Beck and jade relationship

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beck and jade relationship

Discover ideas about Victorious Jade And Beck. Rep in if you had a crush on Beck but you loved Jade and Beck together! Victorious Jade And BeckIcarly And . Jade: But why do I have to-: Beck: (very fast) He said he's not gonna change it, so just deal with it, why .. Beck: I'M NOT HAPPY WITH OUR RELATIONSHIP!!!. This is the story of how Beck and Jade came to be Beck&Jade. When Jade is insecure, Beck decides to let them in on his relationship. Victorious - Rated: K+ .

The camera cuts that scene, probably because Beck and I didn't want the people of the internet to see us making out for two minutes.

I recognize the feeling bubbling up inside of me. How can I be jealous of myself? I guess I'm not jealous of myself, I'm jealous of the easy relationship Beck and I had. The one that we don't have anymore. Well guess what, year old Jade? Same with your 19, 20 ,21 birthdays, and all the birthdays you have until the day you die!

Let's just forget it. I'm so glad you can forget it. Here on the Slap we've been taking questions from people who have relationship issues. I was actually quoting what Beck had said to me earlier, when I protested about making the video. I don't understand how a person could just-" Sinjin sat down on the couch next to me, sticking his head into the camera's line of vision. He's such a stalker! Lets read the first question, then we'll give some relationship advice!

My heart starts to break a little when I remember what happens next. God do I know what noogies are. Beck had a very unhealthy obsession with them I can hear my heart break at that. Numbers aren't something to joke about Beck. Numbers ruined my life. Video-Beck grabbed me in his arms, running his knuckles across my hair. I shouted in protest, but I was laughing as Beck dragged me into his lap on the floor.

I frown, remembering what happened after the camera shut off. It's not something I would ever tell you. A single tear falls from my eye. This is what I missed. I missed the play fights, noogies, tummy tickling, and all the other weird things Beck and I would do.

I want Beck's arms around me again, pulling me across the floor into his lap. I want to hear Beck say he loved me. Unfortunately, that's never going to happen. I wipe away any tears on my face and click record on my camera. And I didn't make a sign because I hate signs. I'm going to tell you five things you should never do in a relationship.

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How could Beck say that? It's a bad idea to shout that you 'Aren't happy with your relationship' in front of the entire room. And actually listen to your girlfriend talk! Poor Cat had fainted because Beck forced her into our problems! I guess this whole break up might have hurt less if Beck even cared enough to just tell me he was breaking up with me.

I hope you hated it, cause I did. But click the 'I like this' button or bad things will happen. I could go over to Tori's, or Andre's house but they are both busy.

I take out my pearphone to check the slap. Jade has posted a new video Yes, I stalk her on the slap. It's called 'relationship advice three'. Didn't Jade and I do relationship advice videos last year or something? I click play to her video, wondering what it's going to say.

She's giving people relationship advice? She isn't dating anyone! I guess that was harsh. She really hadn't said anything very mean.

And she didn't mean it literally.

beck and jade relationship

I shouldn't have said that to the entire room. I probably shouldn't have made Cat stay in the closet to answer all our questions. I also should have listened to Jade more. She's right about that.

I should have talked things over with her. We still might have broken up, but it would have been different. And it really isn't classy to dump your girl through a door. How does Jade know that? How could I have been such a jerk to Jade? The girl I'd been with for three years. The girl that I still love. I have to fix this. I get up from my bed, and walk out of my RV into my car. I know the way Jade's house automatically. It's not long before I'm standing outside her door, playing with my fingers nervously.

I run my fingers through my hair. I take a deep breath and ring her doorbell. I see Jade's surprised face glancing through the window of her house.

I do as told, opening the door, and taking a few steps inside. What is she talking about? All the five things you said in you video. And I'm sorry for trying to kiss Tori. Although, I'm not too sure on how you know about that Jade chose Beck to be in her group for improv.

