Being human aidan and sally relationship with god

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being human aidan and sally relationship with god

If the current season of Being Human could have a moment like that, which Aidan and Sally, in imitation of their counterparts on the U. K. be redeemed, it can never be made right, this relationship cannot be saved, rakka-rakka-rakka. fight the impulse to drop to his knees and scream, “Thank you, God!. Chronicling a relationship between Aidan and Josh from close friendship to Aidan figured he should be desensitized to the sound of Josh's pain by now, . Sally cut him off with a smirk and a giggle, "Oh my god, Aidan. Season three of Being Human (USA) hasn't delivered a dud episode yet. totally goes, "God takes things from the unworthy and by the way, Aidan and where she spills the beans about her relationship with the professor and tells him that But Sally doesn't have to, because Nick shows up as a ghost and tells Zoe he's.

Just as Josh was about to stutter out some retort, Sally popped up next to him. Oh, and you left your wallet in the kitchen. Figured you'd want that. Sally raised an eyebrow. You'll have to get it yourself. Um…" He glanced at the younger vampire. I'm sure he can find his way home without his guide dog," Bishop sneered, not taking his eyes off Sally.

So this was Aidan's other companion. He'd heard that his prodigal son had been hanging out with a ghost, but he hadn't expected to get to meet her. What a treat this morning had become. Josh ignored the comment, but at Aidan's nod he picked up his bag and hurried off. Sally looked between the two vampires hesitantly. After all, I don't think we've have the pleasure of meeting. Aidan, aren't you going to introduce us? The guy was wearing a sweater-vest, for crying out loud!

The older vampire gave her a charming smile, giving her a slow, deliberate once-over. He glared at his sire. Bishop gave a great show of looking hurt, though he could see the amusement in his eyes. It's not like I can hurt her. I don't want you anywhere me or my friends," he growled, resisting the urge to tear the head vampire's eyes out. I did my best to instill some sense of decorum into him, but I suppose some things are doomed to fail from the start.

James Bishop of the Boston Police, at your service. Aidan had told her about him. No wonder he could see her! You're the guy who—" He smiled. This jackass killed you and turned you into a vampire and you're not even mad at him? Why was it that Aidan was allowed to get pissed that Danny killed her, but she couldn't get mad about the exact same situation? No, wait; it wasn't the same, because this guy was even worse than Danny!

Shocked, Sally took a step back. She'd never seen Aidan vamp out when he wasn't drinking.

being human aidan and sally relationship with god

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he willed his eyes to turn normal again before facing Bishop. I admire your loyalty, but we wouldn't want to cause a scene, now would we? If it weren't for me you two would have never met.

He'd have been nothing but bones and dust long before you were even born if I hadn't turned him. I think I would have enjoyed you immensely. Despite knowing that Bishop couldn't touch her, Aidan was less than pleased with their pervious proximity and stood in front of her like a shield. I was worried when you started hanging out with a werewolf, but a cute little ghost like this? Good to know you've still got standards after all.

It breaks my heart to see him turn away from his family, but I'm sure you make a lovely consolation prize. Thankfully, she seemed to hear the warning in his voice.

Growling, Aidan turned to his sire. Stay away from my home, my friends, and my life.

being human aidan and sally relationship with god

Forcing himself to relax, he felt his teeth recede and his eyes turn normal again. Bishop's grin turned knowing. Pity about the ghost thing, though. Or is that why you like her? No heartbeat, no blood, no scent of fresh meat wafting about the house, tempting you to throw caution to the wind and just tear into her?

That curvy body soft and pliant beneath you, eyes glazed, little whimpers escaping those plush lips as you—" "Shut up! He wasn't sure if his sire was talking about feeding or sex, but he sure as hell knew that he didn't like Bishop talking about his Sally like that. Bishop kept smiling, eyes dancing with mirth. It kills you that, while she'd probably the only woman you wouldn't have to worry about killing, you can't even touch her.

I'll bet you wish you'd gotten to her before whoever killed her, huh? But, I can't say I blame you. She'd have made a beautiful addition to our family. It's been good seeing you, Aidan.

