Beck and jade relationship advice 3

beck and jade relationship advice 3

Beck and Jade aren't a couple anymore. And they aren't the most appropriate people to tell you what to do for a proper relationship. But they. Beck and Jade's Relationship Advice are video segments on TheSlap about relationship advice by Beck and Jade; however, they never do get the chance to .

Beck rolled his eyes and stated, "Well, guys Ask your girlfriends what do they like and don't make them any surprises 'cause they'll find a reason to complain about.

I'm in charge for the boys' advice. So, do me a favor and shut your mouth. I'm not your puppet! I was telling the boys not to make any surprises to their girlfriends because girls don't like surprises. They're gonna start judging your choice and finding reasons why they hate the whole place. And I was telling that it's not sure that the girls will hate the place.

If you take them to a place you know they love, everything is gonna be fine.

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They're silent and peaceful This kind of peaceful. But that's nothing, right? You don't have to be always sarcastic So now you're saying I'm not a normal person? They both stopped and took a deep breath. They looked at the camera and Jade said, "Dear girls Don't let him be friends with other girls Or maybe, don't let him be friends with girls you can't hurt, like celebrities Maybe you should trust your boyfriends sometimes It was obvious you were relieved when I broke up with you!

I let you free to go out with that slut without hiding! Did you have fun with her? But she wasn't like me, right? That's why you took me back?

Why don't you understand this? It works perfectly with babies, but it sucks with boys He shook his head and continued. She'll think you're cheating on her, even though your friends are all boys You preferred going to his house to watch a football game than going out with me at the cemetery! You know they freak me out! Besides, we're all gonna end up at a cemetery I want to go there when I'm dead.

I don't like going to cemeteries for fun. The fact is that you preferred Andre instead of me. What would a normal person think? A normal person would think that something is wrong with you! You wanted to spend time with your friend, who was a boy, instead of your girlfriend!

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I can't believe we're still talking about it! I just want to spend much time with my friends, too! Besides, I don't care now So now you want to give advice to the girls? That means a lot of things Beck rolled his eyes and said, "Leave your boyfriend have his personal space.

Be with him, of course you should be with him, but let him spend some of his free time with his friends, his family Most guys need some to spend some time with their friends and family! I only have problem with gay people when it involves me! And, by the way, what is that red thing on your camera? That means that the battery is turning low Then we should probably st-" The camera shut down and interrupted her. It cut me off!

beck and jade relationship advice 3

He turned around and looked at Jade. I'll upload it tonight. She grabbed her bag and said, "Bye. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

In fact, she has yet to insult him or show any hatred towards him in the series. This might be because she puts up walls to the outside world and can be herself with Beck.

Beck has a lot of authority and control over Jade. She is bossy to everyone, however when Beck tells her to do something, she usually obeys him without arguing. For example, in Cat's New Boyfriend, he told her she couldn't tell Cat something, and she was instantly silent, and in Beggin' on Your Knees, he told her to go to timeout for insulting Tori, and she obediently went to sit on the steps.

He also told her that she had to stop making Jade with Tots videos and she listened. He is able to calm her down and is the only one who can make her be polite.

Although she argues with him a lot, she seems to have a lot of respect for him, and often tries to gain his approval. This is seen a few times throughout the series, when she denies doing something or is reluctant to tell him she has done something bad because she's worried about his reaction.

Jade seems to be nicer and more sensitive when she is alone with Beck. Even if she still tries to fight with him, he can usually get through to her when they're alone. For example, in their drive by acting video, they were arguing a little, but then Jade asked in a sweet voice "Say you love me? They also seem to act more romantic when they aren't in public. In one of their videos when they were alone, Beck told Jade he loves her and she said "awww" and climbed into his lap, and they started to kiss.

Although he is not possesive of Jade, Beck gets very protective of her when they are in a dangerous situation. For example, in the Pilotwhen Sikowitz told them there was a fire, Beck grabbed Jade and led her to the door. In Survival of the Hottest, he gave her a water bottle before getting one for himself. Also, in Locked Upwhen the soldiers came in, Beck pushed Jade away from them, wrapped his arms around her, and held onto her until they left. They have dated for around 3 years, but it is unknown exactly how they started their relationship.

They both seem to be more interested in acting than singing Beck has only been musical on a few occasions, and Jade often says her dream is to become an actress.

beck and jade relationship advice 3

Beck is the only one who can calm Jade down and make her be somewhat polite. Liz Gillies said in an interview that Beck can control Jade, she respects him and obeys him. Beck probably makes coffee for Jade a lot because he said he knew what to do in order to make it the way she likes it in Stage Fighting. Jade knows Beck's login on TheSlap.

He either gave it to her, or she found out and he seems to be okay with that so far. Jade like most people finds Beck's hair very attractive. Often, their aruging ends in them making up by kissing. They say a lot of people come to them for relationship advice and have a relationship advice segment on TheSlap.