Counsellor and counselee relationship questions

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counsellor and counselee relationship questions

Counselling can benefit persons with emotional issues and or experiencing problems, and maintaining relationships. Many people need someone to confide in. The counsellor- counselee relationship as described by Carl Rogers (), Thus, the relationship may be established before beginning to work on the issues . This summer, I have the pleasure of teaching an undergraduate course in basic counseling skills. While many counseling courses focus on the various theories.

If you could wave a magic wand, what positive changes would you make happen in your life? Do you regularly set positive goals for your work life, love life and fun life?

20 Helpful Marriage Counseling Questions to Ask Your Spouse

What is your attitude about change-do you like change or fear it? What are your positive change goals? How would you like to improve your life that would lead to you feeling more satisfied and happy? If we can find ways to make the problem better, perhaps we can find ways to greatly reduce or even eliminate the problem. Overall, how would you describe your mood?

Still others are pretty thick-skinned about emotional events. In your case, what makes you feel anxious? Is your mood like a roller coaster, or is it pretty steady?

Counselling Microskills: Questioning

What brings you down or makes you feel blue? Do you use drugs, alcohol, sex, money, etc. What have people close to you told you about your moods? What do you expect from the counseling process? I believe you are paying me to help you achieve your positive goals as quickly as possible. Some people like to receive homework, some clients like to vent and have me listen, and others want a high level of back-and-forth dialogue or interaction.

How do you think you learn best? Do you think of me as your communications and relationships coach? How many meetings do you think it will take to achieve your goals? How might you undermine achieving your own goals? Do you blame anyone for your problem? Do you use good advice to grow on? How will you know when we are done? What would it take to make you feel more contented, happier and more satisfied?

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What keeps happening over and over again that frustrates you? What do people keep doing that you dislike, and what do you wish they would change? How do you typically handle irritations, aggravations and frustrations? Do you get mad easily? How does your anger come out? What baggage or resentments do you carry from the past?

What changes could someone make that would really make you feel happy? What has been a major life disappointment? Who is pulling your strings, and why? Do you consider yourself to have a low, average or high interpersonal I. How well do you get along with your life partner? Do you love your life partner? What positive relationship rules do you follow? All relationships go through phases. You will fall in and out of romantic love with one another depending on what your relationship is going through at the time.

When asking marriage counseling questions, examine your issues and decide if the marriage has really gone bad or if you are just going through a bad phase. You may feel like the relationship is salvageable, but your spouse may feel it is too late to save it. In a marriage, some things about your partner will always get on your nerves.

These things usually not cause for divorce, but big things like a lack of trust and honor can destroy intimacy. By asking marriage counseling questions you can find out what things your spouse would like to change about you and you can work on those issues. Asking your spouse if you are loved is one of the most basic marriage counseling questions. Trouble begins when you stop caring at all. Do You Trust Me? Trust is one of the most important factors in any relationship.

If your significant other has a hard time trusting you, you will find it difficult to connect on any level.

counsellor and counselee relationship questions

One of the key elements in gaining trust is forgiveness. Recognize if your partner has learned to think negatively about you because of things you have done. Learn to talk about needs and feelings and share your reasons for what you did. Ask for forgiveness and explain why you will never repeat your mistake. Give your spouse a chance to tell you what you need to do to regain trust. Nearly all couples experience a change in chemistry, but the most important question is how you feel about it.

If the chemistry is dead, your partner may be prone to looking elsewhere. Try to find ways to rekindle the spark such as sharing fantasies or going on a marriage counseling retreat.

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Are You Seeing Someone New? If your spouse has started considering divorce, find out if there is someone else in the picture. If there is infidelity, find out from your spouse what is lacking in your relationship that led to feelings of someone else developing. Psychology Today notes that six in ten cheaters never get caught, so if your spouse is cheating, you may well not know. According to the results of an MSNBC survey, nearly one in five adults has cheated on a current partner.

If your spouse has considered cheating, find out why. What Are Your Expectations of Counseling?

How to Build a Trusting Counselor Patient Relationship

Ask your partner what he or she expects from marriage counseling. If your spouse goes into counseling with the same hopes of saving the marriage that you do, then there is a good chance you can work things out.

Ask your spouse what the reasons are for making the marriage work.

counsellor and counselee relationship questions

If the responses center around love and commitment, the chances are you can work together to rebuild the relationship. If the response has to do with staying together for the children or the number of bills you share, you may need to reevaluate the relationship.

Find out if there are any unresolved issues and work on them.