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and she feels embarrassed about it because he's married. .. that his grades are good and she talked Taft into giving him a trust fund to go towards Monica Raymund (Ria Torres), Brendan Hines (Eli Loker), Tim Roth. Lie to Me is an American crime drama television series. It originally ran on the Fox network from Brendan Hines as Eli Loker, an employee of The Lightman Group. which makes a rift in any developing relationship between him and Torres. one opens with Cal and Gillian hiring a new associate: TSA officer Ria Torres. So trust me – I don't care if everyone downstairs knows about our relationship. his absence the not-at-all subtle voice of one Mr. Eli Loker wafted straight to Cal's ears. Much less diving head first into a relationship with Gill. As far as she was concerned, Gillian, Loker, and Torres were family, and the.

Sex with the Ex: Cal and his ex-wife Zoe can't seem to stop jumping into bed together every chance they get.

Cal does this often, scanning people's expressions and body language to understand their emotions and infer details about them. Especially prominent in the pilot as an Establishing Character Moment for Cal. Cal in the mental institution in "Pied Piper" is one big valentine to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nestespecially his very McMurphy-esque canary-eating grin as he gets admitted.

Cal calls Burns " Captain America " a few times in "Exposure". The show is based off of Paul Ekman's promising, but not-yet-complete, research. It doesn't acknowledge many of the shortcomings in the research unlike Ekman himselfand doesn't have time to explain the intricacies of the findings, but the principles are quite sound. Anyone familiar with Paul Ekman's research will recognize things in this show, lifted directly from the man's lectures and experiments.

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The pilot, for example, used a clip of a microexpression on Kato Kaelin from the OJ Simpson trial; the exact same clip that Ekman has used in his own lectures. However, the show leaves fidelity to the real Paul Ekman behind somewhere late in the first season, and only deviates further as episodes wear on. The Snack Is More Interesting: Performed deliberately in "Unchained" in order to read a former gang leader's reaction to the obvious disrespect.

Some of the personalities, fitting the fictional portrayal, are aware of one another, though they tend to see one another as different people. Cal has been keeping Burns under surveillance, mainly because he's Gillian's boyfriend and Cal doesn't trust anyone around Gillian. Torres is surprised; Loker isn't: Three guesses - Foster, Foster, and oh yeah, Foster.

In "Sweet Sixteen", not only is the street outside the building where the Lightman Group is located bombed - and Loker caught in the explosion he's okay, more or less - but Cal, Gillian, and Doyle are caught in another bomb, rigged at a lawyer's office they're all okay as well, apart from the lawyer, who's dead. Ria and Loker have been left behind while Cal and Gillian are in Vegas. They're looking forward to an early day Cal sent us a video to score. Well, one video shouldn't take too long Do not threaten Emily Lightman.

Not only will you have Cal to deal with, but Gillian as well, before Gillian had even met Emily. Too Dumb to Live: The conflict of the episode "The Best Policy" is kicked off by a young American man who brings his sister marijuana in a country where possession is an executable offense, and the Lightman Group must assist in negotiating their release.

Drug use issues aside, trying to bring narcotics across national borders and through customs checkpoints is risky at the best of times, but one would think that someone even considering it would at least want to ensure that the country they are bringing it into does not have the death penalty for possession. Flashing the bag of weed on the open road in front of government vehicles does not help either. Lightman's crew are willing to risk federal charges for one another, with almost no provocation.

Look, they pulled me out of there so fast Family doesn't need to stand on ceremony. Emily gets Cal to promise not to do any "covert science things", but Are you going to try to have sex with my daughter tonight? Inverted massively in a Funny Moment during "Killer App. Then, with Dad standing right there and her boyfriend stretching her hamstring, Emily proceeds do her best impression of the infamous restaurant scene from When Harry Met Sally Two Lines, No Waiting: Usually there are two cases per episode, with Cal and Ria on one, Gillian and Eli on the other.

Often seen at the Lightman Group home office, when Cal is briefed by an assistant on his way through the corridors. The War on Terror: In the first season finale, two American-born suicide bombers attack Washington, D. Or so the authorities thought. Turned out they'd been tricked into carrying the bombs. A second season episode, "Secret Santa", takes place in Afghanistan. Turns out Cal isn't the only intelligence expert hanging around. Gillian, before she and Cal formed the Lightman Group, was a psychiatrist at the Pentagon, counseling operatives of the War on Terror.

