Catherine and hindleys relationship quizzes

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catherine and hindleys relationship quizzes

time to discover the relationships among the occupants of the house: a young Catherine and Heathcliff become close friends, but Hindley's resentment at his father's .. The inventory is essentially an open-book quiz that measures how. What was Hindley's relationship with Heathcliff like? How did Joseph influence Mr. Earnshaw? Quiz Answers: The diary belongs to Catherine Earnshaw. Take the Quiz: Relationships in Wuthering Heights. Hint: I shall refer to the older Catherine as Catherine and the younger Catherine Earnshaw and Hindley.

This enables Heathcliff to seek revenge on him for his cruelty towards him in his childhood years. Story[ edit ] Hindley begins to view Heathcliff as his rival when Mr. Earnshaw, his father, brings an orphan named Heathcliff home and raises the child as his own. Jealous of and threatened by Heathcliff's closeness to Mr.

Earnshaw, Hindley instantly treats Heathcliff with animosity and abuse. Eventually, this gives way to Mr. Earnshaw favoring Heathcliff as his favorite child, above his son Hindley and daughter Catherine, causing Hindley to hate his "foster-brother" even more.

Wuthering Heights Chapters 5 - 8 Summary

His father then, with the advice of others, sets him to go off to college. Earnshaw dies, Hindley returns home to the funeral with a wife, Frances. Nelly Dean suggests that Frances is most likely a woman with, "neither money nor name to recommend her, or he would scarcely have kept the union from his father.

Hindley's cruelty causes Heathcliff to entertain thoughts of avenging himself upon Hindley, as he tells Nelly Dean that he would love to "paint the housefront with Hindley's blood! He rapidly begins to curse, gamble, and declare mad, coarse ravings.

He even comes close to killing his own son, Hareton, although Heathcliff accidentally saves the infant child. Hindley later regrets this action, and decides to fire Heathcliff as opposed to continue to beat him. Earnshaw about the manner in which Heathcliff and Catherine behaved.

Joseph felt that he was an authority on the Bible and its teachings. He also felt his interpretation should be followed by everyone in the house. He especially liked to blame Catherine for any problems which occurred at the house. Catherine was a bit wild, she liked to have the run of the household and would cause trouble for any servant who did not do her bidding.

She also seemed to gain joy from causing trouble and even enjoyed being scolded for her behavior. She did have a kind side to her, and after causing someone to cry would try to quiet them. Her father did not approve of her behavior and told her he could no longer love her because of her actions. This did cause her some sadness, but not enough for her to change her ways.

Finally, one day in October, Mr. His death caused many changes in the household. Up until this time Heathcliff was protected from the abuse of Hindley. Catherine, while not loved by her father, had the life of a country squires daughter. This all changed after Mr. Hindley Earnshaw came home with his new wife, Frances, to attend the funeral services.

He also came home to take control of his sister and Heathcliff.

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Their lives changed dramatically, because his old hatred of Heathcliff came back and he used Heathcliff to keep Catherine in line. Heathcliff went from being favored son to servant and Catherine was for the first time punished for her actions. Heathcliff and Catherine would slip into the moors any chance they could in order to get away from Hindley.

catherine and hindleys relationship quizzes

One day they did not return and Hindley ordered the servants to lock them out of the house. Dean, called Ellen, waited up to let them into the house anyway. After a while Heathcliff returned without Catherine, who had been injured by the Linton's dog.

The Lintons were the family which resided at Thrushcross Grange. It seems the two of them were outside looking through a window spying on the Linton children and they were discovered.

The dogs were set loose on them, and one of the dogs had bitten Catherine in the ankle. While they extended care to Catherine, Heathcliff was told to leave because he was seen as a ruffian. After receiving punishment from Hindley, and being separated from Catherine, Heathcliff gave up trying to get along with anyone.

Catherine did come home, after a five week stay with the Lintons, but her relationship with Heathcliff was damaged. On Christmas Day, not long after Catherine had returned home, the Lintons visited Catherine and her family. This visit did have one condition, which was Heathcliff was not allowed in the presence of the Linton children. Heathcliff decided he wanted to spend Christmas with the family, so he had Mrs.

catherine and hindleys relationship quizzes

Dean help him clean up and promised to be on his best behavior. Unfortunately, Hindley saw him and told him he was not allowed to be with the family.