Drawing hiro and baymax relationship

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drawing hiro and baymax relationship

The relationships of Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6. Tadashi is Hiro's older brother and was the most important person in Hiro's life, even after his death. Because. Hiro Hamada is the main protagonist of the Big Hero 6 franchise, as well as the both in the way he interacts with and handles his relationships with his family .. discovered his secret identity when she is drawing him in his superhero suit, but. Even More New Poster Posse Art for BIG HERO 6 because he is great and probably so much fun to draw. But I really love the posters that show Baymax and Hiro together, because that relationship is at the center of the film.

Despite his reservations over what he had initially dubbed the "Nerd Lab," he finds himself shamelessly impressed and enthralled with the diverse projects and inventions of the quirky band of scientists. Tadashi takes Hiro to his lab where he introduces him to Baymaxan inflatable white robot, programmed to be a personal healthcare companion and created as a means to heal the sick and injured. Tadashi explains that Baymax was a healthcare nursing product meant to help people around the world.

Baymax functionality relies on a green card which houses all of Baymax's healthcare programming, which, according to Tadashi, makes Baymax who he is. Immediately after leaving the lab, the two run into the school's Head of Robotics, Professor Callaghan. With his help, Tadashi finally manages to convince Hiro to enroll in the Institute, Callaghan claiming that a school is a place where the boundaries of robotics are pushed and geniuses put their brains to the test in order to shape the future.

Realizing that this is the very same Callaghan who invented the base technology comprising the robot that he uses for bot fighting, his words instantly strike Hiro and after departing the school, he confesses his burning desire to join the Institute.

According to Tadashi, the school holds an annual convention where up-and-coming geniuses are meant to showcase new creations. Of course assuming that they haven't already applied, been accepted and enrolled, those who impress Callaghan will be immediately accepted into the school. Tadashi advises Hiro to concoct a creation to do just that. Hiro runs into a creator's block as he aspires to create something specifically brand new, jaw-dropping and ground-breaking.

Comically over-exaggerating his unfortunate predicament, Hiro takes a mental break of sorts to mull over his thoughts before Tadashi reminds him to look for another angle, eventually leading to Hiro's breakthrough a bit sooner than later.

Noticing something about his battle-bot, Hiro instantly gets an idea and immediately gets to business. After a period of work and planning, Hiro invents the Microbots --miniature robots capable of forming anything that comes to one's mind via the use of a telepathic headband transmitter. Confident in his creation, Hiro takes his invention and showcases them at the convention.

Though nervous at first, Tadashi silently helps ease his nerves, resulting in a fantastic showcase that thoroughly impresses both Callaghan and famous tech-guru Alistair Krei. Krei offers Hiro vast wealth in exchange for ownership over the Microbots, an idea Hiro seems visibly hesitant about considering. Callaghan interferes with the offer by accusing Krei of using technology and science for selfish reasons, advising Hiro to deny the offer, which Hiro does. A frustrated Krei leaves the scene while Callaghan congratulates Hiro on his success by granting him admission into the school.

Before they leave, Tadashi and Hiro spend time talking out Hiro's recent success. Tadashi congratulates his brother on his success, proud to see him use his genius for bigger things in life.

Hiro Hamada/Relationships

Suddenly, the school's fire alarm goes off, prompting the two to investigate. Upon arrival, they find the Showcase Hall in flames. They run into one woman fleeing the blaze who tells the boys that Professor Callaghan is still inside.

drawing hiro and baymax relationship

Tadashi attempts to go help get him out, but Hiro stops him, silently urging him to think about the situation. After a moment's consideration, Tadashi insists, claiming that someone had to help. Not seconds after he rushes into the building, the fire reaches its peak and the facility violently explodes, rendering Hiro, who had attempted to go after his brother, unconscious and killing both Tadashi and Professor Callaghan.

A funeral and memorial service are held, and Hiro falls into depression at the loss of his brother and best friend.

As such, he remains largely secluded in his room, appreciative, but mostly unreceptive of his Aunt and friends' comforting messages.

drawing hiro and baymax relationship

Hiro accidentally stubs his toe and his outcry of pain summons Baymax, Tadashi's healthcare companion. Baymax explains that he heard the sound of distress and offers assistance. Hiro waves off his offer assuring the robot that he can deactivate, only to accidentally stumble upon one of his Microbots.

Hiro is surprised to find it still active and curiously trying to reunite with the other bots. Hiro, believing that the rest of his Microbots and the transmitter were destroyed in the fire, ignores the bot's activity and dismisses it as a malfunctioning.