It's where she first meets Cal, when she was ordered to evaluate whether or not he was still fit for duty after "erratic behavior" and his part in a botched assassination attempt on an Irish terrorist. She's also blackmailed by a high-ranking Pentagon official that if Cal exposes the cover-up, they'll target Emily. What Happened to the Mouse? From season one's finale: Is Ria's partner Kurt still in his coma? From season two's finale: Are we going to hear any more on Reynolds, besides a passing comment about him hanging on by a thread?

Hopefully, this doesn't become a habit. As of "The Canary's Song" we now know that he's fine, just stuck at a desk. Why Am I Ticking? An episode has Cal investigating on several suicide bombings that happened in town. It turns out they aren't; there is only one terrorist, he's not suicidal and he's been giving camouflaged bombs to innocent people. Or, in Reynolds' case - why did it have to be rats? Will They or Won't They? And that Cal has admitted to Emily that he loves Gillian. This series is notable in that it was canceled before this trope could be resolved for anyone.

It's highly unusual, and most likely shows how quickly the show fell out of favor with audiences. The spoiler tag above happened on the very last episode, so the writers certainly wanted to return to it.

Working with the Ex: Cal has to work with his ex-wife Zoe on several occasions, and ends up in bed with her a couple of times. Wouldn't Hit a Girl: In "Exposure", Little Moon and his gang torture Burns and are willing to rough up Cal, but other than brandishing guns at her and utilizing the Standard Female Grab Areadon't touch Gillian.

Cal subverts it in "Black and White" by macing a female police officer. In his defense, it was late at night, she and her partner had broken into Cal's home, and he blind-fired it around a corner when he heard footsteps. Cal's manipulation of Terry Marsh, pretending to be blackmailed into working with Marsh and the gangsters he was involved with while really working for the FBI and using Marsh as a pawn the entire time. Cal versus Martin Walker in "Beat the Devil", to the point where they even draw comparisons between their conflict and a game of chess.

You Can Always Tell a Liar: The entire point of this series. It's not your fault. It's hard keeping secrets in place like this one, and Gillian doesn't really treat it as a secret.

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A secret would imply something shameful. She looks back at Ria, "This is about you," says Gillian softly. It makes Ria smile in return. Taking a deep breath, Ria lets one hand slide down onto her stomach. She leaves it there only a moment, and removes her palm before any connection can be established. She knows all about voice inflections and words people use, knows what Gillian is trying to tell her.

It's not just a mistake that happened by accident. It's, oh God, it's her baby. There's short silence before Gillian asks, "Are you in a relationship with someone? She isn't, not technically, but it isn't the whole truth. There is no clear cut, black or white fact, because there's something, there's a connection and that night from five weeks ago. But then there's a work related issue and the fact that Eli is, technically, her superior, which makes all of this even more messed up.

She trusts Gillian — she does — and doesn't want to say it, and at the same time feels she's going to explode. Is it someone -" Ria doesn't let her finish. If this job taught her something, it's the unforgiving nature of the truth, the way it always comes out, comes back to chase you. There's no point in hiding, there's no point in even trying. There's nothing judgmental or negative on her face.

The silence is thick and perfect and it feels like snow. Under snow, all earth looks flawless. Ria feels her muscles relaxing, realizes that at some point Gillian grasped her hand and didn't let go. I can't -" "- deal with it all at once. I understand," Gillian's hand is both firm and soft and all Ria wants is to stay here.

She doesn't want to go beyond that door. Gillian offers her something just as good. Eli tries not to think about her, but it keeps coming back, the expression on Ria's face when Gillian lead her away.

It's rare to see Torres like that, with open fear written all over her face. He lasts until the evening. When she doesn't come back in the afternoon, when she doesn't even call — they were supposed to have a lunch date - he becomes worried. Ria might play hard to get with him, but when it comes to actual plans they've made, she respects them.

The fact that she looked so bad and didn't call him, makes him worried. Worried enough to go and check on her. He knocks and when she doesn't answer, he tries the door handle. To his surprise, the door opens. His heart speeds up, with all kinds of bad scenarios and he enters, calling for her. When she doesn't answer his throat tightens, and then he hears sounds coming from direction of her bathroom.

