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The Premier Interview with Daniel O'Donnell & Mary Duff. From Recommends 7 Years ago. Related Media. Related Media; Most Popular; New Arrivals. That began a special relationship between Daniel and PBS and since then, he has The concert also features Daniel's long-term singing partner, Mary Duff. He maintains an ongoing professional relationship with Irish vocalist Mary Duff with whom he often performs with in concert. With his.

Daniel speaks beautifully about it all. It's hard not to be moved by the emotion of the man. The power and the depth of his words seem to sink in that little bit deeper because the car was enveloped in complete darkness except for the light on Daniel's dashboard and the light beaming off the stars up above us in the Spanish night sky.

It was the kind of conversation about faith, life, death and the eternal verities that I never imagined I'd have with Daniel O'Donnell. And yet, after spending five hours with the great man last Friday night in Tenerife, I wondered why I hadn't had this kind of conversation with Daniel O'Donnell years earlier. He is as charismatic a speaker as Bono, albeit far funnier in that laconic, dry, Donegal manner of his.

At one point when the singer opened up about his religious faith, I asked him would he ever ask God to make one of his songs a hit single. Or is it only the really important things he prays for? If He saw fit for that to happen, it would be fine, too.

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Forty-five minutes earlier, the tanned superstar, wearing a check shirt, slacks and sandals, was waiting at the arrivals gate as I came through from the plane from Dublin. Majella has cooked something. We can get something to eat at the house. Be that as it may, Daniel O'Donnell is an iconoclast on many levels. When we arrive at the plush residence, Majella is sitting out on the veranda with her bare feet tucked up under on the designer couch.

Her daughter Siobhan and Siobhan's husband Gavin are sitting next to Maj. Daniel pours me a glass of red wine.

Majella lifts some dinner up for Daniel and myself - chicken wrapped in bacon and tomato and mozzarella cheese - from the exceedingly sleek kitchen. Siobhan's and Gavin's three-month-old baby Olivia is asleep in her cot in one of the house's many bedrooms.

Daniel goes off to check on his grandchild. Majella says that she and Daniel are thinking of selling the house because it is so child-unfriendly. Not that they seem to spend that much time here - despite meeting in Tenerife 14 years ago in Majella's parents' bar. Majella told me in an interview last year of their fateful first meeting: And as we were dancing, he leaned over and he kissed me.

It was far from Tenerife and round-the-globe voyages that Daniel Francis Noel O'Donnell was reared, of course - in a house with no toilet in the Donegal fishing village of Kincasslagh. Having retired to the living room area in Tenerife tonight, Daniel is soon lost in his early childhood and his love of singing. Getting up and singing. Like the priest would have concerts in the hall to raise money for whatever Strange for a child to be singing," Daniel says, meaning lyrics about the pain of being away from your native country like those in The Isle Of Inisfree "And precious things are dreams unto an exile" and the heart-break found in old country songs.

I mean, what would I have sung?

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You're just singing it. I mean, at the time I cried because everybody was crying. You know the way you can go back and think on things and what you felt? Like when my mother died I knew what it felt. My mother was nearly She was nearly 46 years a widow. Margaret started singing in So, my mother was involved in music all the way through.

She loved the whole razzmatazz of it and going places. She went loads of places.

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  • Daniel O'Donnell on sunny days with Majella and facing darker times

My mother was very outgoing. I think a lot of us got it, all the family. My father was a very quiet man, I think. He was a very holy man, too.

And, I believe, a very good person. From what people say about him - people always talk good about the dead, but I think he was extraordinary when it came to people. He used to go to Scotland like a lot of people in Donegal and the west coast - Mayo and that area. He would go away in the winter time and he would go work on farms. Then he would come home for other periods and do turf and set potatoes and all that kind of thing," Daniel says, adding that in relation to his mother's joie de vivre: The people have a quick comment at home that would be so the right comment for the moment and it would be so funny and comical but you'd need to be in the moment to get it.

By accident, Daniel provides an example of his particular sense of playfulness and wit when he notices that a few buttons on his shirt are open, revealing ample chest hair.

With the moon peeping over the mountain down on his swimming pool tonight, Daniel can remember vividly the moment he realised he wanted to sing. It was like an out-of-body experience for the teenager - a Daniel epiphany.

They were singing along with it. I could see a smile, a happiness. I thought, 'I'm really happy doing this. Wouldn't it be great to do this all the time? So it was kind of a strange thing for two people in a family to be successful at.

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You know if you want to be a doctor and you have the ability and education, you can have 10 doctors in the house," he says.

So I went on to Galway to the regional college, doing business, and I knew when I was there that I would always wonder what would it have been like.

I left there and I travelled with Margaret for two years. He recorded his first single, My Donegal Shore. I was nearly frightened to come out. One of the band looked out and said to me, 'Daniel, there's people everywhere.

According to O'Donnell, by Januaryhe had hit rock bottom with exhaustion. After a three-month recovery break, he returned to the stage, this time at the Point TheatreDublin. He appeared on popular television shows in both countries and won various awards. Among the accolades, O'Donnell was named Donegal Person of the Year inwhich he still rates as the best award. He was given the Irish Entertainer of the Year award inand This also led to his first-ever appearance on Top of the Pops.

During his lengthy career, O'Donnell has made friends with his childhood idols, including Cliff Richard and Loretta Lynn. He also forged a close professional relationship with the Irish songstress Mary Duffwho regularly tours with O'Donnell. He has had twenty UK Top 40 albums as well as fifteen Top 40 singles and has sold 10 million records to date. O'Donnell garnered considerable success in North Americawhen he starred in seven concert specials on public television stations PBS in the United States.

He has charted 18 albums in the Top 20 of the U. McLennan received an annulment of her previous marriage, [25] by which she had two children Siobhan and Michael. The couple live in Meenbanad, County Donegal, and spend time at their second home in Tenerife.

Philanthropy[ edit ] O'Donnell has been involved in many charitable causes for many years, most notably in Romania. He has championed the Romanian Challenge Appeal, a charity that helps orphaned Romanian children re-establish themselves within society.

He was involved in urging Irish families to home these young people in Ireland for a period.