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In Jade's improv, Beck and Jade play the roles of a married couple. Even though Beck didn't approve of Jade pouring coffee on Tori's head, he didn't react as if he was upset. During the Alphabet ImprovJade attempts to further humiliate Tori, and Beck tries to get her to quit. When Tori kisses Beck, Jade gets jealous and angry. When Jade and Beck are called by Tori to participate in the Alphabet Improv, they walk up onto the stage together, where Jade kisses Beck before they begin their exercise.

Sikowitz tells Jade to kiss her boyfriend on her own time and she looks at Beck while replying, "Oh, I will. When Jade pulls Beck along with her after telling Tori she isn't her friend, she is holding his hand and the two talk in private. Beck holds his hand out for Jade to take before they walk away.

When Jade walks into the classroom, she puts her arm around Beck's shoulders. Jade looks mad at Beck for inviting Tori to eat with them. When Robbie and Andre ask Beck if he wanted to go join ballet class with them, he denies saying that he already signed up with Jade for salsa. Stage Fighting Edit When the stage fight between Beck and Russ is over and everyone's telling Tori that the stage fight she thought was an actual fight was fake, Jade has her arm looped through Beck's.

When Tori says that Beck suffers enough pain dating Jade, Beck holds Jade back when she gets angry and leads her to the chairs. They sit next to each other. When Jade is talking to Tori about their 'stage fight', Beck is seen watching them and appears to be waiting for Jade.

He doesn't leave the class until Jade does.

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They are sitting together outside at lunch, away from the others. When Tori "hits" Jade, Beck hurries over and is worried about her. Beck asks Jade if she is okay and holds her chin so he can see. When Jade asks someone to call her mom, Beck volunteers to do it and even when Tori tells him not to he insists that he must. When they are leaving to go to the nurse; Beck is carrying Jade's bag.

If you look closely, you can see that Beck is holding Jade's hand, and helping her direct an ice pack to her eye. After Tori 'hits' Jade, she exclaims 'ow', and leans slightly on Beck. After she gets hit, you can see Beck has a hand on Jade's back. During Russ and Cat's demonstration, Beck's arm is around Jade's chair.

At lunch, Beck asks how Jade is feeling, while she responds that her eye hurts. As a joke he asks, "Which one"; she chuckles sarcastically and says "Cute". When she asks for coffee, he asks her to say the magic word.

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She says, "Get me some coffee? He stares at her with a determined expression, until she finally gives in and says "Please? This is possibly the first time she has ever been polite on the show.

beck and jade relationship

Beck corrects her and says the real magic word was 'lotion' but he'll accept it since she has a "boo-boo eye. Jade Dumps Beck Edit Jade becomes very irritated that Beck is friends with Alyssa Vaughn, a rich, pretty socialite, saying she doesn't want him hanging out with a girl who's already text messaged him six times. Then his phone rings, and she angrily says "Seven When she sees him in Alyssa's car, she gets mad and squishes her burrito.

Later, Jade wants Beck back as her boyfriend, and he turns her down. This causes her to come to Tori's house with a broken kite, comparing the broken kite to her relationship, saying she found a broken kite that needs to be fixed. This is the first episode Jade has cried.

When Tori goes to ask Beck to get back with Jade, he says for his birthday that Jade got him a can of lemonade. This is actually a nice gift from Jade, since she hates everyone and says he likes lemonade. Jade looks terrified at the thought of forgetting about Beck, so she comes up with an idea to get Beck something he's been wanting for a while, a rottweiler.

Despite hergood intentions, she and Tori end up hurting his dad. When she frantically apologizes, Beck kisses her. Surprised, she says, "You love me again. Beck says "Who said I stopped? Jade also gets jealous and grabs Beck's arm when the girl driving the ambulance hits on him.

When Tori asks Jade to drive her home, Beck doesn't interfere when Jade says no, suggesting that he wanted Jade to stay and that she did.

beck and jade relationship

Tori tells Jade and Beck not to "Swallow each other" because they were so deeply involved in kissing. Beck stands behind Jade where she sits and massages her shoulders after she sits down. Jade doesn't like that Tori and Beck have a romantic part in the play. After they rehearse the "Finally Falling" performance, Beck rubs Jade's arm and she smiles. Jade rolls her eyes while Tori and Beck are rehearsing.

