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Chris Vanocur reflects on breaking a story that eventually would change history. My father, Sander Vanocur, covered Mitt Romney's father, Gov. this almost half-century connection is another intriguing footnote to the story. Chris Vanocur is the son of veteran political and diplomatic correspondent with NBC News and ABC News Sander Vanocur. 2. Fred Fogo, a communications and public relations instructor at Salt Lake City's Westminster College, criticized. Sander "Sandy" Vanocur (born Alexander Vinocur, January 8, ) is an American journalist. Christopher is a television news reporter and was a news anchor in Salt Lake City. After Edith's death in , Vanocur married Virginia Backus.

I am not quite sure why, but the way these two church leaders looked at each other made me think they had talked about this topic before. Kennedy, both Catholic presidential candidates. But eventually, Elder Faust continued, Kennedy did. Near the end of the conversation, President Hinckley was asked by another journalist what impact he thought the Olympics had on the church. Here, according to my notes, was his response: We had people come from everywhere. They enjoyed it immensely.

Our people all worked together. We had former missionaries who spoke languages that the people were accustomed to. They could serve as guides and helpers. But many, many people were very, very impressed with Salt Lake City and Utah as a result of that tremendous undertaking, and I believe that the knowledge which people gained of the church as they saw it in action here has helped us and blessed us since then.

While the Olympic scandal may have given Utah a temporary black eye, it also brought Mitt Romney to Utah. This helped lead to a successful Winter Games and catapulted him into elected office. When the taping of the conversation with the First Presidency ended, I enjoyed a brief chat with President Hinckley. His final words to me that day were said with a gracious, perhaps knowing smile.

The truth is, when my source told me all those years ago that someone high up in the church had voiced concerns about my Olympic reporting, a name also was mentioned. According to my source, the concern came from President Hinckley himself.

This is why his Olympic remark meant so much to me. I felt I had been absolved. There, on Thursday, Aug. It will be a moment of triumph for a man, a religion and a state.

Romney has now been running for president for at least the past five years—some might suggest longer. He has personally spent tens of millions of dollars in this presidential quest, not to mention the time, effort and never-ending scrutiny. As for the LDS Church, that moment will represent a remarkable evolutionary turn. Once persecuted as outsiders, the Mormon people will, at long last, see one of their own reach very rarefied political air. I expect my thoughts that night will be many and varied.

Listening to his words that night, I may also silently yet strongly be reminded that journalism still matters.

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But not only that. Lately, I have found myself thinking about families. George Romney, when he ran for president in In a state where both family and history matter a great deal, this almost half-century connection is another intriguing footnote to the story of Mitt, the Mormons and me. Earlier this summer, I was attending a charity event when a person who appeared to be both slightly liberal and slightly inebriated approached me.

It was not the first time someone had said this to me. Over the years, I have heard this lighthearted suggestion from Democrats, Republicans and even from someone fairly high up in the Romney campaign.

It always makes me laugh. Still … if Mitt Romney were elected president and somehow wanted to say thank you in the form of a plum political job, I suppose it would be unpatriotic of me not to accept.

I could, for example, be one of the Federal Communications Commissioners.

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There is plenty of mischief to be had there. Or, on second thought, I would also grudgingly accept an appointment as ambassador to a warm island somewhere in the Pacific. Perhaps, I could be assigned to a small country with quality beaches, an absence of political strife and no Winter Olympic sports.

This, it seems to me, would be the perfect place to let some old scar tissue disappear in the warmth of the sun.

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He also hosts the Sunday morning show On the Record. Just answer the questions, please. In so doing, he inadvertently took the lid off of one of the biggest scandals in Olympics history.

The letter, written inwas addressed to Sonia Essomba, a student at Washington, D. Bythe well was running dry and the senior vice president of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, Dave Johnson, wanted to terminate the arrangement. In reporting on the letter, Vanocur—the son of veteran TV and print journalist Sander Vanocur—sparked local and international attention that led to multiple investigations as well as resignations and firings of key Olympic officials on the local and international level.

Meanwhile, other past and future Olympic city hosts came under scrutiny for the gifts they had used to curry favor and, in essence, buy votes. How did this story get picked up nationally? The first settler in Cleaveland was Lorenzo Carter, who built a cabin on the banks of the Cuyahoga River, the Village of Cleaveland was incorporated on December 23, In spite of the swampy lowlands and harsh winters, its waterfront location proved to be an advantage.

The area began rapid growth after the completion of the Ohio, growth continued with added railroad links. Cleveland incorporated as a city ininthe city, then located only on the eastern banks of the Cuyahoga River, nearly erupted into open warfare with neighboring Ohio City over a bridge connecting the two. Ohio City remained an independent municipality until its annexation by Cleveland inthe citys prime geographic location as a transportation hub on the Great Lakes has played an important role in its development as a commercial center.