Before he can enter there — which he does hesitate, even though he saw her without anything on, twice — she opens the door, and he immediately sees the paleness of her face and the way she's holding onto the door frame. Peachy," she says and he doesn't have to be a walking lie detector to know that's a blunt lie. She rolls her eyes at him.

That's just the way she is. But she looks really, really bad. He's standing there dumbly, realizing that she's throwing up. He walks in, and stands beside her disregarding her requests to go away. The sight of her doubled over on the floor hits him in the chest; this is Ria, and he had never seen her look so frail. Before his better judgment kicks in, he's kneeling next to her, holding back her hair. He feels her body's attempt to protest and push him away, but she's too weak.

She leans back into him, heavily, and shakes her head. He knows that she doesn't want him to see her like this, but he can't leave her. He moves to get it for her, but doesn't let her go; brings the glass to her lips. Her hands shake a little as she drinks. Her eyelids are closed. I just need -" "Okay," he agrees. He knows her well enough to know when not to push. After squeezing her hand just once he tells her to call him if she needs him, and she says a weak yes.

He hopes she'd call him, if she was about to die, otherwise, he knows she'd rather crawl to the bathroom, if needed, but she would take care of herself. Just before he leaves, Eli glances at her dining table.

There's an object there that makes him stop in his tracks, immediately. He thinks, that it's none of his business, but his feet keep moving. The box is small, white and pink, and he can't read the name of the product, because thoughts in his head run into each other.

However, he knows what that is. Pregnancy tests all over the world look alike. It's some bizarre way of the universe. As he opens the box he finds one package there, and enough space for another one; one that's missing. His throat goes dry within seconds and now he feels sick — because he can do math, even if he can't think straight.

It's been — five weeks since he got beaten up. They — oh God — they didn't use any protection. It's — she is — oh God, is she? When he comes to himself, she is standing across the room, staring at him. He stares back - "Are you? He can barely speak. She doesn't say anything, but her eyes fill with tears, and then pieces fall together and line up — the hallway, the way she looked at him earlier today - and he can read the answer written all over her face.

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She sits next to him on the sofa, close, but at the same time, so far away. It's not like he knows what to say either. He can't say how he feels, he doesn't even know how he's feeling. She's staring emptily ahead and pressing her lips together. Conflicting feelings leave him confused so he just sits there, because his legs refuse to move. That and he's pretty sure he'd be a bastard if he got up and left now.

What will you do, drop by? Are you gonna -" before she can finish she is sick again. With a hand over her moth she runs for the bathroom, and Eli realizes that he's following her as if on autopilot.

He holds her this time, holds her, and keeps her hair away from her face, and feels his heart breaking. Oh, yeah, yeah, I get that a lot. That's your signing bonus. What is that now?

How old are you? He's a better liar than all of us. Have I mentioned that your office looks like it belongs to a serial killer? Emily's a smart girl. You have to trust her. No, her mother's a smart girl, too, and I trusted her. Yeah, and about that. I know your mother's out of town, you got the keys and Dan has a car. No, we're not doing this. You just go let Dan in while I finish getting ready. And you better not do some covert scientific technique to find out what we're doing or not doing tonight.

No covert science, I promise. Are you going to try to have sex with my daughter tonight? Body language tells the truth. Even from the grave. So you lie to your partner about her husband and you lie to the people who hired us. What am I supposed to believe about you? You believe whatever you want. That's what everyone else does. What do you see?

I see an skeptical, emotionally distant scientist obsessing over facial twitches. I would not have pegged you for a hoops geek. You know the fifth-grade boy with the vintage Dr.

J poster and the instant recall of his career stats. Eli nods I was that boy. Hey, what's up with the mime act? You ask the questions, I observe. Lightman finds asking questions distracting. He prefers to watch. Cal is getting handsy with Sergeant Scott. Quite a bicep you've got there. You must really love the weight room, huh? I don't normally mix business with pleasure, but And, I was wondering you fancy grabbing a drink later?

Ahh, I'm not gay. And isn't this a little inappropriate? What the hell was that? I love a man in uniform, you know? You really think a woman would lie about rape? Unpleasant truths, human mortality, mustache on a woman Ria smirks slightly at Cal. You know, generally, it's not a good idea to call your boss an idiot. I didn't say you were an idiot. Yeah, but your buccinator did. Oh, that's a pretty impressive combination of contempt and disgust. Ria is told that Seagrent Scott may have raped someone else in the platoon.

