Dr dre and snoop dogg relationship quiz

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dr dre and snoop dogg relationship quiz

As you can probably tell by their name, group's music was heavily politicized. They were the first group to highlight the importance of a close MC and DJ relationship. . The demo was later heard by Dr. Dre who followed them up because in and collaborated regularly with Snoop Dogg and 2Pac. True False. If not for Dr. Dre, Eminem would most likely not be alive. And we look at their father-son relationship with a smile. .. Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg Looks Back; Talks Tupac, Mentor Dr. Dre, Speaking Up for . whoever I wanted to, based on me having a relationship with them.”.

When you mess up, you look for redemption and when you do something wrong, you try to get it right. This makes him the Susan Lucci of music, the most-ever nominations without a win. There are some artists who spawn entire schools of imitators, but Snoop cannot be mimicked.

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We often conflate genius with eccentricity — as though the nakedly transgressive is the most obvious sign of brilliance. But Snoop is a genius of a different sort, improvisational and lightning-swift in response, capable of revealing additional layers of complexity without reinventing himself Snoop Lion aside.

Other than Sinatra, arguably no one in pop culture history has been relevant longer. In person, he can only be described as being like Snoop, which is to say timeless — the effortless personification of cool. He remains skinny as a spliff, clad in a navy blue and red Adidas tracksuit and slippers. From there, perfection was perfected. True False For someone who openly calls himself a 'criminal' and boasts about a fake record that includes 17 rapes, assaults, and four murders, Eminem's true record is fairly small.

Granted, there is a major strike on there as Em was arrested for possession of a concealed weapon and assault inbut think of all the other rappers who have served prison time for drug possession, drug dealing, murder, etc.

dr dre and snoop dogg relationship quiz

Em has some other things on his record, but is DUI one of them? Question 6 Which famous singer has Eminem called his 'sponsor' for substance abuse? Dre 50 Cent Lloyd Banks Speaking of that substance abuse, it's kind of hard to talk about Eminem in without thinking about the personal hell he went through.

Between an addiction to painkillers and sleep medication, Eminem almost died in after an overdose in his bathroom. Four months later marked Eminem's official sober date, as he cites April 20, as his date of sobriety, and the Grammy winner has credited a famous singer for helping him overcome his demons.

Question 7 Which Call of Duty game has not used an Eminem song for promos?

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Modern Warfare 2 Ghosts Modern Warfare 3 For as insane of a facade as he may put on with talk of murder and rape, Eminem is another human like us. And yes, he's as much of a nerd as us. Loving video games and comic books, Eminem has partnered with Activison's Call of Duty numerous times in the past, letting them use his songs in both their promos and games they're usually reserved for key moments, as CoD uses an instrumental score.

Which game, however, did not use Eminem at all?

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Question 8 Speaking of video games, what was the name of Eminem's character in '50 Cent: Moreland Detective McVay Detective Castle Back in50 Cent was ruling the world with his music, his G-Unit clothing seriously, go back and watch seasons three and four of The Wire and tell me how much G-Unit gear you seeand a movie that earned less in the box office than Chicken Little.

As part of the G-Unit brand, 50 released a video game titled '50 Cent: In the game, Em played a corrupt cop named Question 9 Eminem loves his comic books too.

dr dre and snoop dogg relationship quiz

Which Marvel character did he appear on a comic cover with? Daredevil Punisher Wolverine Yes, we committed a cardinal sin by using a picture of Eminem dressed as Robin—excuse me, Rap Boy—in a question that centers around Marvel, but what else were we supposed to do?

Which Marvel character did Eminem hang out with? Question 10 Which song led the Secret Service to investigate Eminem? White America We As Americans Kill You Oh, Em, you can say all you want about rape, murder, and kidnapping but when you bring politics into it, yeah, the Secret Service is probably going to look into you.

