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“Homecoming” will introduce DB Russell's (Ted Danson) wife, and viewers will learn the truth about his past with Julie “Finn” Finlay (Elisabeth. BT Life · Quizzes and puzzles · News videos . He had an estranged relationship with his daughter, so she's this angry Langston, and now Ted Danson is the leader as DB Russell. Her character Julie Finlay is a blood spatter specialist so there's a lot of blood in this last season since she's been around. Ted Danson as D.B. Russell, a CSI level 3 supervisor and the lab director [11] Elisabeth Shue's Julie Finlay was featured prominently in archive footage during the Cyber episode "Hack ER". Ecklie and night shift supervisor Gil Grissom have a very rocky relationship . Revolvy's Greatest TV Shows Quiz: # -.

In "Malice in Wonderland", Finn states that she hates weddings as her feet hurt when wearing expensive footwear, though she later attends a wedding ceremony and returns evidence to the victim's husband, demonstrating her sentimental tendencies for the first time. Season 12 also reveals that antibody profiling is Finn's specialty "Split Decisions"and she is not afraid to embrace her sexuality "Altered Stakes".

In "Altered Stakes", Russell makes Finn attend a baseball game for "the team", in which she pretends to have a stitch to flirt with Detective Carlos Moreno on third base.

The two appear to be in a sexual relationship by the following episode, "Dune and Gloom". Later, she is instrumental in the reopening of a case involving evidence improperly processed by Grissom.

Finn reveals she has watched Lord of the Rings 40 times, and wants to watch Athrock the Conqueror, a recently released medieval film "Dune and Gloom". She is also a fan of The Three Musketeers, though struggles to correct Morgan's omission of D'Artagnan in an analogy, as she does not wish to sound like D. In "Homecoming", Finn aggressively pursues a suspect, forcing Russell and Sheriff Liston to remind her of her previous conduct in Seattle - much to Finn's annoyance, who believes Russell is always a politician.

Russell later notes that he did not think she did anything wrong in Seattle, though he does believe she has plans for Moreno.

She later goes on a date with Officer Crenshaw following an argument with Moreno. It is revealed to the audience that Crenshaw is an employee of Jeffrey McKeen, and he states he has "eyes on the package" - he plans to kidnap Finlay as part of a decapitation strategy that sees Ecklie gunned down while walking with Morgan and Russell's abducted granddaughter "Homecoming". Season 13[ edit ] The 13th season begins with Finlay telling Crenshaw she intends to find out what he is planning.

He later lures her to a bar where Russell's granddaughter is being held captive. Crenshaw locks Finn up with Kaitlyn, though she takes the opportunity to release the kidnapped girl, and engages in a fight with her captors. Moreno later rescues Finn, while Finn's efforts to disrupt McKeen's plans are pivotal to the safe retrieval of both Katie and herself, much to the relief of D.

In "Wild Flowers"; however, Stokes and she are shown to be close once again with him warning Moreno not to play games with Finn, while Moreno states she is "hot and cold". After regaining her friendships with Nick and D. Finn's professional integrity is cemented in "Pick and Roll", when she warns D.

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One of the bodies is revealed to be a victim who is part of the case in which Finn resigned from the Seattle P. Finn travels to Seattle, where she reconciles with her ex-husband, smashing his TV before noting that she paid for it.

The CSI's prime suspect is later found dead shortly after Finn entered his hotel room with a gun, leading to her being dismissed from the case by both Jim Brass and Al Robbins.

The case is later solved, with Finn stating it has taken her "two years, two jobs, one marriage", but she has finally caught him. She then returns to Vegas in time to support in an investigation into the discovery of a severed head "Strip Maul"and support Sara in her marital difficulties "Risky Business Class".

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Finn later re-enacts a murder at a news station alongside the rest of the team, appearing surprised when the young weather forecaster actually possesses meteorological knowledge "Dead Air". During this season, Finn is also revealed to have played tennis as a child, and engages in a match with Chris Evert during a murder investigation "Double Fault".

She later supervises the processing of text messages sent to and from CSI: NY 's Mac Taylor 's girlfriend Christine's phone as part of a kidnapping investigation, describing them as "flirtatious" "In Vino Veritas"and bonds with Robbins over his taste in music "Exile". In "Forget Me Not", Finlay processes Sara when she is accused of homicide, inquiring as to whether her colleagues are "team Grissom or team Sara", in lieu of their separation.

She also demonstrates at least some understanding of playing cards in "Last Woman Standing", noting the significance of the weapons depicted thereon.

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Though Finn notes she has demons from her high school days, she chooses not to dwell on the past, and instead to grow up and move on "Dead of the Class". This is a trait she shares with Greg Sanders. In "Sheltered", Finn once again demonstrates an affinity for the victim, choosing to go to the hospital instead of processing the crime scene, and in "Ghosts of the Past", she bonds with a former kidnapping victim, though she returns to processing blood evidence in the intermediate episodes "Backfire" and "Fearless".

During the season finale, Finn plays a key role in convincing Ecklie to send Morgan undercover, which results in the latter being kidnapped "Skin in the Game". In "Torch Song", Finn is impressed by Nick Stokes and his knowledge of arson investigation as the two probe a nightclub fire that resulted in the deaths of four people.

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In "Girls Gone Wild", while accompanying Sara Sidle and Morgan Brody on a car trip that leaves them stranded in a rural Nevada town, Finn is assaulted and nearly raped by a shady mechanic who previously assisted the three women with their car trouble. She stabs the man with his own knife in self-defense, initially leaving him for dead. After informing Sara and Morgan of what happened, the three return to the site of the attack, only to find the mechanic missing.

These events arouse the suspicions of the chauvinistic local sheriff, though the subsequent investigation eventually clears Finn of any wrongdoing. Season 15[ edit ] During the season premiere, Russell and Finlay are called to a crime scene in which all the evidence has been processed, much in the manner of a serial killer they hunted in Seattle. In Homecomingshe revealed the rest of her past with Russell to the CSI team though she left out the part about stealing the sample.

In addition, in Homecoming, Russell's granddaughter is kidnapped, which affected her due to Finlay being a good friend of Russell. Finlay herself also becomes targeted by a corrupt cop.

She informs him that Crenshaw is up to no good and intends to find out exactly what he's up to, much to D. When he takes her to the bar, she discovers Kaitlyn is being held in the warehouse behind the bar. Crenshaw then threatens Finlay with his gun and locks her up with Kaitlyn. Finlay manages to release Kaitlyn, so Crenshaw's partner, Paul Kimball attempts to capture her again.

Crenshaw searches for Finlay while she hides from him, she then jumps on him and they engage in a fight. Finlay runs away after she manages to injure him.

He catches up to her, punches her and then he places handcuffs on her. It is then implied that he will rape Finlay until Detective Moreno bursts in and shoots Crenshaw dead. Later on they manage to save Kaitlyn largely thanks to Finlay's efforts of ruining the corrupt officers' plans of holding them hostage. CSI on Fire The case gets personal for Julie when the victims of Tom Cooleythe murder suspect who got away from her in Seattle, are unearthed in the desert.

Immortality Julie's fate is revealed, as D.