Chidinma and lil kesh relationship counseling

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chidinma and lil kesh relationship counseling

Olamide signed Lil Kesh, but the man that put him on our playlist is Davido. The relationship of the two right now is unknown but they had a. Lil Kesh is a young outstanding Nigerian rapper and songwriter. Lil Kesh and Chidinma Ekile kept in secret their relationships for six months. This was the case of Chidinma Ekile in , when she took a leap from being random to ruling fandoms; resulting from The other day, it was Lil Kesh telling us why she would make a perfect wife for him. Our working relationship is awesome. Her mantra doubled as advice for any ear available.

Word on the street is that it seemed like he was limited during his stay at Five Star Music. In his short stay at Altar Plate, Harry has hit pay-dirt with a couple of singles, videos and some healthy collaborations. The Kedike crooner did not renew her contract with the label after its expiration in Till date, both parties chose to keep mum about the affair, after amicably parting ways.

After leaving Capital Hills, it became evident that irrespective of her talent, her exit from the label negatively affected her music because since then she has hardly released any reasonable amount of singles nor appeared at industry shows either as a guest artiste or a surprise act.

Showtime can confidently affirm that even when she is invited and paid upfront to perform at an event, she hardly shows up for reasons best known to her. Till date, nobody can say what precisely caused his exit from the label as both he and Ubi have since kept mum on the matter. Since his arrival at Mavin Records, compared to what he churned out in quick successions at MMMG, he seems to be on the slow lane.

Sometime inhe was arrested and detained alongside his manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe, for allegations of fraud and diversion of funds, leveled against them by the management of Baseline Records, but it was later resolved amicably after much consultations. We can rightly say that since his departure from EME, his music career has recorded immense success; some say it was because his exit was based on a mutual understanding between himself and his former label boss, BankyW, else his career would have nosedived by now.

You may recall that the label instigated a court injunction against Runtown sometime ago; restraining him from performing at any show within and outside Nigeria due to unresolved differences between them, but later resolved it. His latest singles, Mad over you and For life, have since become national anthems on the lips of both young and old. He has recorded countless local and international performances on big stages, something he could not confidently boast of while with his former label.

Since then, he has been able to maintain his popularity among fans for the kind of music he churns out. He has also released his debut album which received massive recognition and acceptance, recorded a number of international stage appearances in Canada, London and other countries of the world, award nominations and wins amongst other success stories.

Obviously, we could say that parting ways with YBNL was a right step in the right direction. Though some critics argue that the success he has recorded so far since his exit from YBNL is because he has maintained a cordial affinity with his former boss, Olamide, arguing that Lil Kesh is not ripe enough to be on his own. Ice Prince on downward slide after Choc City? Earlier this year he publicly announced the expiration of his contract with Chocolate City and the establishment of his own record label, Super Cool Cats.

chidinma and lil kesh relationship counseling

His exit from Chocolate City came on the heels of a mutual agreement between both parties unlike some others who left under acrimonious circumstances.

Has he been faring well since he parted ways with his former label? Yes, even though he may not have recorded so much success since his exit, but unlike some other artistes, he is doing pretty well; at least he is still releasing good songs which are widely received and accepted by his fans.

On the contrary, Showtime can confirm that he has not been appearing at industry shows like in the past, which obviously is not a good thing for his career reputation.

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Saeon bit more than she can chew with Baseline Music Popularly known as Saeon Moruda, but born Oluwaseun Omolara Oni, the all round entertainer shot into limelight after featuring Wizkid on her hit single, Boogie Down, which enjoyed massive airplay on radio stations, in clubs, restaurants and private homes. She got signed on to Baseline Music in and since then she has released a couple of creative works which have thrived. Unfortunately for the daring singer, she suffered lack of support from the label and when she voiced her dissatisfaction, bad blood began to brew up eventually leading to her acrimonious exit from the label.

Has she been spotted at any industry show or event in recent times since her exit from the label? Debbie Rise saved by BBNaija?

Former Nigeria Idol contestant and Big Brother Naija finalist, Debbie Rise, acrimoniously split ways with her record label, Records, after the management of the label repudiated her deal with them, all because she requested to have a look at a record of the financial investment carried out on behalf of her music career.

Quite an alarming number of men are romantically attracted to her. The other day, it was Lil Kesh telling us why she would make a perfect wife for him.

Confirming that she is in the know of her widely perceived girl-next-door vibe, she hints her unavailability.

Interrupts with vehement passion and people will think that for a very long time. Trust me, we have such a beautiful chemistry. Our working relationship is awesome. I can tell you that for a fact. When we are in the studio, a lot of things happen. A lot of magic happens.

chidinma and lil kesh relationship counseling

From her reply to our WhatsYourTake question, you could tell she was a deep lover. Her discography of love tunes then seemed explained.

What kind of bae?

chidinma and lil kesh relationship counseling

Are we serious or not? If we are, then yes.

chidinma and lil kesh relationship counseling

I can give him. On her effortless charm Through the most part of the photo shoot, she seemed to wear a cosmetic frown but the opposite was quite the case during the interview.

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I am not sure they are up to 3. I want to smile less. Because I smile a lot and people sometimes tend to see that as a weakness. Chidinma lets out a hysterical defensive laugh.

Now under pressure from her sister for the interview to come to a close as they had to leave for further engagements, we swiftly talk about her signature hairstyle. So I thought to myself. I need to cut this hair. I also wanted a different look.

chidinma and lil kesh relationship counseling

I remember the first time I cut my hair. When people say there is a casting down, I say there is a lifting up. I just hope that some men will be more responsible and learn when to walk away when being tempted to do these things.

We do not know what happens in these families. We do not live with them. You can never justify that. I pray it stops. I just want to urge women to also pray more. We get to avoid these things when we are closer to God. You need to be persistent.