Calcitonin and pth relationship with

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calcitonin and pth relationship with

Parathyroid gland: The parathyroid gland in relation to the thyroid gland. PTH has effects antagonistic to those of calcitonin by increasing blood calcium levels. Calcitonin is involved in helping to regulate levels of calcium and phosphate in the blood, opposing the action of parathyroid hormone. This means that it acts to . Calcitonin (also known as thyrocalcitonin) is a amino acid linear polypeptide hormone that In many ways, calcitonin counteracts parathyroid hormone (PTH) and vitamin D. More specifically There is a relationship between the subcutaneous dose of calcitonin and peak plasma concentrations. Following parenteral.

Stimulating net resorption of bone mineral releases calcium and phosphate into blood, and suppressing this effect allows calcium to be deposited in bone.


The kidney is critcally important in calcium homeostasis. Under normal blood calcium concentrations, almost all of the calcium that enters glomerular filtrate is reabsorbed from the tubular system back into blood, which preserves blood calcium levels.

calcitonin and pth relationship with

If tubular reabsorption of calcium decreases, calcium is lost by excretion into urine. Hormonal Control Systems Maintaining normal blood calcium and phosphorus concentrations is managed through the concerted action of three hormones that control fluxes of calcium in and out of blood and extracellular fluid: Parathyroid hormone serves to increase blood concentrations of calcium.

Mechanistically, parathyroid hormone preserves blood calcium by several major effects: Stimulates production of the biologically-active form of vitamin D within the kidney.

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Facilitates mobilization of calcium and phosphate from bone. To prevent detrimental increases in phosphate, parathyroid hormone also has a potent effect on the kidney to eliminate phosphate phosphaturic effect.

calcitonin and pth relationship with

Maximizes tubular reabsorption of calcium within the kidney. This activity results in minimal losses of calcium in urine.

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Vitamin D acts also to increase blood concentrations of calcium. It is generated through the activity of parathyroid hormone within the kidney. Far and away the most important effect of vitamin D is to facilitate absorption of calcium from the small intestine.

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Calcitonin is secreted into the milk. Pharmaceutical manufacture[ edit ] Calcitonin was extracted from the ultimobranchial glands thyroid-like glands of fish, particularly salmon. Salmon calcitonin resembles human calcitonin, but is more active. At present, it is produced either by recombinant DNA technology or by chemical peptide synthesis. The pharmacological properties of the synthetic and recombinant peptides have been demonstrated to be qualitatively and quantitatively equivalent.

Calcitonin can be used therapeutically for the treatment of hypercalcemia or osteoporosis. Diagnostics[ edit ] It may be used diagnostically as a tumor marker for medullary thyroid cancerin which high calcitonin levels may be present and elevated levels after surgery may indicate recurrence.

calcitonin and pth relationship with

It may even be used on biopsy samples from suspicious lesions e. It inhibits the activity of osteoclasts, which are the cells responsible for breaking down bone. When bone is broken down, the calcium contained in the bone is released into the bloodstream.

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Therefore, the inhibition of the osteoclasts by calcitonin directly reduces the amount of calcium released into the blood. It can also decrease the resorption of calcium in the kidneysagain leading to lower blood calcium levels. However, with the introduction of newer drugs, such as bisphosphonatestheir use is now very limited. How is calcitonin controlled? The secretion of both calcitonin and parathyroid hormone is determined by the level of calcium in the blood.

When levels of calcium in the blood increase, calcitonin is secreted in higher quantities.

calcitonin and pth relationship with