Bush's presidency, Secret Service confirmed that they had begun an investigation of his lyrics after Eminem—who had been vocal about the Iraq War—had made 'threatening remarks' about Bush in one of his songs. Which song was it? Question 11 Eminem has taken to wearing a necklace in live appearances. What does the necklace symbolize? Life Sobriety Shady Records Known for throwback jerseys, du rags, and baggy clothing for most of his career prior to his hiatus, Eminem returned not only with a bang, but a new look.

dr dre and snoop dogg relationship quiz

The tank tops and sweatpants had been replaced with sweatshirts, long-sleeved shirts, and khaki shorts, while his du rags were replaced with baseball hats and beanies. In addition to that, Em also showed up to many of his interviews and wearing a necklace.

dr dre and snoop dogg relationship quiz

What exactly is that necklace supposed to symbolize? Question 12 What was Em's clothing line called? Mainly operating through the Shady Records brand, this clothing line didn't have the flashiness of 50's G-Unit gear, but it worked—aside from Proof's yellow jumpsuit in that picture.

Can you remember what the brand was called? One of the answers should be an obvious no. Question 13 True or False: Eminem has a tattoo of Dr. True False If not for Dr. Dre, Eminem would most likely not be alive.

dr dre and snoop dogg relationship quiz

Em has said it. Dre has acknowledged it. And we look at their father-son relationship with a smile. Am I the only one who teared up when, in Strait Outta Compton's closing credits, we saw footage of Eminem and Dre in the studio?

We also know that Eminem has many tattoos across his body and arms, but has he made one for Dr. Dre like how he did for Proof? Question 14 Which outlet—other than The Source—has Eminem had major beef with? It got to the point where Eminem had to shut everyone up and end the beef with 'Like Toy Soldiers.

Question 15 Eminem and Jay-Z did a stadium concert tour in Do You Like Violence? However, he still to this day just claims that he's writing down and talking about what other people think about and talk about behind closed doors.

He's just willing to put himself out there and see how people react to it, knowing that if they don't like it, they're hypocrites. Question 16 Name The Eminem Song: Question 17 Name The Eminem Song: He continued to write about himself, specifically about what it's like to be famous, but also started to rap about political and social issues as well.

Snoop Dogg Looks Back; Talks Tupac, Mentor Dr. Dre, Speaking Up for the ‘Voiceless’

While it may not be his best work, we respect anyone who chooses to go down this route in their career. Question 18 Name The Eminem Song: Sadly, it's an accepted part of rap and hip that people will be using homophobic slurs and turning women into objects. Even though there's an argument that there's a veil of irony to what Eminem is doing, it doesn't change the fact that he has dialled it down a little as he's got older. Question 19 Name The Eminem Song: However, some of them are self-contained narratives, songs that tell a story on their own, which are honestly the ones that we find the most interesting.

It gives us a look not only at Eminem's ability to rhyme, but also his ability to spin a yarn, keeping us interesting as he essentially reads out a story. Question 20 Name The Eminem Song: In fact, he personally called out anyone that he felt was making comments about him or deserved to be mocked in someway.

When you're as big as this guy, it's inevitable that you're going to get some heat coming your way, so if you're the sort of person who won't let that lie then you're going to have to kick back. Question 21 Name The Eminem Song: It's no surprise then that a lot of his lyrics contain references to specific drugs and drug use.

As with a lot of his work, some of this in tongue in cheek, but that hasn't stopped him from writing songs that take a genuine look at how his choices have effected him and those around him as well. Question 22 Name The Eminem Song: There are some rapper out there who have their own distinct voice, something that they've been able to cultivate throughout their years on the rap scene, and if you ask us, Eminem is definitely one of those rappers.

Question 23 True Or False: The Slim Shady LP Eventually Hit Quadruple Platinum True False The entertainment world is incredibly happy when somebody like Eminem comes along, as they know that it means a lot of them will be making a lot of money off of him.

When someone like this comes along, people will try to grab onto them, hoping to get even a crumb of what this guy is making for some other people.

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Some famous artists even make work concerning these hangers on that only care about them because they're making money. Question 24 Name The Eminem Song: When he raps about his time there, he's not putting anything on, he's just letting people know what it was like growing up where he did.

The man has lived it. Question 25 Name The Eminem Song: Just because you've fallen in love doesn't mean you recognize that feeling as something positive and we think these sorts of outsider opinions, especially in music, are more interesting than the traditional dialogue on love and relationships that we usually see. Question 26 Name The Eminem Song: We all know this is just talk though, that this is something he's saying to get a laugh or a reaction of any kind.