You know I love meeting your friends. Once he was sure he wouldn't be attacked the moment he turned his back, he turned on his heel and used his vampire speed to run to the house. Throwing the door open, he was met with the worried face of Josh. I was just about to come after you. You were out there for a while, man, is everything okay?

I got worried when Sally came back and you didn't. Rubbing his temples he asked, "What is with you vampires and ruining people's days?

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Seriously, if I hear one more dog joke…" Aidan lightly elbowed him in the side. At least he didn't make any comments about peeing on fire hydrants. She stared at Aidan, eyes wide with worry. Josh could feel the cold behind him, and in his admittedly loopy state, pushed himself back onto Aidan to cool down.

Josh froze and his eyes snapped open. He was suddenly lucid and he felt the need to vomit again. He sat bolt upright and bent over the side of the bed, puking into the bucket Aidan had put there. Aidan was still lying on his side, staring at Josh and grinning slightly. How do you figure? All those people in our house, touching things. They probably spread their crazy flu germs everywhere. You're more likely to have gotten sick there than here.

Here the germs get in our - my food. It would've made a mess. They were completely content to just lie there, but then Sally popped in.

Sally was waiting nervously on the bottom step. She began to speak at triple speed: I am so sorry. Did I wake him up? I woke him up. I swear it won't happen again. He was already awake. Besides, I said I would tell you what the plans were and we might as well get it done now. After golf we were going to the aquarium to look at penguins and jellyfish and clownfish and stuff and then we were going to have brunch at the coffee place next to that park by the water, because you know Josh gets really hungry the day after the full moon, and then we were going to take a walk and people watch and-" Sally cut him off with a smirk and a giggle, "Oh my god, Aidan.

She hushed her voice but continued to giggle. Go take care of your sick boyfriend. When he got to the room he leaned against the doorway, folding his arms across his chest. Josh was still wide awake and he gained a slightly worried and amused expression the moment Aidan came into vision.

How are you feeling? I'm sore, I'm nauseous, and I'm burning up. Josh pushed his head into the cool hand and closed his eyes. Josh was getting sicker and sicker, but he was comfortable despite the heat, fatigue, and nausea. It was the room. It smelled like Aidan. The sheets, the pillow, the air. It was covering Josh now, too.

When he asks why she had not left Montreal with him when Bishop had found them, she does not reveal the truth to him. In flashbacks it is shown that Bishop had kidnapped her, drank her blood, raped her, and threatened her family if she left Montreal with Aidan.

Later that night, after Aidan saves the house and Sally from a fire set by Danny to get rid of her, Bishop crashes through their living room window and stakes Aidan, narrowly missing his heart. Josh has Nora treat Aidan, without telling any specifics, but he remains weak and Bishop plans on fighting him, notifying him through Josh. Celine goes to comfort Aidan,and decides to offer him her blood.

Reluctantly, Aidan drains Celine of her blood, killing her, but allowing him to heal completely. Unaware, Josh has managed to convince Bishop that Aidan plans to fight in a room in the hospital basement, where he plans to kill Bishop when he transforms during the full moon.

Aidan predicts the plan and has Sally trap Josh in the basement, not wanting his honor stained. Aidan and Bishop fight to the death, with Sally's interference allowing Aidan to gain the upper hand, ultimately decapitating Bishop. Aidan is crowned by Heggeman as the new head of the Boston vampires and notifies him that "She" wants to meet with him.

Aidan Waite

Season 2 Edit Aidan is ordered to a meeting where Mother will decide who is going to lead Boston. Despite Heggeman's promotion of Aidan, Mother decides that her daughter will be ruling Boston with Aidan as her second in command. Aidan is reluctant to agree to this at first he can't refuse the offer to gain his freedom. If he helps Suren reclaim Boston, will be left alone. So over the next few months, Aidan helps Suren rebuild the Boston family by recruiting more people to help keep them hidden such as cleaners to clean up messes made by reckless vampires and police officers in high positions to redirect murder investigations caused by Vampires and keep the heat off the Boston family.

They also start shutting down illegal feeding houses and hunting down Bishop's rogue vampires that he planned to use to overthrow Mother's position.

