Bruce springsteen meet and greet 2012 Setlists Part 2

bruce springsteen meet and greet 2012

Five months late, I've just about pulled myself together enough to write about seeing Bruce Springsteen in Florence. My third concert of the Wrecking Ball tour, . The River Tour /Summer '17 tour was a concert tour by Bruce Springsteen and the E .. in Newark, New Jersey at the Prudential Center sold out in a few minutes. His previous show at the same venue took two hours to sell out. Bruce Springsteen joins The Rolling Stones live on stage from New Jersey for the The last U.S. show of the Wrecking Ball tour was in Glendale, Arizona.

And through it all, Bruce seemed to be having the time of his life, without much of a care — which doesn't necessarily make for an intense show, but it makes for a night when anything can happen. Max was particularly noteworthy as his powerhouse drums carried us from "We Take Care of Our Own" into "Wrecking Ball," just the beginning of a major workout for the Mighty One here in his hometown. Birthplace of badass author Philip Roth.

bruce springsteen meet and greet 2012

Birthplace — I think — of George Clinton: Parliament-Funkadelic, a lot of good soul coming out of Newark. George formed the Parliaments in Newark in Where, oh where is my baby? Tallent just won't do, I'm sorry! Patti's not here tonight — she's at home, keeping the kids out of our drug stash. This building feels good! So in honor of our first time here, we'll do something for the first time!

You fans are gonna go, huh? It may not be the most obscure of obscurities it was officially released on Tracks, after all, in a live version from at Max's Kansas City.

bruce springsteen meet and greet 2012

But it's close, with the shock value and long odds against its performance right up there with "Song for Orphans" in Trenton ' Bruce hadn't performed the song in nearly 40 years, and never with the full E Street Band. And unlike the meandering "Song for Orphans," this one wasn't just cool in theory.

Review: ‘Frenzy In Firenze’ – Bruce Springsteen in Florence, Italy, 2012

Bruce didn't mention this directly, but the show was built around several respectful and appropriate nods to the dark occasion that was on everyone's minds, from the solo acoustic "Promised Land" opening through an intense trio of ballads that began with "Rocky Ground.

That notwithstanding, the mood of the show was primarily joyous, with Bruce in high spirits and unexpectedly nice weather. After spending a few moments figuring out the song onstage and a few false starts, the band delivered a loose but convincing rendition, complete with the absolutely infective call and response that would make this a true show highlight if it were tightened up just a notch and played again a few times. The show really lifted off with the encores.

Bruce seemed amused by the fact that at this time of the year it hardly gets dark at all in Norway, so he made up a whole verse on the spot to the melody of "We Are Alive" referring both to the sun that never goes down and the lack of curfews "Live Nation can kiss our behinds After that, starting with a monstrous "Born in the U. Bruce had finally gotten the Norwegians exactly where he wanted them, arms in the air and moving as one, and they were rewarded with a slew of familiar hits and crowd pleasers.

Bruce kept teasing the crowd, pointing at the darkening sky while threatening to go home, but he kept coming back because it wasn't night time quite yet. There was more than the usual amount of clowning around between Bruce and Steve, with Norway's favorite E Streeter squeezing out a sponge full of water over Bruce's head repeatedly as he lay on the stage insisting he couldn't go on.

At that point, everything was in place except "the guitar. Boardwalk-style foods and beverages served as the main course and dessert, and live music was provided by The B Street Band with special guest Vini Lopez, who also enjoyed his first-ever look at the exhibit. Oh yeah, the exhibit Of course, the many Springsteen fans on the east coast and elsewhere who haven't seen it yet are in for a major treat.

Those who got to see it in Cleveland at the Hall of Fame, however, also will enjoy re-visiting this "reboot" in Philly.

bruce springsteen meet and greet 2012

Lots of small but very interesting enhancements, especially in drawing new connections between Springsteen's music and the concepts of freedom of expression and social conscience. This is the National Constitution Center, after all. A few items have been traded out for others, some different notebook pages are on display, and the physical layout itself is very different.

Look for a more detailed report on the various changes in Backstreets issue 91, coming soon.

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For now, we'll leave you with the happy news that by 6 p. From Asbury Park to the Promised Land: Click here or phone to purchase tickets. In Paris yesterday to unveil his new album, Wrecking Ball, to the world's media, Springsteen admitted it had been written in a spirit of political anger.

With the financial crisis, "an enormous fault-line cracked the American system wide open and its repercussions are just beginning to be felt. Befitting troubled times for the working man, it is Springsteen's most overtly political collection of songs. The title, he said, reflects "the flat destruction of some American ideals and values over the last 30 years.

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It seemed like a good metaphor. The Telegraph also has a track-by-track review of the new album, for those who don't mind spoilers. On a second season for Lilyhammer: But I've got this other little logistical problem called the Bruce Springsteen tour. I gotta see how the hell I can do this. If we wait until the end of the tour to film it, we're talking for season two. And then we have the added bonus of keeping it somewhat in the family with Jake being the nephew. It sounds like Bruce Springsteen, just doing some new things We learned the whole album in like a day.

bruce springsteen meet and greet 2012

It's great, great, great stuff and easy to adapt to live. It's going to be really fun to play stuff from The Promise and the new album.

That's probably will be the same thing that'll happen here. We'll do something before The Apollo, I'm sure. You don't want to start with a live broadcast never having made it through the set.

Even for us, that's a bit much — although we do like challenges. Frank himself was there today, and he sent us this image showing Bruce's Corvette in front of his own classic image of same from back in the day yes, that's a Stefanko within a Stefanko. Bruce Springsteen was an inaugural inductee inand his longtime blood brothers follow four years later in the Class of Taking notes, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Since the voting regulations state that "any living inductee to the NJHOF must accept his or her award in person at the annual induction ceremony in order to be officially included as a member of the Hall of Fame," the E Street Band will likely be officially inducted at a later date.

bruce springsteen meet and greet 2012

Live From Barcelona on their massive, foot, high definition movie screen. Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday, February 24, but you can take advantage of a special Backsteets.