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One thing actress Dia Mirza has learnt from life is that love can be warm, fuzzy, unsettling all at the same time. Career · Money Advice She has partnered friend Zayed Khan and Sahil Sangha (her beau) in her production Dia and Sahil got into this relationship way before they began shooting the film. Sahil Sangha and Dia Mirza own a film production company called Born Free Dia Mirza had been waiting since a long time for Sahil to propose marriage, but. Dia Mirza is now ready with her debut film as a producer. Love Breakups We're both quick to give advice, advice that we'd never follow ourselves (laughs). You have openly admitted your relationship with director Sahil Sangha. How did.

The script was a reflection of what he stood for. I was moved by his sensitivity towards the characters. We had a lot of things in common. From being good friends it was only natural that our relationship progressed. So has he gone down on his knees?

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He wants to do it his way when the moment he believes is right. Is marriage on the cards? An ultimatum has been given to him. Not too many people are comfortable working with their partners? We want the same things out of life. I marvel about his respect for what he wants and the will to fight for his desires to come true.

What a man truly needs, is character. But more or less, we have a calm relationship. So who makes up post a fight? What are your hang-out spots? We hang out a lot in the kitchen. We both love to cook. I swap between Hyderabadi and Punjabi cooking. But predominantly Hyderabadi, so a lot of biryani, nihari, khatti daal, kheema… the works!

And where do you socialise? We spend so much of the day around each other that we make it a point not to discuss work. Usually, we like spending time with friends over a good meal at restaurants or house parties or geting animated over games like Taboo, Pictionary or Articulate.

Marriage not on Dia Mirza’s mind. Only love and breakups

Are you a love at first sight person? There can only be lust at first sight. Would you go for love over lust? You need to lust after your partner because love can only take you that far. How nervous are you ahead of the release? We have pulled off what we set out to do. What makes me anxious is the marketing. There are so many people trying to push their product at the same time. Marketing is a blood drier.

The post processes are the most difficult part of filmmaking. Any worries about how it will be received? Anythingis only as complicated as you make it in your head. You do any job with in the world with integrity and honesty, you will want it show it off without worrying much.

Our music is doing well, which is very reassuring. The buzz is great and the creatives are being appreciated… hope it all goes well smiles Tell us something about your role in LBZ. She is a reflective of a lot of young women, focused on career or career and relationships.

How similar are you and Naina in real life?

Dia Mirza's gets married to Sahil Sangha in Avadhi style - The Economic Times

You have acted in more than 30 films. Do you regret the choices you made in films? How has the experience been when it comes to choosing film projects? LBZ will definitely define me and all of us as actors. A lot of roles I played have been individually exciting but none of them did well enough to push the envelope. What kind of movies do you want to produce?