Baymax claims that the robot wanted to go somewhere and takes Hiro's offhanded suggestion to find where to the extreme, actually leaving the premises of Hiro's room and taking to the streets.

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Hiro chases the wandering Baymax through the city and the two eventually find themselves in an abandoned warehouse. The two break in and they soon stumble upon a machine creating millions of Microbots. As Hiro investigates and ponders over the mysterious discovery, the Microbots rise and attack. Hiro and Baymax evade them and eventually encounter a dark, masked figure. The masked man pursues the duo, but they eventually escape at the last minute, immediately heading to the police station to report the attack.

The two give their claims to Desk Sergeant Gersonwho finds their story to be rubbish, thus denying them lawful assistance. Just then, Baymax begins to run low on battery power, forcing Hiro to leave the station and return home to have the robot charge.

After sneaking past an oblivious Aunt Cass, Baymax begins to charge and Hiro takes a breather from the exhausting day. Just then, Baymax acknowledges Tadashi's disappearance, asking his whereabouts.

drawing hiro and baymax relationship

Hiro reveals Tadashi's unfortunate demise, but the mention of the fire being an accident sparks an epiphany. After the encounter with Yokai, Hiro realizes that the fire was no accident and recruits Baymax into helping him take down the masked culprit, wanting to avenge his brother's death. As such, Baymax is given a few upgrades, including a super-suit equipped with martial arts battle programming and a new chip which gives him such abilities.

After his new upgrades are put to the test, the two head out to find and capture Yokai. They arrive at the warehouse, only to find it vacant. However, using the last Microbot to track him, Hiro and Baymax are led to the docks, where they find the Yokai emerging from the fog with a massive piece of technology.

The two go into silent hiding until Honey, Go Go, Wasabi and Fred arrive, having followed the two thereafter spotting them snooping about the city. Hiro urges them to leave for their own safety before the group is attacked by Yokai.

Baymax tries to battle the masked villain, only to be thrown onto the top of Wasabi's car.


The gang retreats from the scene with Yokai immediately following behind them, leading into a chase throughout the city. Yokai makes several attempts to kill the team, but between Hiro's command of Baymax and Go Go's reckless driving, they manage to escape by driving off a ledge and into the bay, having Yokai believe them to be dead, prompting him to vanish once again.

Baymax manages to rescue the team and bring them back to shore and Hiro suggests they needed a place to rest for the night and recover, at which point Fred welcomes them into his mansion. There, they discuss the true identity of Yokai and how to track him down and bring him to justice for his crimes against Hiro's brother. Baymax reveals that he scanned the man's body, but Go Go notes that with Baymax's scanner, it would take forever to scan every person in the city. Hiro agrees but notes that he only has to upgrade it.

The team is apprehensive at first, bringing up the fact that they were all just "nerds. True to her character, Go Go was the first to vocally resonate with him, buckling down and getting ready face fear and help Hiro bring the supervillain to justice. After some scientific modifications and training, the group of friends become a superhero group bent on taking down Yokai.

To do so, the team believes his mask is his source of power and the objective is to retrieve the mask to cease his control over the bots. Baymax is the last to be upgraded and after his new super-suit is revealed, he and Hiro take a test flight for the first time throughout the city, eventually landing on one of the air balloons towering over the city and overlooking a sunset.

Hiro and Baymax take the time to relax and bond for a short moment, which brings happiness to the boy. Realizing this, Baymax asks Hiro if he's satisfied with his care, as his true objective throughout their adventure is to ensure Hiro's happiness and satisfaction, claiming Hiro to be his patient. Hiro denies Baymax's suggestion and returns to the matter at hand. After scanning the city to find a match to Yokai's health information, Baymax discovers a match on an island not far from the mainland.

The team heads to the area, which is revealed to be an abandoned facility. There, they find a machine in the process of restoration but are unable to uncover what it is exactly. Soon enough, their snooping leads to a room with recordings taking place in the facility.

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After watching, they learn that the facility originally belonged to Alistair Krei and the machine was a portal meant to enhance transportation. The test subject, a woman named Abigailwas the first to try it out, but as she did, the machine malfunctioned.

Instead of calling off the procedure, Krei insisted that they move forward, resulting in a tragic accident that left Abigail lost in the portal and apparently killed by the machine's destruction. The incident results in the closure of Krei's facility and the team then comes to the conclusion that Krei is responsible for stealing the Microbots in hopes of rebuilding his portals.

Just then, Yokai returns and attacks once more. A battle follows and in the process, Hiro accidentally removes the villain's kabuki mask.