She doesn't say anything. Ahh, your buccinator is playing up again. It's not-- I didn't say. Oh, look, now you're embarrassed.

Well, you have every reason to be. You did get it wrong, didn't you? I mean, Sergeant Scott didn't rape Sheila Lake. Look, she's the one making snide remarks. Look at her face. How do people work here? Gillian glares at Cal. Oh, now you're starting on me? Don't say something you'll regret. Gillian glares as she exits the room Cal Lightman: Anybody else want a side of feces? Why is guys named White are always black and guys named Black are always white? Am I going to sorry you're here?

Does your radical honesty pledge mean you have to say everything you think? It's the only way to be truly honest. Let's turn it off while we're working, shall we? Gillian indicates another sound wave from Taft and Eli plays it. That is when Taft met you. See how the graph is all scrunched up?

Apparently the pine is not the only thing our aging jock wanted to ride. A group of women in uniform enter another room. Playing out your favorite fantasies, Loker? Studying the psychological influence of uniforms on credibility. Lightman wanted to see how they effect people's ability to spot lies. How's it going with Lightman?

Ah, he's not my biggest fan. Well, that's just 'cause you're uneducated. Well, you're a natural. The few naturals Lightman's come across have one thing in common: You haven't been asked to focus on verbal skills, so you focus on body language. You're saying I can't learn the science? I'm saying you didn't have to. It's got to be irritating for a guy who's spent two decades trying to see what you were born seeing.

That's very un-Loker of you. I've never been with a Latina woman. Ball players play baseball. Cal and Gillian are watching a video of an athlete being interviewed.

Why is he secretly angry? I spot the liars. You're the feelings department. You-You drugged her so she could lie? Never let the facts get in the way of the truth. You know, I wanted to-- Ria Torres: You had a slight gratitude smile. You know, just because I don't know your science, doesn't mean I don't know things. You know, when you don't know the science, you don't see the whole picture.

People can get hurt. Reacts to an expression the audience can't see What was that? When you said 'people get hurt,' you showed shame. Keeping his face neutral I don't know what you're talking about.

Get used to it. A Perfect Score[ edit ] Gillian Foster: How's it going at your Mum's? I mean, you know how Mom is. She needs to know everything I'm doing every second. What are you doing this very second? Well, what did you hear then? I heard a typical teenager in the process of forming her self-identity. That's psycho-bable, that is! Emily needs to have her own secrets. That's not the same thing as lying. Emily is caught by the police and brought to Cal's office.

Cal takes her to a really messy storage room down the hall. You're going to organize this room. Nope, Loker's going to babysit. Long time, no see. Hey, you look terrible. Like Gene Simmons when it's really, really humid. I don't believe he was just disoriented like he's claiming.

Did he have some sort of issue with NASA? No, but we have to consider Markoff's father. He was a rocket engineer with old Soviet space agency, defected in ' Russians are building their own scram-jet technology.

Duran Duran and parachute pants? Which makes me wonder why the Queen Bee showed asymmetrical sadness when she was talking about her dead friend.

Ahh, 'when a person's facial expression is not symmetrical on both sides of their face, it is likely that they are pretending to feel the emotion' from your article in the Journal for Behavioral Science, Sucking up's really not your strong suit, is it? Did you pluck your eyebrows before you came here so they would be perfect just like that?

Because signs of lying become particularly visible in the brows when they've been thinned. You never told me about the eyebrow-pluckng thing. Where did you read about that? Because it's complete crap. Emily is looking at a picture of a younger Cal smoking a hookah. Well, I think he's, um, think he's just scared Emily Lightman: No, no, I'm thinking wasted. No, I mean, he's scared right now, about you.

Why would he be scared about me? Well you're a year-old girl. Statically speaking, you're at the prime age for abusing alcohol, experimenting with drugs, contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Wow, you really know how to take all the fun out of rebelling. Look on the bright side, you're way more likely to die in a crash with one of your friends than any of those things. Just, my dad being Yeah, he can do that.

He never lets me do anything fun. Oh, you mean, like having a hundred friends over and getting pulled in by the cops? Ah, yeah, yeah, like that. He knew something was going on when you called, you know. Why didn't he say anything? If he said something every time you lied to him, oh, he knows he'd lose you.

