Ds9 odo and kira relationship

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ds9 odo and kira relationship

Odo consults a holographic lounge singer about his relationship with Kira. Odo, Kira Vic Fontaine, to the uniformed DS9 staff as they leave his club. "You're. I'm going to contribute my list of what did not work on DS9. The best episode of the Odo-Kira relationship is the one where Kira first learns of. I went back and watched a few of the episodes surrounding the Kira/Odo romance arc throughout DS9. With some time to clarify my thoughts.

ds9 odo and kira relationship

Vic, determined to take matters into his own hands, transfers himself to a holosuite where Kira is meditating after her return to the station. He invites her to dinner, supposedly on Odo's behalf, and convinces her to accept.

ds9 odo and kira relationship

Vic then contacts Odo via the station's comm system and persuades him to come to the holosuite to see a "new and improved" Kira program. Odo and Kira share a romantic date and a dance at Vic's club, but when Odo reveals he believes she is a hologram and Vic informs him otherwise, Odo leaves, angered and embarrassed.

The next day, Odo attempts to avoid Kira in the Promenade, but the major, after telling Dax she has just experienced "a moment of perfect clarity", confronts Odo. She insists they need to discuss what happened over dinner, "anywhere but a holosuite". Odo asks about whether Shakaar would object to that, believing she is still seeing him.

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Kira tells him her trip was strictly business regarding the Dominion Warand that she isn't romantically involved with anyone. Odo sarcastically asks if she would also like a dance afterward, and a kiss, to which Kira heatedly responds that she might.

ds9 odo and kira relationship

Odo then declares "Well, then, who needs dinner? Why don't I just get it over with and kiss you right now? I would have to ingest it and incorporate it into this character that was being built over seven years.

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That is one of the delights of getting to play a character for seven years, the organic nature of the work. I had nothing to do with it, how the show was written or what was going to happen with Odo or what he was going to say. But I had a lot to do with the tenor of the character because, as I said, I was the instrument, and in that sense you have a lot to do with what the music is eventually going to be.

Was it your sense that the writers glimpsed the chemistry between you and Nana Visitor and you and Armin Shimerman, and played to that? I have a feeling that they knew the Quark-Odo would be one of the things that would be, not necessarily a cornerstone, but something that they could go back to, that was the kind of relationship between characters that Star Trek fans revel in.

I would walk into the bar to do something else completely, and Quark and Odo would have an exchange, maybe only two or three lines between them, but the audience was so in tune with that relationship that they could extrapolate. And, in fact, Armin and I have commented on it over the years. So I think the writers knew that Quark-Odo was likely to be a running theme.


And how about Odo-Kira? I know for a fact that the writers did not anticipate the Odo-Kira relationship. Oh my God, look at that. So we went with it. We loved working with each other, Nana and I.

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We still love working with each other. By the end of the series, Odo saved his people, said farewell to Kira and entered the Great Link. How satisfied were you with the conclusion of the storyline? Of the Odo character arc? If anything could be called inevitable in a series as out-of-this-world as Deep Space Nine, that was inevitable. That was the very purpose.

ds9 odo and kira relationship