Danila kozlovsky and zoey deutsch relationship advice

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danila kozlovsky and zoey deutsch relationship advice

Exclusive: Zoey Deutch Kicks Ass for Vampire Academy. DC: You're very kick- ass in the movie with Danila [Kozlovsky]; do you Can you talk about the best advice your parents gave you and what ZD: I liked the opening scene where it establishes Lissa and Rose's relationship because after that things. Zoey Deutch gives a sweet kiss to Danila Kozlovsky in this cute pic from Instagram, after wrapping filming on Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. Dimitri (Danila Kozlovsky) and Rose (Zoey Deutch) 'training' in I was sold on the romantic relationship and chemistry between Dimitri and.

Stay more faithful to the characters. It also ignored all the other elements that make the books great: Recast the principle actors. Danila Kozlovsky is attractive, but visually he overpowers Zoey Deutch so much that with the additional age difference, it made us very uncomfortable to watch. Zoey also seems like a matter of taste; some people seem to respond to the smart-mouthed style of delivery, but it never quite flows naturally.

Those two casting choices were our main issues, but to be fair, the directing and editing made it very difficult for anyone to really showcase their characters properly. Supporting cast-wise, Joely Richardson did a great job, but the Queen Tatiana scenes almost felt like they belonged in a different movie.

Natalie felt like a caricature.

What Went Wrong with the Vampire Academy movie?

Do a better job with the action. Not every single scene has to have pop music, you know? It got pretty distracting and annoying and loud, and so often seemed to fade in and out without purpose.

A lot of the songs were pretty forgettable, too.

danila kozlovsky and zoey deutsch relationship advice

But maybe there was an issue with partnerships or something, because we definitely noticed that random dig at Hot Topic. Utilize a decent budget. Among the many things that sorely needed more dollars invested in them were the awful special effects and laughable wardrobe. Those psi-hounds were horrendously bad, like something out of an old Stephen King movie pony up some CGI dollars or just digitize some real dogs, okay?

The kind of dress that started religions. This was the kind of dress a secretary would buy on sale for an office party. They dressed that girl like she had a terrible skin condition they were trying to hide, and her clothes made her look emaciated.

Rethink the tone of the film. The humor tried so, so hard but succeeded in being so, so unfunny. We were worried when we first saw the team chosen to develop this project, because as much as we love Mean Girls and it really is one of one of our favorite movies of all timeit seemed as though going that direction could be too different from the extremely dark and serious tone of the last few books.

And it makes us wonder whether this was ever seriously considered as a long term project to begin with. We absolutely want to see more YA film projects succeed, but we also want and deserve good films. We spend massive amounts of time and our own dollars to support projects we love did you notice we went on opening day?

You know what will get more films made?

Interview: Vampire Academy's Zoey Deutch

A decent movie that expands beyond its fan base. I am all about that, and I think we did. I went to middle school in L. I was fully prepared for something like this to happen, funnily enough, from middle school. Were you worried, at all, about the film being a bit different from the book, or do you think that works to its advantage?

I think the only difference from the book to the movie is a little bit of the tone. It just adds another action sequence.

There are so many crazy one-liners, and I got to say most of the fantastic ones. It would be awesome, if that happens. That would be really cool. Were you familiar with the previous work that Mark and Dan Waters have done?

danila kozlovsky and zoey deutsch relationship advice

So, I was not only familiar with their work, but I was also familiar with them. What sort of training did you have to go through for this? I did about three months of gym training, jujitsu, krav maga and kickboxing. And then, I worked throughout filming, as well, during lunch and on my day off. But, it was fun. I definitely feel stronger and more able to protect myself. Did you take to the physical work pretty easily, or was some more challenging than others?

I did about three months of gym, crav maga, jujitsukick boxing and during filming as well and there was a lot with my diet- as much food as I could possibly shovel in my mouth.

I had been a vegetarian for 7 years prior and I became a meat eater for it because I was losing too much weight and I was having a ton of protein shakes so it was pretty full on! So you probably could kick butt then! If you had a choice, would you be a moroi or a dhampir and why? Was it tricky adjusting to filming at night?

What Went Wrong with the Vampire Academy movie? - The Midnight Garden

Absolutely yes, especially the first weeks were pretty brutal because I was on LA time and I go to London and spend a month and a half there on London time and then I go to night shoots. People get really confused by that response. Did you get to see some daylight at all? Do you think making a movie about a really successful book series makes it harder to manage fan expectations?

Have you had much feedback from fans? Do you have any favourite one-liners from the film? It would be vain if I did but Daniel Waters wrote some pretty hilarious one liners for sure.

danila kozlovsky and zoey deutsch relationship advice

The most serious moments are sometimes the most comedic as well. Can you think of any off the top of your head?