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Hero Tv Show, Netflix, Claire, Relationships, Tv Shows Future Claire Bennet and Peter Petrelli // Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia // Heroes. Peter is the only Petrelli that actually feels like family to Claire. He's saved her life more than once and he doesn't treat her like some dumb kid. Peter Petrelli Sort Name Petrelli, Peter (Villains future) Portrayed by Milo before being killed by Claire Bennet, while the Haitian blocked his powers. He goes outside, and sees a couple of camera-men going into the chapel next He then teleports away, leaving Claire by herself, with a new goal Template: to kill Peter.

Because kristin from E even noticed the chemistry! Because Paire were voted no. Because Hayden said "anything is possible" about Paire. Because Greg said "there's something Because she wanted to go back for peter Because she was happy he was still alive Because he was so excited to see her Because he was relieved to know she was ok Because he was upset when he thought claire died Because he tried to persuade the cops to save her Because she wanted to talk to him alone Because he knew he had to save her Because they definitely have an attraction to each other Because they are connected to each other Because they talk and sit really close to each other… suspicious much?

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Because they have both died before. Because they look at each others lips when they talk, like they want to kiss. Because he would have died for her Because they always talk about each other Because he dreamt about claire.

Because she wanted to see Peter Because, can their body language be any more obvious?!

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Because "You're the only one that made me feel safe. Because "I just want to see him, I came all this way" Because she saved his life. Because "I guess we're even now" Because he wiped away her tears. Because Peter doesn't want Claire to go. Because Claire brought Peter back to life twice Because they can heal each other Because Peter forgot to mention that they were related Because Peter refers to Clarie as Nathan's daughter Because Peter never mentions the word niece when talking about Claire Because their chemistry is undeniable and unstoppable.

Because the effect would be 'bleh' if the directors told them to play it as 'family' Because they combust together Because they're forbidden fruit Because they need each other Because eyes could say thousands words Because paire hynotize our hearts Because we'll never give up, no matter what Future Peter reveals himself to Matt, and sends him to Africa.

He goes to see Nathan, but he isn't there.

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He goes outside, and sees a couple of camera-men going into the chapel next door. There, he keeps an eye on Nathan, and is ready to fire if he tries to reveal his secret to the world. He does not, however. She warns him of his mistake by coming to the past and tells him of the " butterfly effect ": Step on a butterfly now, and in three years a million people die. He refuses to heed her warnings.

Peter Petrelli (Villains future)

Claire is standing on railroad tracks and about to be hit by an on coming train. Peter swoops in just in time to save her.

Claire begs him to help her learn to defend herself against people like Sylar. Peter refuses, not wanting to cause greater changes and teleports away. At Level 5 of Primatech ResearchPeter is astonished to find Sylar unconscious in a cell and all the others empty. Angela appears and tells him once again of the butterfly effect and the dangers of it.

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She tells him the inmates escaped, and Peter panics. He tells Angela he put his present day self in the body of Jesse Murphy. An enraged Angela screams at a departing Peter to get her son back and go back to where he came from. Edit Future Peter briefly visits Nathan in his office and explains he is trying to find his younger self. After stopping time and releasing his younger self from Murphy's body, Future Peter and Peter travel to the future. Peter remarks that things seem exactly the same as they did in his time, but future Peter tells him there is one big difference.

When his accidental time traveling causes him to undo a mistake, causing his sister to fall in love with his best friend Ando, Hiro is ecstatic. Peter wins a nasty fist fight against Sylar by pinning him to a table with a nail gun to the palms and the balls.

Of course, despite the fan nickname and Nathan creating it, he actually had little control over what his agents actually did: For an example, in a rather notable aversion to the trope early on in the season where Danko not only let Tracy go to kill a random member of the group, he did it without Nathan's knowledge until Nathan was accused by Tracy of setting her up to be released. As soon as Nathan found out what Danko did, he told Danko off for it. Danko also made it known to Nathan that he was spying on both him and Noah, explaining Nathan and Noah were compromised due to their protection of their daughter, Claire, and partiality to Nathan's brother, Peter.

Then, the whole thing spun completely out of Nathan's control once Danko exposed his power prompting the end of the free pass Nathan had given his daughter Claire from this operationwherein Nathan rushed to save Claire from being captured, flew her to Mexico to protect her, and they had to go on the run from his own former agents. And in Volume Three, Sylar with Claire.

Subverted where Claire discovers her college roommate apparently committed suicide by jumping out the window, even leaving a note about how depressed she was, despite having planned out her whole life. Learning that being pushed will send a body a further distance than jumping, Claire jumps out the window herself Good Thing She Can Healonly to land on the same spot.

She was pushed out the window by an invisible girl, but we don't find that out for a few episodes. New Powers As the Plot Demands: Several characters demonstrate the ability to acquire new powers from other powered people. Peter Petrelli copies powers, Dad Petrelli takes them, and Sylar rips them out of their heads killing them, and he gets to use Peter's copying power later.

In general, the whole series operates this trope at a higher level. If the writers need a new power, they don't give it to an existing character, but introduce a new character with the desired ability. One of the benefits of Loads and Loads of Characters is nobody much notices a few more or less.

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Except when Matt gets the power of drawing the future. It's never explained how he got it, and he doesn't use it later, but still Ando is a particular victim of this trope.

His power goes from power amplification to multi purpose energy blasts. Subverted, in that we are given a preview of the latter form of his ability via time travel before we even find out if he'll even get one in the main timeline. It looks awesome, but it would be nice to have some explanation. How Sylar escapes being detected by Hiro and Ando at the diner. Also helps that he was sitting in the shadows. Nice Job Breaking It Hiro: Volume Two Hiro should be the posterboy for this trope. Volume three Hiro blows that out of the water.