Doctor and donna relationship

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doctor and donna relationship

Back when I first saw “The Runaway Bride,” I never would've figured Donna would become my favorite new-series companion or that I would. Explore Emily Dixon's board "10th doctor and Donna" on Pinterest. | See more "BEST Doctor Donna moment ever! Their entire relationship in one scene. Unlike Rose and Martha, Donna was intent on maintaining a platonic relationship with the Doctor, reacting with disgust when she misinterpreted his comment.

Donna is a temporary secretary at HC Clements in London, a security firm which, unbeknownst to her, is a front organization for the alien-investigating Torchwood Institute.

When the Doctor unleashes his fury upon the Racnoss, Donna snaps him out of it and together they escape before the Torchwood facility floods. However, because her mind cannot handle the knowledge, the Doctor is forced to wipe her memory of him against her wishes when she tries to begs him not to send her back the way she was and hope that they never meet again, lest she remember and her mind "burn up".

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Early in the story, she buys her grandfather a book written by the episode's villain, which the Doctor takes to mean that the "DoctorDonna" is still trying to subconsciously lend a hand. When every member of the human race apart from herself and Wilf, attributed to Wilf being shielded and Donna's DNA still being slightly altered after the meta-crisis becomes a clone of the Doctor's nemesis the Master John SimmDonna's memories are nearly restored; however, a fail-safe installed by the Doctor protects her, as Donna generates a brief telepathic pulse that knocks out herself and the Masters in the vicinity.

doctor and donna relationship

She makes a fourth and final appearance in the novels in Beautiful Chaos by Gary Russell in December ; subsequent Tenth Doctor novels in the New Series Adventures range feature the Doctor traveling alone. Donna also features in a number of Doctor Who short stories, in Doctor Who Annualand in The Doctor Who Storybook in andas well as making one online short story appearance "The Lonely Computer" the events of which are briefly alluded to in the episode " The Unicorn and the Wasp ".

The character also features prominently in comic books and comic strips featured in Doctor Who Magazinethe younger-audience Doctor Who Adventuresand Doctor Who: Battles in Timeonline comic book features, comics featured in the Annual, and Storybook, as well as in two arcs of American comic book company IDW Publishing 's Doctor Who ongoing series.

doctor and donna relationship

Inshe would star in a fifth full book, called In the Blood, again with the Tenth Doctor, written by Jenny Colgan. Audio drama[ edit ] Donna appears in Big Finish Productions ' fiftieth anniversary mini-series Destiny of the Doctorappearing in the tenth story, Death's Deal, released in Octoberwith Tate returning to play the role. The series was co-produced with AudioGOwho at the time held the license to produce audio productions based on the revived series.

doctor and donna relationship

Casting[ edit ] As indicated by David Tennant in his series two video diary included in the DVD box setthe casting of Catherine Tate was kept secret; her scene in "Doomsday" was filmed with minimal crew.

His series three video diary mentions that this instance was one of the few occasions where the element of surprise was successfully maintained without it being revealed in advance by the media. Donna was heartbroken after learning Lance had been toying with her feelings up to this point, especially when he outright called her stupid and felt he deserved a medal for putting up with her for that long; she still pitied his death when the Empress betrayed him and fed Lance to her children.

Donna helped the Doctor defeat the Empress and pulled him away from the Empress' death, saving his life. However, she turned down his offer to travel with him, frightened by what he had done and could do such as making the TARDIS trigger snow.

The Runaway Bride Joining the Doctor Edit As a result of her encounter with the Doctor, Donna's eyes were opened to the universe, and she could not resume her old life. Also following this encounter, Donna's father, Geoff Nobledied and Wilfred Motther grandfather on her mother's side, moved in with them. Donna tried to live without the Doctor.

She went to Egypt for two weeks on holiday looking for some excitement. When this failed, she began investigating unexplained events, knowing the Doctor always ran into trouble and hoping that she would be able to encounter the Doctor again. She also took a thermos of coffee up to her grandfather when he was looking at the stars.

Donna Noble: 5 reasons why she was one of the best companions of the New Series

Partners in Crime Inshe began looking into Adipose Industries ; whilst spying on Miss Foster, the head of Adipose Industries, she suddenly saw the Doctor also spying on her from the outside window, who was as surprised as she was when he saw her.

Together they stopped the birthing of the Adipose from fatally converting human tissue into Adipose young, and witnessed the March of the Adipose. The Doctor once again invited her to travel with him, Donna remarking that she must've been mad to turn him down the first time. Unlike most companions of the Doctor, she was well prepared for the trip having packed several suitcases including a hat box in case they went to the " Planet of the Hats ".

The Doctor was reluctant at first but agreed after Donna assured him that she, unlike his two previous companions, harboured no romantic feelings for him.

Just before she left, whilst trying to find a suitable place to leave her car keys, she approached a blonde woman standing at a police line; it was Rose Tylerwho had briefly returned from the parallel universe in which she was trapped.

Neither of them knew at the time that this had happened due to the manipulation of the timelines at the hands of Dalek Caan. She tried to convince him to stop the eruption, but he called it impossible stating that it was a fixed point in time. She and the Doctor were ultimately responsible for the eruption; a group of Pyrovileswho had escaped from their planet before it was lost, planned to convert every human on the planet into Pyroviles, creating a new homeworld for themselves.

doctor and donna relationship

The Doctor told Donna it was either Pompeii or the world; she took some of the burden off of him by helping him cause the eruption, which killed the Pyroviles. The Doctor left for the TARDIS, ignoring the pleas and chaos all around him; however, Donna convinced him to save one family from the devastation who subsequently worshipped the Doctor and Donna as household gods.