Eddie duran and loren tate relationship

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eddie duran and loren tate relationship

Nora Tate is Loren's mom and #1 fan. She helps guide her Eddie Duran. Production The two have an open and honest relationship. Nora is concerned . Hollywood Heights is a Nick at Nite television drama series, that later moved to TeenNick. Rock star Eddie Duran and his girlfriend Chloe return to hometown LA for the . 17, "Dinner at the Tate's", Michael Eilbaum, Flint Wainess, Sally Sussman .. Eddie and Loren talk about their relationship and end up kissing on the. Kelly convinces Loren, that their business relationship is fine. Eddie is disturbed by the mysterious call from Lily. Ellie continues to Eddie Duran Loren Tate.

Okeey, what about it? How would you feel about it if I signed with her? You don't know how you feel about it? You are Loren, you have a feeling about everything.

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Would she be going on tour with you? I guess, Jake used to come to, it is kinda there job. I just want to scream no, just beg him not to sign with her. But I can't, he has to sign up with an agency pretty soon or the label will eat him alive. Lo, don't act like this please. Act like you don't have a say. I just don't know it okeey, I want you to sign with her because you need an agent.

But I don't want her to be so hot. You know, you are pretty cute when jealous? Ed, it isn't funny.

eddie duran and loren tate relationship

I know I can be paranoid and all and usually I am never the jealous type. But I saw the way she was looking at you, and I don't want to share you with her. I know how woman work, the moment they want something they will get it one way or another. And she wants you, I could say that from miles away. Eddie got up from his chair that was across from the table and sat down on the chair next to me putting one hand on my belly and one on my cheek.

Lo, there are only two things in the world that I want and I am holding them both.

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I want you and our little baby. I don't care if she wants me or not, I don't want her because I already have it all. And I know I screwed up before but don't worry about this. I felt a few tears flowing over my cheeks and Eddie whipped them away with his thumbs he then gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

First sign of pregnancy? We both laughed as we got up from our seat, Eddie paid the bill and we got into his car on our way to the apartment we now live in. I just loved how the oversized shirt felt on my body and the way Eddie looked at me every time I put it on. I sat down on the couch snuggling close to Eddie who was watching some tv. What are we watching? Haven't picked anything out, suggestions? We can watch something you want now. Eddie gave me a small kiss and returned in changing the channels.

We ended up watching a movie with a lot of men beating the crap out of each other. I don't even know what it was about since I was so caught up on my own thoughts about this whole Kelly thing.

I mean what the hell was all that?! I mean is Hunter your new boy toy? Loren busted out laughing and Eddie got even more pissed.

Detective first off Hunter is my friend me and his wife Lillie and I had become best friends and we always meet for lunch me her Hunter and their baby girl Riley. I mean why does it matter to you we are divorced remember?

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Eddie walked up to her and grabbed her hand: I am sorry to interrupt Loren but your daughters' school had called and they need you to come and pick her up because she has a little fever. Loren turned around and looked at him: It is funny to me how you think you can come in here and just sweet talk your way back into my life it might work with my daughter Eddie but it will NOT work with me you left me when the most precious thing came into our lives and you didn't want that lifestyle so please excuse me for not getting down on both of my knees and begging you to take me back or even trying to get you back in my life….

Loren looked at Nancy who gave her a lopsided smile and then she sighed: I will ride with you and you can bring me back here since you are coming back for an appointment Loren nodded and started to walk to her car with Eddie walking behind her. As Loren drove to the school she did not say anything to Eddie yes she was caught off guard by his yelling but now she is confused she does not know how to feel about Eddie of course she misses him and what they had but at the same time she scared that if she jump right into it with him then she will be heartbroken again and not only that her daughter Allison can't take another heartbreak.

Loren rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers to get a woman's attention. Nora asks her what happened, and Ellie tells her Don is being unfair. Ellie acts cold towards Nora. Nora asks her why she's acting that way to a friend.

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Ellie says that while Nora may be her friend, she's not her ally. Eddie and Loren are still kissing. Loren doesn't know where to put her hand and they share a laugh about it. Eddie asks if Loren is uncomfortable, and Loren says no and she loves the fact that she's sitting next to a muscular body like his.

eddie duran and loren tate relationship

She then admits that she never expected to be in Eddie Duran's house, kissing him. Eddie says that he would rather take things slow in this relationship, and Loren agrees, even though she looks disappointed. Eddie just wants to make sure that no matter what happens, will they still be friends.

eddie duran and loren tate relationship

Loren nods her head. Loren tells Eddie that they're filming the video. Eddie offers to help out. Eddie offers to give "Mars" to Loren and says she should record it. Loren tells Eddie that Kelly knows that she and Eddie are "fooling around". Eddie playfully says "Oh, so thats what we're doing. Eddie agrees kissing Loren then leads her out of the door. Jake says he only has feelings for Traci. He suggests that Traci is probably just nervous and she should let it go.

Traci says she wants to, but she is suspicious. Traci asks when she was out of town, did anything happen between him and Kelly. Jake says that Kelly would never do anything to hurt her. Eddie and Loren are in the car, driving over to see Kelly. They talk about the car and about the video.

Eddie makes a remark about things moving fast in her career.

eddie duran and loren tate relationship

Mel is there and asks Phil if he can afford real food or will he just stick to side-dishes. Mel doesn't stop talking to him and says that he is hurting Lisa by leaving the house.