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wyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin attend the 3rd annual Sean Penn out and says it: he was to blame for the failure of his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow, In contrast, Californian Gwyneth, who loves giving advice, once told a. Cecile has sought to address the current rumor being circulated about her baby daddy Chris Martin. Last week a blog claimed the “Original Bad. Dancehall star Ce'cile popped by the Capital FM studios for a candid conversation with Amina Abdi. Grandchild to the former Mayor of.

So, these days when she graces the track she looks like true sprinting royalty. Time has surely been kind to you Mr. At present, she is 40 pounds lighter with a banging body that even Nicki Minaj would envy. Now fast forward to He has changed a lot, right? His confidence has peaked. After winning Rising Stars, Chris seemed to have focused primarily on ensuring that he was as marketable as possible and luckily he succeeded.

He now sports a super ripped body the he flaunts everywhere. Cecile has certainly been like the Jamaican Madonna in terms of constantly reinventing herself. She has always had the lyrical content but lacked a proper image that would really propel her to the next level.

The 22 year old is quite a mini media mogul. In her five years in the industry she has accomplished more than many twice her age in the field. Initially, she had a naturally slim and curvy body. In she gained a bit of a weight, then in she appeared at the Youth View Award revealing her extremely thin new figure.

The reggae superstar was one of the 1st dancehall acts to successfully make the transition from hardcore dancehall to reggae. At the start of his career he sported a low cut but after crossing over to the Rastafarian faith in the late 90s he began to assume a more unrefined appearance.

He is only 41 years old but looks a lot older. Adijah Palmer, is arguably the most controversial artiste the Caribbean has ever seen. What did that do for you as a career builder and as a women in the industry?

You have faced the issues of producers treating you like a sex object, how do you get past that, you have pursued your own direction creatively, you present a mature attitude and work ethic, was that a hurdle to overcome? For me that was the catalyst for me to launch my career. And I gained the respect of a lot of people who were probably planning to check me out, changed their mind or probably waited until years later to say something.

I thought I was going to be a pop star within like the first two years. I am not even one yet, how wrong was I? But as a woman you have to just go out there and to me its like any other job, any other career path, you have to be at the top of the game you have to study, you have to research, you have to retain and you know strategically do what you have to do.

Who says that firing is wrong? Who says that a guy. Thank you and you are handsome yourself. You know what I am saying?

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I think a lot more females just need to look at it like that. I think it is common in the creative industries, even in the film industry, people are often in experimental situations together and often women seem to face this. You have to also be smart, it is what it is.


You need to know what you are doing as well. You have had a relationship with Christopher Martin and you have a child together. What is it like to co-parent with another artist in the spotlight of this very prominent media in JA? We are newly separated as well and new parents we are trying to just make it work.

He really tries his best to see my daughter whenever he can.

Chris Martin & Cecile Welcomes New Born Baby Girl

How do you see yourself now at this point in your career? You have commented that slack lyrics sell, that it helps to market the artist and creates rapid cash flow, you seem to have shifted from straight slack lyrics on this album, do you have a sense that the current trend towards extreme slack sexual lyrics in the dancehall may be going to far in terms of making this impression on the younger people in Jamaica?

Is the whole song about that? Is every song about that? So I think there has to be a balance and of course slack sells, being broad but its so over the edge and so far gone. I honestly believe that. So I am going to say, when you reach a level that you have attained this type of status that you can maintain certain things then you should stop. La Di Da Di is such a smooth groove and interesting storyline about what happens in the bedroom from the female perspective….

Jon FX who is producing her, that is her husband, we vibed it and he already had the beat and it was like crazy and we just did that. It was just a soca vibe and just do it. Kingston Step has a traditional ska rhythm, you have said in interviews that it is important for you to get a true Jamaican sound and to work with producers that keep the standards high.

This song has an Out of Many One People message, how did you set out wanting to do a ska groove? On my last album, Jamaicanization there was a ska groove on there as well. Do you feel like these type of songs have to be on a rhythm that other artists will pick up on to make them popular? I did not want to put it out as a juggling, its better for us to release it from the album as a single and then maybe put some artist on the beat.

You understand what I am saying? Gong does it, there are lots of people that have done it but not a lot of dancehall artists and I think somebody like Assassin who is so talented, should have his own album and tour.

I thought by now we would have cut down on the juggling and I see riddims out there with 15 people, its and still people are doing that. And its not working, its not selling.

Yes or a Spragga Benz or Diana King, we need this, we need to stop the juggling I firmly believe that is one of the things that is mashing up the music because, first of all, the easiest thing of this, obviously we are not doing music to giveaway because not lots of us are touring and selling out stadiums, so obviously we want to sell.

How can we be asking people to buy so much music, who is buying it?

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So obviously we have already lost, what are they going to do? Buy ten songs per beat? People, I think they think, you put your video on YouTube and you got aviews you are a star or something. Putting a song out on a rhythm or making a video, to me its the relationship with the fan to the artist directly that sets the tone and makes the heart relate to the music and the vibe.

It used to be in reggae if you have a song you end up on the stage. Are you interested in dancing? Do you go out and get your groove on? There is something that happened to me in French Guyana, I went out to the club after I performed, and everybody was playing dancehall and the girls were standing up in front of the guys and bending down and you know this back it up situation and then when Zouk came on, that set of people came off the dancehall.

This new set of people came on and they were doing this most seductive, sexy dance, I felt so bad because that was not happening during our music, that is kind of missing and I hope we get it back.