Bob grant lpc the relationship doctor

The Woman Men Adore Reviews - Bob Grant's Book Review

bob grant lpc the relationship doctor

Bob Grant is a licensed professional counselor who combines the rare combination of a being an expert clinician who can explain relationships in a simple, easy. I'm Bob Grant, and I'm a Clinically Trained Relationship Expert who's been working with women for over 17 years. Many people refer to me as “The Relationship. But let's not dwell on the past, Bob Grant's program promises that you and relationship coach with over 20 years of experience counseling.

Some jobs were viewed as male-only and salary scales were a joke. Bob acknowledges the need for women to stand up to these inequalities. He, however, discourages the spillage of the same into relationships. When women strive to be too independent in relationships, they breed insecurity in the men around them without knowing it.

He encourages the need to make men feel manly in relationships, and lists this as a power on the part of women. By allowing men to take the lead in some issues, women can easily get the said issues to move in the direction they desire, while at the same time keeping the men in their lives happy.

Take hauling heavy luggage for example.

bob grant lpc the relationship doctor

Men will be proud to feel needed to help with this task; women will be happy to get the task done. A woman who has to struggle with such will tire herself out, and manage to make her man feel useless. Next, the book delves into relationships proper. It takes the reader on a journey of being attached to a man, exploring the day to day occurrences that will happen in a typical relationship and how they will affect the bond between two people in love.

Types of conflicts in a relationship and their causes are discussed in detail. Touchy issues like balancing work and having time for each other are highlighted. A guideline on how to solve particular conflicts is then given, showing women the positions to take during conflict resolution in order to achieve the most beneficial results.

Bob emphasizes the need for forgiveness as part of all conflict resolutions, and looks into how women can take the lead in the forgiveness process. He does not just ask women to forgive, but shows how women can use the simple power of femininity to help men heal from hurt and attain a state of whole forgiveness. She must then work to regain and re-build his trust, a power, Grant says, is greater in women than in men.

bob grant lpc the relationship doctor

The book winds up by outlining actionable guidelines that women can work on to attain more wholesome and fulfilling relationship. The advice offered is practical, step by step and measurable.

Bob Grant’s The Woman Men Adore, And Never Want To Leave – My Review

Writing Style Grant chose to work with a simple conversational tone in this book. He speaks directly to the woman, using ordinary day to day language. This personal touch gives the book more meaning in the eyes of the reader woman, and the simple language makes it easy to comprehend. The use of practical examples to outline issues also gives reality to the topics discussed.

The Woman Men Adoreand Never Want To Leave by Bob Grant

He then encourages the woman to root for her man instead of mocking him, which in turn forces the reader to picture herself in that situation and ask herself what she would do. It also carefully explores the fundamental differences between men and women, without trying to portray any gender as superior.

It explains how men and women take in experiences differently, then tries to bring out the importance of women taking proactive roles in relationships. Who is The Women Men Adore for? This is a book for women. It speaks of how to maintain relationships, so it would basically be meant for people who are in relationships.

These could be married women seeking to strengthen ties with their husbands or dating women looking to set the ambiance for the expected marriage. Single women will not find it very much actionable in their present status, but it would also give them a great guideline if they intend to get into relationships in the future. Bob Grant is a practicing relationship counselor, dealing mainly with issues that affect women. He owns Savvy Miss, an online extension of his women counseling practice.

Bob is married to Stacy, with whom they have four children. The fact that he has been in the trade for that long and also doubles up as a family man gives Grant the authority to comment on relationship issues. The writer uses a unique style to highlight common relationship issues that are often forgotten. This module contains seven chapters on understanding male psychology about the relationship.

Bob explains the difference in views of both genders regarding their relationship. With this module, you will understand what men crave in the relationship which gives you an advantage in controlling your relationship and stopping your relationship from going off the track.

Module 3 — The Transformation Process: In this module, you will learn how you can create a great relationship with your men by listening to your heart.

This module teaches you a perfect ratio that you need to follow to keep your relationship healthy. Women need to balance between the feelings from her heart and mind, and this is why this secret ratio will help you in making your relationship stronger than ever before.

Module 4 — Personality and Perception: Once you get over this tool, you will see your relationship with your man in the completely new way.

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Module 5 — Keeping This Magical Quality: In this module, Bob explains a specific category of men that will repel from these methods. Always keep in mind, a woman who puts her heart first causes the character of a man to reveal, either it is good or bad. You will learn some practical advice that will change your love life forever.

Provide you information that you can use anytime and at any stage of your relationship to improve your relationship with your men Now look at some of its advantages and disadvantages. Proven and Easy-To-Understand Methods Another significant advantage is all the methods provided in this plan are proven to work, and they put in the very organized way making easy for anyone to learn about them and work with them.

Additionally, this whole guide is written in simple English language making everyone to read and follow it easily. Authored By Relationship Coach and Professional Counselor Bob has 20 years of experience working as the relationship coach and professional counselor, and in these years he helped thousands of women to solve their relationship difference and create a stronger loving relationship.

The Woman Men Adore by Bob Grant – A Complete Review

Bob also received many awards and certificates for his services as a professional counselor, and in my opinion, he is one of the respected counselor helping women online. I get a response to my email in less than 24 hours that is another significant advantage. Some of my readers also confirmed me they received a response directly from Bob Grant. So, if you have any troubles in your relationship, then Bob will answer them and help you to solve it.

Having 60 days money back guarantee is a great advantage, and if you are not satisfied, then you can return the program and get your money back. This exclusive club contains some additional information and material by Bob Grant. You can try it as it has the option to try it free for 30 days and you can cancel anytime.

No Audio or Video: Many people prefer watching videos or listening audio as compare to reading books. If you are also one of them, then you will be disappointed as they are no video and audio in this program. However, I can say, if you feel intimacy is dwindling or your man is turning head from you then you have to do something before its too late and bring the missing spark back into your relationship.

The Woman Men Adore book contains step-by-step method on how to do this, why these methods works and why you get yourself stuck in this place.