Beck then teases her each time she says the rumor isn't true by saying "Well She looks at him, obviously upset, and he calms her down by saying that he was only kidding. When Jade tells Robbie to his face that she and Beck aren't breaking up, Beck teases her once more by saying 'Well He has a fun flirty smile on his face as he says this. Jade and Beck are in his car arguing light heartedly about their plans before discovering a Robarazzi member is spying on them.

Jade looks disturbed when Robbie says Jade and Beck might be splitting up on the Robarazzi episode. Beck and Jade sit next to each other at both lunch scenes. Survival of the Hottest When Jade is telling the group that she doesn't sweat, Beck backs her up when Tori doesn't believe her.

Both Beck and Jade hate sweating. Jade and Beck drive the truck to the beach, while the rest of the gang rides in the RV. Beck smiles when Jade walks past him to the RV. Beck and Jade are wearing matching n ecklaces in this episode. Beck has his arm around Jade while they wait for a 'tongue dip'. When Jade states that something is dripping on her, he goes over to check on her.

When Jade is in denial about sweating, he grabs her arms and tells her to look at him. Jade refuses to, and he yells at her. When she finally does, he says to her in a serious tone, "You're sweating. When Jade crawls onto the floor after being in denial about sweating, Beck joins her on the floor.

When everyone is rushing toward Trina when they figure out she has water, Beck grabs Jade's arm.

beck and jade relationship

Before getting one for himself, Beck gives a bottle of water to Jade, meaning that he cares more about her safety than his own. Jade and Beck lay on Beck's bed and he has his arm draped over Jade's leg. Wi-Fi in the Sky Jade wants to join in on their chat and Beck allows it.

Beck is the only one who knows Jade's screen name. Jade gets jealous of Beck watching over the dog of his next door neighbor, who is a cheerleader, and decides to go over to Beck's house to check up on him. When Beck says he was home doing homework Jade says, "So you want to break up with me? Why would you think I want to break up with you? Beck does not get angry at her for breaking in, nor does he seem surprised.

Beck and Jade are wearing matching necklaces in this episode. When the cheerleader next door turns out to be nine years old, Jade and Beck argue playfully and seem to enjoy doing so with each other.

When Tori tries to make them stop, Jade tells her to stay out of it and they continued to argue. Beck is smiling as he and Jade exchange words. After Ally leaves, Jade gets up to sit next to Beck. Beck playfully nudges Jade's arm and says in a flirty tone, "You gonna say you're sorry? Beck replies with a smile, "I know. When Jade says, "I'll wait for her", Beck replies, "Whatever you want. Beck introduces Jade as his girlfriend to Ally. Beck's Big Break Edit In the very first scene, while the camera is panning Asphalt Cafe before cutting to Tori, you can see Beck and Jade sitting at a table with two other people.

Jade is whispering in his ear and he's grinning. Beck backs Jade up when she was being grouchy to Tori, telling her that she got stung by a bee. Beck knew that Jade got stung by a bee. When Beck mentions that a costume designer was in his dressing room, Jade says "The costume designer was in your dressing room? Right before they start shooting Beck's scene, Jade announces that he is her boyfriend. Jade gets mad at Tori for costing Beck the part. When Jade leaves the lunch table angrily, Beck goes after her rather than stay with the group.

When Jade says "Fine, tell her", she grabs Beck's arm and they sit on the couch next to each other. When they are next to each other on the couch, Beck puts his arm around Jade.

beck and jade relationship

In the flashback two years agoBeck was the first to agree to Jade's idea about making a fake ping pong team. When Sikowitz is announcing the new member of the ping pong team, Jade and Beck are standing close to each other.

Jade suggests rocking the vending machine when Beck's sodagets stuck.