. She said that she was wrong about Azir biggest understatement of the freaking CENTURYand had actually made a deal to help him with rebuilding the palace.

Sand could only do so much, you know? It turned out that she was actually a pretty competent architect, and her ideas for the palace were pretty cool when she showed them to me. At least, the parts I could understand she went Rock-Nerd for most of the chats we had. Azir even invited the rest of her tribe to stay with him. As you can imagine, Taliyah was really happy to hear it. I was all for it too. I always hated how people on Runeterra could never get along all the time.

Humans and Yordles are pack animals, after all. They work better in groups. Filling the Shuriman palace to the brim with Stoneweavers was a small step towards the goal of worldwide cooperation, but it was one in the right direction. Hey, I just had a bit of a philosophic moment there! I guess I just can't help myself sometimes. I'm billions of years old, it'd only make sense for me to go Zen-Mode for a bit. Ezreal took a bit of an interest in Taliyah's ideas too, although he usually spent most of his time in the library.

I was impressed at how many books were left from the fall of the Empire. I was doubly impressed at how quickly he managed to read through all of them. The library was twice the size of a soccer pitch, but given a week Ez could probably read every single book. I still can't believe that Nami went for a history geek. Then again, once a lady Ezreal's age sees him in his Debonair outfit, cue the swooning.

I'd be jealous, but I've already got somebody. That's what I said. You'll probably see the two of us a lot once you get settled in. Either that or I'm sparring with Syndra. It's actually pretty fun. Or I'm hanging out with my granddaughter. I am so proud. Good luck conceiving a kid like that.

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And guys, for your lady's sake, don't go trying. The stress alone would be unbearable. Trust me, being a grandparent has some weird moments.

Especially considering that my granddaughter and I look about the same age. When Taliyah wasn't discussing things with Azir Yasuo's jaw was gonna hit the floor when he saw thatshe was playing with Rammus. They'd figured out how to play bowling with each other. Taliyah just lined stone pillars horizontally across the hall, and then rolled Rammus towards them by fashioning a giant stone hand out of sediment. They counted points by how many pillars Rammus managed to smash.

They'd given up on just knocking them over. Sometimes they even got Ezreal to play volleyball. Again, giant stone hands. Rammus was pretty content to be the ball. At least, from my perspective.

Mundo's actually been wanting to cut open his head and look at his brain, but nobody's let him get that far. It's actually pretty ironic, because Rammus was willing to give it a go. He's generous like that.

Cassiopeia just did whatever everybody else was doing at the time. Despite the fact that she has a tail, petrifying eyes and can literally kill you in seconds, she's actually really nice once you get to know her.

She's nobility, so manners are mandatory for her family, even in Noxus. The funny thing is that she really just accepted scouting missions so that she didn't have to deal with her city-state in general. She knew that she wouldn't really achieve much on her current mission, but hey, anything to help the growing empire, right? The guy creeped people out in general, and usually wasn't fun to be around.

Plus, there was also the fact that he was a total psychopath. He doesn't show it all that often, but it never matters. I mean, he's got a six-eyed raven, black and red eyes, and constantly bends over a cane while hiding behind a collar that covers his mouth!

Oh yeah, and there's also the part where he can turn into a demon bird. If that doesn't scream "I'm totally plotting to take over the world," I don't know what does. Of course, you've probably heard about that incident with Cassy, Katarina and Talon, haven't you?

How they ended up switching allegiances? For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you'll find out later. Yeah, yeah, I'm a total asshole, but I can't go spoiling all the major plot points, can I? However, I am allowed to dangle them in front of you like a donkey chasing after a carrot.

I'm not gonna lie, it's kinda fun to do that. Sivir and I, on the other hand, elected to play Ultimate Frisbee with her shuriken. I had super strength, and she was an expert at catching the thing, so why the hell not? It was kinda hard to do it with only two people, but we managed. And sometimes the others wanted to play, so we were alright. We were young, we ran green, kept our teeth nice and clean, yadda yadda yadda, you get the picture.

It's sort of funny to imagine all of us doing things reserved for kids, isn't it? I mean, you'd expect most champions to rely on Lux for lighting up their day. But now they had me. I was a former star, so I was all about light. Lux may have been a genius at brightening lives, but she was merely a student; I, young ninjas, was the master. You've also probably heard about that one time when the training room exploded. Totally my fault, but I was teaching Lux how to make fireworks.

It was a bit harder than I thought, because fire was my natural ability. Lux had to use magic. For those of you who are currently trying your hand at magic, I can offer you some advice. Ryze would spasm if he found out about this, so keep this to yourselves as much as you can, and whatever you do, don't tell Ryze what I'm about to tell you now: The principles behind magic are actually pretty simple. You see, magic is the art of telling the Laws of Physics to piss off. But the trick is getting them to listen.

Ask Syndra, she can tell you. You don't seem very thrilled to have learned that information. Fine, go ahead, use the harder method of reading from books. Don't come crawling back to me when you can't figure something out.

We fooled around for a week, just taking time to enjoy ourselves. It was nice to take a load off. When I'd been living with Nidalee in Kumungu, the chances of having fun were slim.