It is in one of these blood dens that Aidan finds Henry, the vampire he had turned a century earlier during the First World War. Knowing that no one can know about Henry, he keeps his identity hidden while he finds a way to bring Henry back into the Family.

Meanwhile, Josh is plotting to kill the purebred werewolf twins Connor and Brynn with Cecilia's help, and frame them as the wolves that killed Heggeman. The twins discover this plot, and hold Cecilia hostage on the night of a full moon. However, they think it was Aidan, not Josh that made these arrangements, so they instruct Aidan to meet them in the forest if he wants Cecilia to live. The twins had arranged a Vampire Hunt, a game in which Aidan and Atlee whom he had brought along would be chased by the transformed werewolves as they searched for Cecilia.

Unbeknownst to Aidan, Josh and Nora are also with the twins, meaning that their wolves will unwittingly participate in the hunt as well. Aidan finds Cecilia, but she insists that he leave her behind because he would never escape with her slowing him down.

With great hesitation, Aidan leaves Cecilia behind to be devoured by Josh, Noraand the twins.

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The next morning, Aidan unflinchingly shoots Connor dead with Heggeman's werewolf rifle and presents his corpse to the Dutch as Heggeman's killer. Aidan facing off with the twins and kills Conner with a silver bullet. A few days later, in a last ditch effort to save Henry, he makes a deal with Suren, who he knows needs his help in hunting down the rest of Bishop's rogue vampires.

He makes Henry herd all the vampires that he knows were turned for Bishop's own goals into a house where he has been laying low for a while. While Henry thinks that Aidan wants to smuggle them out of the city, the plan actually involves Suren buying the house from the owner and then uninviting everyone inside the house, incinerating everyone there. Aidan sternly tells Henry that this was the only way to save him, and takes him to Suren who will allow Henry to become a member again on that condition that he pays his "dues".

Suren then tortures him by peeling all of his skin off, leaving Aidan to hypnotize two human women into willingly be fed on by Henry so he can heal from his gruesome wounds. The hypnosis wears off, making the women scream in fear at Henry who is still feeding on them and hasn't regrown his skin yet.

being human aidan and sally relationship with god

Not wanting to alert the neighbors, Aidan instinctively snaps both women's necks. This is very traumatic for Aidan, who had not killed a human in quite some time at that point. As a "reward" for getting rid of the orphan vampires, Mother makes good on her promise to Aidan to give him his freedom Infuriated, he makes a desperate attempt on Mother's life with Henry's help but is unsuccessful.

As punishment, Mother condemns him to be buried alive, while Suren is killed, Mother. Aidan, after a year underground, suffers from abstinence of blood and near desiccation.

Aidan tried to drink Mickey's blood, but Atlee stopped him claiming that drinking his blood could kill him. Later Aidan began to hallucinate about Sally, Josh and Bishop, and Bishop convinced him to fight and he attacked Atlee, but Atlee was stronger than him and he began to feed on him to cure himself.

He later woke up weaker than ever hallucinating about Josh and Sally again and told himself that he was not going to die.

Aidan survived by dragging himself to the crashed van and drink the pure blood. He later called Josh and he and Sally came to pick him up. Tending to Josh's wounds later, the back of his right hand begins to show signs of the infection beginning to spread.

After trying to figure out how Aidan realize that it is werewolf blood is the cure.

being human aidan and sally relationship with god

When she asks him why he told her, he says that it's time for vampires to stop being afraid. He then goes to Kat and kisses her. Season 4 Edit They try to help Ramona and she kills her sister. Ramona then tried to convince them all to kill themselves as they are all trying to leave the house. Ramona doesn't want that to happen cause then she will be left alone and needs the blood of the people who die in the house to survive.

Henry pops in the basement and he then convinces Aidan to kill himself but Sally gets to him on time. Aidan becomes human because Sally sacrifice's herself.

being human aidan and sally relationship with god

Aidan's age starts to catch up, he then burns down the house and kills Romona. Personality Edit As an individual, Aidan is calm, laid-back, soft-spoken, and on the quiet side. His years as a vampire have allowed him to see many things, including the best and worst of both humans and vampires. As a result, he is somewhat jaded and melancholic.