Dr house and cameron relationship test

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dr house and cameron relationship test

Allison Cameron, M.D., is a fictional character on the Fox medical drama House, portrayed by American actress Jennifer Morrison. An immunologist, Cameron was a member of Dr. Gregory House's team of Cameron's interest in House supposedly subsided as she began a relationship with Chase, although it resurfaces. Dr. House: Is it still illegal to perform an autopsy on a living person? .. Stacy: Our relationship is like an addiction. [House hands Cameron a sealed envelope, which she assumes is her HIV test results]: Dr. House: Knowing is always better. She was a member of Gregory House's diagnostic team during the first three The husband died within six months of the marriage, but Cameron did take the .. She even refused to do the tests which would definitively prove it was cancer.

Cameron was the only woman on House's initial diagnostic team. Even so, she is not out of her depth teasing others, as she does when alone with Chase, telling him that women can have hour-long orgasms in response to Foreman telling her Chase is interested but shy ; but, when Foreman enters, she acts completely deadpan. In " No More Mr. Nice Guy ", when House is believed to have neurosyphillisChase asks her directly in front of Foreman and the other fellows if she has slept with House, to which she ambiguously replies "It's none of your business".

Chase thinks she did; however, later, when they are in private, she says she did not. In season 4, Cameron also dyes her hair blonde. Early in season 4, House, who was told by Dr. Lisa Cuddy Lisa Edelstein that Cameron and Chase moved to Arizona, finds her in the ER after finally discovering that they were still working at the hospital.

The problem is, the world doesn't work that way just 'cause you want it to. Figures you'd stall and refuse to deal with the issue. Problem is, the world doesn't go away just because you want it to. Apparently you seem to think it'll mean a lot to me to know that. God already knows that. I mean, that's great, but just so you know, I've never made a tree.

To be grateful for what I receive. People pray so that God won't crush them like bugs. I'm not gonna crush you. I am not warm and fuzzy and you are basically a stuffed animal made by grandma. I don't think that's why you're asking.

dr house and cameron relationship test

I think it's because of the speech. What do you want to hear? Is this another noble, self-sacrificing gesture? You trying to protect Foreman? You asked me why I like you. You're abrasive and rude, but I figured everything you do, you do it to help people. But I was wrong. You do it because it's right.

There are only two ways I can deal with things. One is in my control. I can do that. What am I doing? Uh oh, wicked magic box with the moving pictures! You think he's a hypocrite? No, everybody in Africa's got cell phones or running water. This thing just will not flush. Do you really think that if you come in here and make it a little hot, make it smell a little, that I'm just going to fold and abandon everything that matters to me?

You are not the same as them; your life is not the same.

dr house and cameron relationship test

And you are cheapening everything they're going through by pretending you are. We're discussing your new patient. Must be a boring discussion, considering that I haven't accepted a new patient.

Bad night at poker or a great night with a hooker. Thank you for saving me the trouble of deflecting that personal question with a joke. You have no evidence to support a poisoning diagnosis. Which is why it's going to be so cool when I turn out to be right. If you have the money, then why did you need the loan? Just wanted to see if you would give it to me.

I've been borrowing increasing amounts ever since you lent me forty dollars a year ago. A little experiment to see where you draw the line. Hey, it's five grand. You've got nothing to be ashamed of. Last I checked, you still have two legs. You know what your problem is, Greg? Hostility makes me shrink up like a I can't think of a non-sexual metaphor. This guy doesn't even get sick like a regular person. Instead of a list of symptoms and no cause, we have a list of possible causes for one symptom.

Is the symptom death? How's your recovery going? Gotten around to the small muscles yet? It's not the size of the muscle; it's where you get to put it. My goodness, it's like watching Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward in the third grade. Or repeat everything I say in question form.

In the Bible, they just say, "Yes, Lord" and then start right on in with the praising. First you tell me I've got cancer. Then you tell me that my manager No, what did you do, Lord? House is with Stacy in her house when Mark enters the room. It's not what you think. I know it looks like we're cleaning dishes, but actually, we're having sex. Have you read his file?

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I started, but I found the characters two-dimensional. Pre-World War II fluorescent bulbs contained large amounts of beryllium. Beryllium dust inflames the lungs, they get rigid, patient can't breathe.

dr house and cameron relationship test

House gives him a questioning look] My father co-authored a paper on acute berylliosis. For a moment there I thought you were smart. He thought he was dying.

Dying people lie, too. Wish they'd worked less, they'd been nicer, they'd opened orphanages for kittens. If you really want to do something, you do it, you don't save it for sound byte. So now you've got to drum up another excuse to be around the love of your life. Could hit another patient. Nah, don't like to repeat myself. People will say I'm formulaic. You snuck into her shrink's office and read her private file. When Nixon did that, he got impeached. So you're saying I'm not allowed to have oral sex with an intern either?

As your lawyer, I can't stop you from lying, I can't even be in the room, but I would be remiss if I didn't prep you to lie better.

I need to talk to you. If Chase screwed up so badly, why didn't you fire him? He has great hair. What are you hiding? Oh, that's not what you meant.

It does explain a lot, though: And that's just ante money; after the surgery you'll get another fifteen, though I warn you that includes the tip.

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You think I'm going to risk tanking my percentages for twenty thousand?! For the record, I hope the department takes you and Chase and drop kicks both your asses out the back door. Great, that means I don't have to bother welshing on the other fifteen grand I would have owed you. If you don't do the surgery I'm going to tell your wife that you've been sleeping with a series of nurses, currently Nurse Cutler in Radiology. Now what's six hundred-thousand divided by two?

Oh, and for the record, you are the worst transplant surgeon in this hospital. But, unfortunately, you are the only one who's currently cheating on his wife. Is anybody here a doctor? Chase killed that woman, now Foreman's in charge? Yeah, we have a pecking order here, if Cameron kills somebody, Chase takes over.

Allison Cameron

There's a flow chart in the lobby. Work smart, not hard. That's my philosophy, boss. On an evolutionary basis, I'd recommend forever. Multiple appointments with multiple doctors Or - just thinking outside the box here - she has a vagina and trouble reading. In one of his books he talked about giving up drugs and alcohol, how it changes life.