Cleveland serves as a point for iron ore shipped from Minnesota. InJohn D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in Cleveland, other manufacturers located in Cleveland produced steam-powered cars, which included White and Gaeth, as well as the electric car company Baker.

Because of the significant growth, Cleveland was known as the Sixth City during this period, bydue in large part to the citys economic prosperity, Cleveland became the nations fifth largest city. Johnson among its leaders, many prominent Clevelanders from this era are buried in the historic Lake View Cemetery, including President James A.

Garfield, and John D. In commemoration of the centennial of Clevelands incorporation as a city, conceived as a way to energize a city after the Great Depression, it drew four million visitors in its first season, and seven million by the end of its second and final season in September The exposition was housed on grounds that are now used by the Great Lakes Science Center, following World War II, the city experienced a prosperous economy.

In sports, the Indians won the World Series, the hockey Barons became champions of the American Hockey League, as a result, along with track and boxing champions produced, Cleveland was dubbed City of Champions in sports at this time 2.

Northwestern University — Composed of twelve schools and colleges, Northwestern offers undergraduate degrees and graduate and professional degrees.

Northwestern was founded in by John Evans, for whom the City of Evanston is named and its founding purpose was to serve the Northwest Territory, an area that today includes the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota.

Instruction began inwomen were admitted intoday, the main campus is a acre parcel in Evanston, along the shores of Lake Michigan 12 miles north of downtown Chicago. The universitys law, medical, and professional schools are located on a acre campus in Chicagos Streeterville neighborhood, inthe university opened a campus in Education City, Doha, Qatar with programs in journalism and communication. Northwestern has the tenth largest university endowment in the United States, inthe university accepted 9.

Northwestern is a member of the Big Ten Conference and remains the only private university in the conference. The schools nine founders, all of whom were Methodists, knelt in prayer, John Evans, for whom Evanston is named, bought acres of land along Lake Michigan inand Philo Judson developed plans for what would become the city of Evanston, Illinois. Willard Residential College is named in her honor, Northwestern admitted its first women students inand the first woman was graduated in Northwestern fielded its first intercollegiate football team inlater becoming a member of the Big Ten Conference.

In the s and s, Northwestern affiliated itself with already existing schools of law, medicine, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law is the oldest law school in Chicago. The Association of American Universities invited Northwestern to become a member inina proposal to merge Northwestern with the University of Chicago was considered but rejected.

Northwestern was also one of the first six universities in the country to establish a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps in the s, after the golden years of the s, the Great Depression in the United States hit Northwestern hard. Investment income shrank, fewer parents could pay full tuition, and annual giving from alumni, the university responded with two salary cuts of 10 percent each for all employees. It imposed a freeze, a building freeze, and slashed appropriations for maintenance, books 3.

Established in by the French explorer Henri de Tonti, Peoria is the oldest European settlement in Illinois, as of the census, the city was the seventh-most populated in Illinois, with a population ofThe Peoria Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population ofinPeoria had a population ofinwhen far northern Peoria was also included.

Around 12, jobs will still remain in the Peoria area, Peoria is one of the oldest settlements in Illinois, as explorers first ventured up the Illinois River from the Mississippi. The lands that eventually would become Peoria were first settled in and this fort would later burn to the ground, and in Fort Clark, Illinois was built.

When the County of Peoria was organized inFort Clark was officially named Peoria, Peoria was named after the Peoria tribe, a member of the Illinois Confederation. The original meaning of the word is uncertain, a 21st-century proposal suggests a derivation from a Proto-Algonquian word meaning to dream with the help of a manitou. Peoria was incorporated as a village on March 11, the city did not have a mayor, though they had a village president, Rudolphus Rouse, who served from to This was the end of a president and the start of the mayoral system.

Peoria is bounded on the east by the Illinois River except for the enclave of Peoria Heights, four bridges run directly between the city and neighboring East Peoria. On the south end of Peorias western border are Bartonville and the established city of West Peoria. Local municipal plans indicate that the city intends to continue its expansion northwest, into an area considered part of Dunlap.

Peoria has a continental climate, with cold, snowy winters. Monthly daily mean temperatures range from Profits are reinvested in journalism rather than to the benefit of an owner or shareholders, the Guardian is edited by Katharine Viner, who succeeded Alan Rusbridger in InThe Guardians print edition had a daily circulation of roughlycopies in the country, behind The Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper has an online UK edition as well as two international websites, Guardian Australia and Guardian US, the newspapers online edition was the fifth most widely read in the world in Octoberwith over Its combined print and online editions reach nearly 9 million British readers, notable scoops include the News International phone hacking scandal, in particular the hacking of murdered English teenager Milly Dowlers phone. The investigation led to the closure of the UKs biggest selling Sunday newspaper, and one of the highest circulation newspapers in the world, init led the investigation into the Panama Papers, exposing the then British Prime Minister David Camerons links to offshore bank accounts.