I know what you were saying before about girls my age. And, considering, I guess you do a pretty good job of restraining yourself. From calling me a liar when you know I'm up to something. Well, I'm sorry I always know. You don't always know. Love Always[ edit ] Cal Lightman: You know, it's going to be pretty hard to spot your guy. I mean, most weddings, champagne and resentment flow together, right? Not a wedding fan, huh? Nope, don't trust them. It's none of your business. Now, go help Loker.

I supposed some element of risk can not be avoided. You can cancel the wedding. Not that we're suggesting that Cal Lightman: If you want to eliminate the risk. Didn't need your help Carl DuPre: I didn't need your help Ria Torres: Ooo, he's into you. You didn't see the microexpression he flashed? No, what was it? Well, the full expression looks like this-- does a sexy little dance Ria Torres: You are so lucky I don't have a gun.

Only you would tell someone to cancel a wedding ten minutes before it starts. It was just a suggestion. I could dive into that cake fully clothed. There're such a beautiful celebration of love and hope. Bride's pretending she's a virgin. The groom's pretending he's found "The One". And the in-laws pretend they like each other. It's Christmas for liars. You really are idiotically happy, aren't you? You know, my father always used to say that there are four rules for getting married: Ria stares at him Eli Loker: Wasn't really a joke when my father said it, either.

It's more like autobiography. Carl runs to catch up to Ria. Aronson told me to give you any help that you need. I'm Carl, Carl DuPre. You asked him if you could with me, isn't that right? Not much gets past you, does it? You have no idea.

Any of this footage shows up on the 'net, I'm gonna rip your head off and stuff it down your throat. Now you're telling the truth. I need to talk to him right away. He's dealing with the crowd on the second floor. We met a half hour ago. Could you find Aronson for me? You lie and I'll know it. Want to get a drink, celebrate? Didn't we get past the tough talk? Still don't think that's a good idea.

You know, we were brief on your team before you guys came in, and, uh, I know what you can do and it doesn't scare me. I've got nothing to hide. So, come on, just a drink. The problem is, I like you. And that's a problem because? Because it'll be more than just a drink. And then it'll get complicated.

I'll know every lie you tell, which means I'll know everything about you. You sure you're up for that? You did the right thing. Oh, you're not my husband. Guys like that don't change. Not generally, no, which is why this case is so interesting. You know, I treated a few firefighters in grad school. It's amazing what these guys deal with. You got a bit of the firemen thing, huh?

I'm just saying these guys are heros. Is it the helmets? I mean, even I like the helmets. So which one of them is lying? Manny Trillo makes a statement saying he has changed. That's a charming story. Cal pulls out a bag lunch and a drink from his briefcase. Cal comes by the prison yard for another visit. Stopping by for lunch? My life is in your hands. Do you think it might be helpful to clue me into your little experiments? Hey, if she has strong feelings for Trillo, then she has to learn to put them aside.

Oh, so I guess if-if someone's got to teach her to how to avoid her feelings, then you're the most qualified. Hazing is as much a part of this life as alarm bells. And if one of your men goes into anaphylactic shock and dies, c'est la vie. It's like they never left the frat house. You know, it's not just frat houses.

Initiation rites can be found in all major cultures. You're defending these guys? Hazing can serve an important psychological function. I don't remember reading any articles in the APA Journal on 'swirlies.

Initiation for you MIT mathletes was pretty hard-core, huh? You know, you make fun, but you try waking up in a shower stall with a killer hang over and a quart of macaroni salad shoved up your-- Ria Torres: Oh, that is the kind of emotionally-detached scientific analysis we value around here.

Violent people are violent. Nothing is real or a lie; it all depends on the color of the glass you're looking through. He's a fantastic liar. He's an appalling liar. You need to stop making this personal. I'm not making this personal. Your procerus doesn't move, which means you had your nose fixed, right? You don't strike me as particularly vain, so what is it then? Was it your dad? You dad smack you around?

I know violent people. You said so yourself: I'm sorry about before. Ria raises her eyebrows at him Sometimes I see so much, I don't know how not to tell people. Yeah, I get that. You're right; most people don't change. I've been there, waiting for it, hoping for it, and then they just Ria takes an unsteady breath. But there are a few, I think, who can. Any other life lessons? We adapt to survive.