Edna and leonce relationship

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edna and leonce relationship

Several different forms of love were present, yet each (including the final) proved to be unsuccessful. Edna never felt comfortable in her relationship with Leonce. Edna Pontellier is vacationing with her husband, Léonce, and their two sons at the Edna's relationship with Adèle begins Edna's process of “awakening” and. What do we learn about Edna's marriage to Leonce Pontellier? I believe, then, that Edna's relationship with Robert will not end in a similar.

edna and leonce relationship

It could best be described as a life that she was confined to living rather than the life that she had always yearned for. With the winds of change came a person that she found contrasting to her current life.

This man was Alcee Arobin.

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His role in her life was not true love either. He merely introduced the taste of tangible love to a searching body.

edna and leonce relationship

This love was not the kind that Edna was longing for either. This was something that was foreign between her and her husband. This affair was important to her becoming an individual.

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The entire pre-Robert time was in preparation to finding him. She decided to close her house up and move to a smaller, less desirable one. The fact that it is less desirable is a key factor. This makes it impossible to assume that she was moving out to live a better material life.

Edna’s love for Leonce, Robert, and Arobin in The Awakening

She decided that she would sacrifice her good life and possessions in order to fully acquire individualism. This character is what made it impossible for Edna ever to have him as her own.

edna and leonce relationship

Edna never adhered to the societies definition, even at the beginning of the novel. Pontellier was the best husband in the world.

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That she married him not because there are none better, but because there are also none worse. By moving to her own residence, Edna takes a colossal step towards autonomy, a direct violation of the mother-woman image.

edna and leonce relationship

Throughout The Awakening, Edna increasingly distances herself from the image of the mother-woman, until her suicide, which serves as the total opposite of the mother-woman image. Adele Ratignolle and Mademoiselle Reisz, the two important female subsidary characters, provide the two different identities Edna associates with. For Edna, Adele appears unable to perceive herself as an individual human being. She possesses no sense of herself beyond her role as wife and mother, and therefore Adele exists only in relation to her family, not in relation to herself or the world.

edna and leonce relationship

Edna desires individuality, and the identity of a mother-woman does not provide that. In contrast to Adele Ratignolle, Mademoiselle Reisz offers Edna an alternative to the role of being yet another mother-woman. Mademoislle Reisz has in abundance the autonomy that Adele completely lacks.