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The Guardian has been named Newspaper of the Year four times at the annual British Press Awards, the paper is still occasionally referred to by its nickname of The Grauniad, given originally for the purported frequency of its typographical errors.

The Manchester Guardian was founded in Manchester in by cotton merchant John Edward Taylor with backing from the Little Circle and they launched their paper after the police closure of the more radical Manchester Observer, a paper that had championed the cause of the Peterloo Massacre protesters.

They do not toil, neither do they spin, but they better than those that do. When the government closed down the Manchester Observer, the champions had the upper hand. The influential journalist Jeremiah Garnett joined Taylor during the establishment of the paper, the prospectus announcing the new publication proclaimed that it would zealously enforce the principles of civil and religious Liberty. Warmly advocate the cause of Reform, endeavour to assist in the diffusion of just principles of Political Economy and.

Support, without reference to the party from which they emanate, in the paper merged with the British Volunteer and was known as The Manchester Guardian and British Volunteer until The working-class Manchester and Salford Advertiser called the Manchester Guardian the foul prostitute, the Manchester Guardian was generally hostile to labours claims. The Manchester Guardian dismissed strikes as the work of outside agitators —, if an accommodation can be effected, the occupation of the agents of the Union is gone.

CP Scott made the newspaper nationally recognised and he was editor for 57 years fromand became its owner when he bought the paper from the estate of Taylors son in Under Scott, the moderate editorial line became more radical, supporting William Gladstone when the Liberals split in 5. The New York Times has won Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper, the papers print version in had the second-largest circulation, behind The Wall Street Journal, and the largest circulation among the metropolitan newspapers in the US.

The New York Times is ranked 18th in the world by circulation, following industry trends, its weekday circulation had fallen in to fewer than one million. Morgan and Edward B.

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We do not believe that everything in Society is either right or exactly wrong, —what is good we desire to preserve and improve, —what is evil, to exterminate. Inthe started a western division, The Times of California that arrived whenever a mail boat got to California. However, when local California newspapers came into prominence, the effort failed, the newspaper shortened its name to The New-York Times in It dropped the hyphen in the city name in the s, One of the earliest public controversies it was involved with was the Mortara Affair, the subject of twenty editorials it published alone.

Tweed offered The New York Times five million dollars to not publish the story, in the s, The New York Times transitioned gradually from editorially supporting Republican Party candidates to becoming more politically independent and analytical.

Sander Vanocur Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Kennedy, Education and ABC

Inthe paper supported Democrat Grover Cleveland in his first presidential campaign, while this move cost The New York Times readership among its more progressive and Republican readers, the paper eventually regained most of its lost ground within a few years. However, the newspaper was financially crippled by the Panic ofthe paper slowly acquired a reputation for even-handedness and accurate modern reporting, especially by the s under the guidance of Ochs.

Under Ochs guidance, continuing and expanding upon the Henry Raymond tradition, The New York Times achieved international scope, circulation, inthe first air delivery of The New York Times to Philadelphia began. The New York Times first trans-Atlantic delivery by air to London occurred in by dirigible, airplane Edition was sent by plane to Chicago so it could be in the hands of Republican convention delegates by evening. In the s, the extended its breadth and reach.

The crossword began appearing regularly inand the section in 6. The first American television newscast in history was made by NBC News on February 21, anchored by Lowell Thomas, due to wartime restrictions, there were no live telecasts of the conventions, although films of the events were reportedly shown over WNBT the next day.

Trumans surprising victory over New York governor Thomas E. Dewey, the television audience was small, but NBCs share in New York was double that of any other outlet.

The following year, the Camel News Caravan, anchored by John Cameron Swayze, lacking the graphics and technology of later years, it nonetheless contained many of the elements of modern newscasts.

Television assumed a prominent role in American family life in the late s. NBC president Robert Kintner provided the division with ample amounts of both financial resources and air time.

Senator to observe later, When I think of Little Rock, in an era when space missions rated continuous coverage, NBC configured its largest studio, Studio 8H, for space coverage.

McAndrew served in that position until his death inMcAndrew was succeeded by his executive vice president, producer Reuven Frank, who held the position until On November 22, NBC interrupted various programs on its stations at 1,45 p. Kennedy had been shot in Dallas, Texas 7. The movement, which did not succeed until after the Cuban Revolution of December 31, severed the countrys formerly strong links with the US after nationalizing American economic assets.