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Played as a pervy psychotic by Joaquin Phoenix, Emperor Commodus is but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the atrocities Commodus inflicted Commodus ordered the death of his sister, Lucilla, when he found out that she he formed [a sexual relationship] with a cousin of his father, and even gave the . Finally, I thank Arethusď s readers for their advice, which compelled me to rethink critical aspects .. calls attention () to Lucilla's failure to challenge Commodus's "conception of politics as the .. incest in Gladiator) as a marker of evil. Lucilla. Commodus fought in the arena. His own people didn't like him. In AD his own sister Annia Lucilla, together with her cousin, the.

Gladiator is the story of a powerful general that becomes a slave then a gladiator. You must be wondering why I picked this particular movie? This easily relate to the ideology of the fourth look but adds the emotions, obviously plus the soundtrack the scenery becomes more then just wanting to do what Maximus in that scene but it also makes you empathise not just with scene itself but also makes you the spectator invoke a memory from something emotionally similar.

As I said earlier the fourth look ideology is that the audience connect themselves with movie to an emotional level, to feel what the characters must feel or portrays. The part where I believe mostly cry is when Maximus find his family hanged after being burned, you just empathise, you cry with me, you break with me, you imagine finding yourself in that situation.

A similar scene and more poignant than this scene in gladiator is the whipping of Jesus Christ in the passion of Christ by Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson was able to make the spectator not only question the morality of the people whipping Jesus but also made the audience specifically Christians or believers wonder if they were, are worthy of such sacrifice — this goes with what Paul Willemen says about the movie making us feel something subjectively.

After the break the soldier took another whip which literally took off Jesus skin, the first time I watched that part I screamed thinking if I screamed they will stop completely forgetting that it was a movie I was so immersed in the sceneimmersed in his pain.

Stuart Hall theory on representation comes into context when we look at Lucilla scenes throughout the movie, Hall work on representation accentuate on the power of the visual representation. This also helps in explaining why the other Praetorians could be swayed to defy Commodus in the end as well. Later on, in another extended cut scene, before Commodus has his final exchange with Maximus before their duel Quintus goes to him first attempting to clear his conscience of all that has transpired by saying, "I'm a soldier.

Having seen firsthand the dangerous and mad side of Commodus along with his own guilt, as well as adhering to the rules of the match, leads him to ultimately defying him and ultimately redeeming himself.

Which helps give Maximus a greater chance at winning, and ultimately also decides to help try and carry out Maximus' mission when he relays it to him as he dies. Another, quite probable reason, is the Praetorians no longer believe him worthy of being Emperor. Several times throughout history, the Praetorian Guard has stepped in to eliminate an Emperor who they believe is not acting in the best interests of the Empire.

They also seem to have a deep respect for Maximus, as shown after he defeats Tigris. After Commodus tries to bait Maximus into attacking, which fails, the two Praetorians Maximus walks up to between him and the exit to the gladiator barracks lower their weapons and let him pass without orders, even inclining their heads in a respectful bow.

Why did the slave trader suddenly say he'd bought Juba "in a salt mine in Carthage"? Juba had said he was a hunter. The slave trader didn't want Proximo to buy Juba because he could have been sold at a higher price elsewhere to a different customer.

As the trader had said he was willing to give a discount in his new stock to make up for the "queer girraffes" he sold Proximo. However, Proximo saw right through the ruse knowing that Juba would make a great gladiator—not even the slave trader could hide Juba's muscular physique. What are the differences between the theatrical cut and the Extended Cut?

Commodus (Gladiator)

Several years after its initial release an Extended Cut got published on DVD and later on Blu-ray that runs approximately 16 minutes longer than the more familiar theatrical version.

All of the scenes that were restored for this version had previously been included as deleted scenes on previous DVD releases. The restored scenes are mainly character moments, though some deserve singling out, e. This gives context to Maximus shouting the question "Were you not entertained?!

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This indicates far earlier her unhappiness with Commodus' rule, even stating her brother has to die; and 3 There are the various scenes featuring Maximus' former ally, Quintus, being forced to follow Commodus' orders, leading to the soldier eventually betraying his Emperor. There had been reverses in Rome's past, Fronto writes, at Alliaat Caudiumat Cannaeat NumantiaCirtaand Carrhae ; [60] under Trajan, Hadrian, and Pius; [61] but, in the end, Romans had always prevailed over their enemies: He was stronger and healthier than Marcus, the argument went, more suited to military activity.

Marcus remained in Rome; the city "demanded the presence of an emperor". Pontius Laelianus Larcius Sabinus and M. Iallius Bassus, and part of the praetorian guard. He was made comes Augustorum "companion of the emperors" for his service.

Lucius feasted himself in the country houses along his route, and hunted at Apulia. He fell ill at Canosaprobably afflicted with a stroke, and took to bed. In his reply, Fronto urged his pupil to moderate his desires, and recommended a few days of quiet bedrest. Lucius was better after three days' fasting and a bloodletting.

It was probably only a mild stroke. Warren from a sketch by Captain Byam MartinR. One biographer has postulated that Panthea may have been more beautiful than any of Phidias and Praxiteles ' statues. He had compared her to a goddess, which frightened her—she did not want to become the next Cassiopeia.

Lucius Verus

She made Lucius shave his beard for her. The Syrians mocked him for this, as they did for much else. The whole section of the vita dealing with Lucius' debaucheries HA Verus 4. Some few passages seem genuine; [notes 11] others take and elaborate something from the original. Fronto described the scene in terms recalling Corbulo 's arrival one hundred years before.

Under Lucius, training was stepped up. Pontius Laelianus ordered that their saddles be stripped of their padding. Gambling and drinking were sternly policed.

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He personally inspected soldiers in the field and at camp, including the sick bay. He sent Fronto a letter apologizing for his silence. He would not detail plans that could change within a day, he wrote. Moreover, there was little thus far to show for his work: Lucius' presentation of terms was seen as cowardice.

Because the river breaks across a cliff before reaching the city, Lucius ordered that a new canal be dug. After the project was completed, the Orontes' old riverbed dried up, exposing massive bones—the bones of a giant. Pausanias says they were from a beast "more than eleven cubits" tall; Philostratus says that it was "thirty cubits" tall. The oracle at Claros declared that they were the bones of the river's spirit. Vettulenus Civica Barbarus, the half-brother of Lucius' father.

Lucilla became Lucilla Augusta. Claudius Fronto and P. Martius Verus, served under Statius Priscus in Armenia, earning success for Roman arms during the campaign season of[] including the capture of the Armenian capital Artaxata.

It would have meant a march of twenty days or more, through mountainous terrain, from the Roman border; a "remarkable example of imperialism", in the words of Fergus Millar.

He may not even have been crowned in Armenia; the ceremony may have taken place in Antioch, or even Ephesus. Verus sat on a throne with his staff while Sohaemus stood before him, saluting the emperor. They deposed the country's leader, Mannus, and replaced him with their own nominee, who would remain in office until W'L MLK' on the reverse.