Bobby ryan interview and meet

Bobby Ryan opens up about life in Ottawa — and how he came to love the city | Ottawa Citizen

bobby ryan interview and meet

For years, Bobby Ryan needed to live in shadows. It was June , and Ryan was in town to meet with the staff of the Owen Sound Attack, the team that had A reporter from the local paper wanted to interview the year-old right wing. Dear Mom. By Bobby Ryan . Even though she was just six weeks old, I'm so glad that you got to meet her and also got to say goodbye. As she. To fully understand Senators winger Bobby Ryan, to get who he is and what he is about, you'd . no-B.S. answers blew away then-Ducks GM Brian Burke in a pre- draft interview. . I started meeting with (Sinclair) that year.

And I want to introduce my daughter to all those things.

bobby ryan interview and meet

How important is it for you to be able to give back to kids and families going through difficult times in the Ottawa area? Somebody mentioned it as something I could do and it took about 30 seconds for me to say yes.

There is nothing more important than having kids there to watch you play and getting to bring a smile to their faces. What are some of your favourite spots to visit in the Ottawa area?

What are some of your favourite restaurants? Aperitivo in Kanata is great and Pocopazzo on March road, I eat every pre-game meal there. Those are my top three and of course La Roma. What is it like to see a teammate get traded? Is it hard to focus on hockey because you see a friend leaving? As you get older you understand the business side a lot more. Change is inevitable, I remember one year I was in the league I think we went through over 40 players wearing our jersey.

You get used to it. Tell us a little about how great it was for everyone to see Clarke MacArthur come back last year and play the way he did in the playoffs?

Well for one, Clark and I came here the same year, and signed on here to stay. He was a big part of why I stayed, I felt when I was playing with him I was playing my best hockey. To watch him go through that 2 year process, I felt for him everyday and I just wanted him to make the right decision. Then for him to come back and contribute, he ended the series against Boston with the overtime winner and then to walk away on his own terms after that was great.

His presence is missed. Now, as Bobby Ryan, he was skating for California teams that he'd played against in tourneys. Bob could hide as Shane Ryan, but Bobby's talent gave him away.

No one wanted to hurt Bobby. Maybe Bob got too comfortable. At Blockbuster one day, he used a credit card with an older, different alias.

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This time Bobby woke up from his deep sleep. The life of Shane Ryan was over. Bob Stevenson was cuffed and taken from the house while his yearold watched.

I didn't know if I wanted to keep playing hockey anymore. Hockey's not cheap, and Melody was strapped for cash, so teammates' parents helped out with gear and tourney fees. That motivated Bobby to give ice hockey his all. He also decided to go for it as Bobby Ryan.

Melody was booking a flight for him not long after his dad's arrest, and she had a question: And so he has, to this day. Through his father's four-plus years as a guest of the state. Through the rest of his age-group hockey career. And through a prospects camp in Toronto before the OHL draft in the spring of Stothers, who'd played and coached in Philly, knew Bob Stevenson from Clarke's gym. And Clarke had kept in touch with Bob, saying that he'd be there when Bob was released.

bobby ryan interview and meet

Clarke knew Bobby too and let the boy skate with Flyers vets in summer workouts. Clarke told the Attack that Bobby's story was just thathistory.

Not damaged goods in any way.

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Bob was still in jail. Going to Owen Sound meant Bobby wouldn't see his father for a long time, until the season was over, until he went back to New Jersey and the last days of his father's sentence ran out. No visits at Christmas.

Bob told Bobby to go. Futa and Stothers tried to address the issue others have had with Owen Sound: They worried that a kid who grew up in Jersey and at the beach might look at their town and see Podunk. Bobby told them not to worry. Not for other things. Nothing else to do-that was fine by me. The former home-schooler enrolled in a local high school, West Hill Secondary. He hung out with all sorts of kids, no longer worrying about blowing his cover, no longer tensing up when he saw a police cruiser.

When locals saw him driving his beat-up Mountaineer with Jersey plates, they waved. Snyder was a journeyman, a player who had split time between the minors and the NHL. But in Owen Sound, they grieved for the former Attack captain as if he were a legend. We all signed cards that were sent to Dan's family. Last season, Bobby's game took flight: And every game he was good for half a dozen huge hits, maybe more. In coaches' polls, he ranked as one of the OHL's most improved players.

NHL scouts had him in the top five of skaters eligible for the draft. Still, many teams have been scared off by prospects who come from families less troubled than Bobby Ryan's. Two days before the draft last July, Anaheim brought Bobby in for an interview.

bobby ryan interview and meet

Ducks scouts had already talked to him, but that was before the team hired Brian Burke as GM. The Ducks owned the No.

bobby ryan interview and meet

Sidney Crosby was the lock at No. Burke didn't know what he'd do with his pick-until he met Bobby. I told him that I thought I had to grow up a bit still, and that I wanted to play for the U. And I said, I'll tell you anything you need to know. Ask me anything about my past. I'm an open book. How he was spending his summer with his father in New Jersey. How a condition of his father's May release prevented Bob from associating with Melody.

How Bob couldn't go to family counseling, couldn't even speak to her over the phone. Front-office people vet prospects, looking to be convinced.

Burke wasn't just convinced. He understood exactly what he had to do. He knew he'd have to go back to Owen Sound in the fall. Other players' families sat at nearby tables--the Crosbys were right beside them--and the Ryans looked like just another happy family on this day.

But it was just for this day. Being with Melody was a violation of his conditions of release. She was okay with his being there, but Bob served three months' house arrest for the violation.

Both put on a brave face, but they were churning inside. They wanted so much to make sure things would go right for Bobby, for him to finally catch a break. Burke, who told them that morning that he planned on taking Bobby, was too busy talking to pick up a fork.

Melody and Bob were too nervous to eat. Bobby inhaled his fruit plate.