Yokai's true identity is then revealed to be Professor Callaghan. Callaghan confesses his crime of stealing the Microbots and reveals that he used them to escape the fire alive and unharmed. A heartbroken Hiro reveals that Tadashi died trying to save the professor, but Callaghan merely responds by blaming Tadashi for his own death. Furious, Hiro orders Baymax to kill Callaghan.

Baymax denies such an action, explaining he's unable to bring harm to a human being, but Hiro, blinded by hatred and grief, removes the robot's healthcare chip, leaving only his programming of battle and destruction, thus sending him on a violent, mindless rampage in an attempt to kill the professor.

Seeing this, Go Go, Fred and Wasabi try to fend off the bot and, in the mix of the chaos, Callaghan manages to escape. Luckily, Honey recovers Baymax's healthcare chip and restores the robot to his original peaceful settings. Hiro was impressed with Baymax when first introduced, but when they reunited, he was less than thrilled as Baymax served as a reminder of Tadashi's death. However, because Hiro unintentionally summoned Baymax when the former expressed pain, the robot viewed Hiro as his patient, becoming solely devoted to him and unable to dismiss himself until the boy was satisfied with his care, vocally expressing that fact.

drawing hiro and baymax relationship

This led Baymax to carry out every small order given by Hiro, no matter how literal or sarcastic, in hopes of improving the boy's health, as a result of his programming. As time went on, however, Baymax's treatment towards Hiro began to change.

As the robot began learning and understanding the basics of human emotion, a personal bond with Hiro began to form. His dedication towards his "patient" was no longer due to programming alone, but also because of a mutual love. In turn, Hiro grew to love Baymax, who served as his ultimate form of comfort, a loving reminder of Tadashi and a nurturing companion.

Drawing Hiro & Baymax 【BIG HERO 6】

This is powerfully showcased when the duo found themselves trapped within Yokai's portal while trying to save Abigail. While Baymax was willing to sacrifice himself, Hiro strongly refused, as he didn't have the strength to lose him too.

Nevertheless, he fought through his emotions using Baymax's lesson of overcoming loss, but not forgetting, allowing him to bid farewell to his companion, in addition to expressing his love for the first time through a hug. Following these events and Baymax's eventual revival, the duo remains as close as ever, forming a brotherly relationship and spending their days beside one another through all events, including their mission to protect the world in Tadashi's honor.

Hiro was first introduced to the rest of his team including Fred, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi and Honey Lemon when he was tricked by Tadashi into visiting his college. He got to meet each of Tadashi's best friends and understand their individual quirks. He was impressed with all their inventions and was surprised by Fred with his mascot costume.

Hiro then proclaimed his desire to apply at the institute and immediately began working to develop Microbots. During the time of and before the convention, he had become good friends with everyone. After the death of Tadashi, the team members took Hiro under their wings, comforting him, supporting him, taking care of him and protecting him throughout the film in place of Tadashi, creating a close bond.

This continued even after Baymax's undesired abandonment near the end of the film, as his friends helped him cope with yet another tragic loss. Honey and Fred serve as enthusiastic supporters, Wasabi often watches out for Hiro's health and physical well-being and Go Go is arguably the closest to the boy, eventually taking on the role of a protective older sibling figure to him.

Hiro first met Krei at the convention where he was showing off his Microbots and Krei immediately took an interest, hoping to buy the Microbots. However, Callaghan warned Hiro that Krei was known to cut corners and subtly manipulated Hiro to refuse. Krei was clearly disappointed. Later, when Fred assumes that Krei was Yokai, Hiro dismissed it, saying that he's too high profile, possibly implying that he is highly respectful of Krei's public image.

When Hiro went to an abandoned Krei lab to track down Yokai, he initially grew to believe Krei was Yokai but was proven wrong after taking Yokai's mask and learning it was Callaghan. He also learned that Krei's teleportation experiment resulted in an accident that presumably killed Abigail which eventually turned Callaghan into Yokai.

Despite finding this out, Hiro didn't seem to hold a grudge against Krei for indirectly creating Yokai as he tried his best to protect him from the masked villain. This could be because he knew it was an accident or because he wanted to stop Yokai's plan for vengeance. Krei was ecstatic when the Big Hero 6 team came to rescue him and even openly stated his love of Baymax, apparently growing a true liking for the team following these events.

When Hiro goes to save Abigail, Krei objects, likely showing concern for the boy's safety. However, Hiro assures him by telling him the same words that Tadashi had told him "Someone has to help".

drawing hiro and baymax relationship

Krei seems to have learned his lesson and even built a showcase hall in Tadashi's honor, possibly as a way to make amends since he indirectly created Yokai and therefore was linked to Tadashi's death. Hiro accepted the honor on behalf of his late brother.